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When your carnal desires get the wings and you are caught up in the perfect mood to just burn things between the sheets, let the passion flame blow you away with its mysticism and eroticism. You like it hard, the way you suck her make you feel the real dominant partner on bed and when you have a sex-mate or a ravishing escort as the partner by your side, you cannot ask for more, right? When you go down and just fiddle with her cherry, she might feel what’s up out there? She might get a bit jittery, finding it difficult to relax as you the hunter go on a hurried search for the nectar! You can enjoy oral sex to the core. Just take a look at the few tips to make it a blistering session:

Ensure that you have dropped all your inhibitions as oral sex is about going deep in the realm of sexual fantasy where you really plow in, making your partner to completely submit to you! So ensure that the foreplay, dirty talk session makes the hot bombshell to be absolutely at ease with you.  Both of you got to score high on the comfort meter, which is the stepping stone for a breathtaking oral sex session! Do not dampen the whole thing midway- if you are going for it; just give it a shot with confidence and conviction.

 Being too cautious, thinking much can make you to put the unwanted pauses. So just switch off your brain. You can go down on her and don’t think much about how she would smell or how you would enjoy the licking session. Just liberate your thoughts, feel the nuances of an inhibition-free session of great intimacy. Just chill out without concentrating on what is happening!

 Do not fret much about your body or your assets – do whatever you feel like to make the experience a grand one. Dim the lights, gulp down a glass of wine, take a bath or may be a shower together before the initiation of the oral sex session. This will ensure ripping apart each other on bed becomes an awesome experience.

 You might want to catch the rhythm in which the sexy siren is feeling it. A matured sex player will direct you, give you some instructions as to the way she likes it- so just go for it and the be the man without thinking twice! She will guide you to the erogenous spots, so don’t stagger in this journey!

So you are not in a fix right while choosing the sizzling chick from the gallery of escorts? Hurry and get it done and heat things up in well-done up bedrooms!

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