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The heart often yens for passionate moments of longing looks, deep throat rolling and sucking. You got to know how to go about it and where so that you can eschew the public eye! While confidence is the key with the ease quotient between two partners becoming the fulcrum of an invigorating sexual encounter, check out how things can be really turned on. When you hire an escort and want the jamming session of hot bodies to ignite fire, just dabble with a few happening ideas! When you feel the longing to just bury your face on her bosom or want to hug her tight, letting her eyes be eloquent about your feelings- choose the right place.

Make-out in a closet

There are no rules when it comes to finding a place to make out! Are you feeling sexy to make love in a closet? If you want to add that perkiness and keep the noises down or just feel being with your partner too close, just lock yourself with your playmate and make the tale of moans and groans, mesmerizing in a closet!


Cook the sex soup in the kitchen

Go and try out every new area of your swanky home! Well your sprawling cooking space or if you have a new-age cooking studio with ample space, just get laid, or be on top of her, while stripping her tank top and her panty. She will also get caught red-handed undressing you and let the temperature to reach its peak as you fiddle with her assets or nibble at them. Then go for grinding and thrusting act with your erected gun and bask in the feeling of oneness! When you are too much turned on, don’t forget to open the fridge, take out the bowl of strawberries, mango juice and ice-cubes to make the sexual escapade absolutely breathtaking!

 Elevators-calling you!

You must have heard of the elevators with sliding gates and you can operate them to let it stop and invite a new crowd! Do not open when someone wants to get in; just enjoy both the rides up and down, whether it is of the elevator or both of you plowing each others’ hot body– just run up and down! Grinning? – Try it!

 Live your fitting room fantasy

Ensure that you choose the right venue and the right time! It is very important! Just drop in a huge store in its opening hours and hit the trial room. In all probability, you will not have an attendant waiting during those hours. Make it a quick affair after you go into the fitting room! Tear up each other, kiss, lick and suck and have a filling bite from the yummy sex candy bar! Catch the naughtiness by checking yourselves out in the mirror!

A rock-solid gazing or eye contact can really heat things up, intensifying your craving to go wild. Try and make eye contact for quite some time to give your sexual innings a good start! No matter whichever place you choose with a sexy playmate by your side, the rest will follow!

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