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Are you on the verge of just wrapping up your busy meeting schedules? If you have the urge to unwind in the company of a sexy siren, you can book a hotel and pick the girl of your choice from a credible escort agency and have your sexual fill like never before! Pinning her down on bed, having that mutually reciprocal devouring session definitely amps up your hunger for passionate kisses, hugs, caressing and tantalizing! But, what about shifting the scene to your well done up, sprawling bathroom?  The aromatic candles, some soft music lighting up the apt mood can just zing up things. Aren’t you game for such a steamy session, hunk?

You believe in multi-tasking in your daily chores, but what about within the confines of your snazzy lavatory? Getting clean while you act naughty and dirty under the shower can make you and the hot escort by your side to huff and puff for more moments of sexual fun!

For turning the passion flame on, choose a shower gel with a nice aroma and let the sponging session do the talking! Before two bodies collide and you have direct skin contact, let the soft sponge be the magic wand cosying you up both. Feel the hotness!

A matured sex player can make things to really catch fire after a slow start to the shower sex session. Have sex toys at your disposal! A sex vixen will use it all over her body so that you get the hints how she would like to make love to her as you watch her closely with prying eyes while washing your hair.

A doggie style will get you busy with the thrusting act. She will groan and moan and the silent walls of your bathroom will enable her to space out her body and enjoy the doggie-style of love-making!

Then both of you take the erotic session to the tub! Fill the tub with the foamy bubbles, creating an ambiance of frilly romance for you to submit! The act of making love will not leave much to the eyes to behold but the touching, kissing and hugging with two bodies just turning the heat on under the bubble blanket will make you feel – ‘wow’! Drop your inhibitions and feel every moment of this ultimate erotic encounter.

The water, shower gel helps in keeping things slippery. Let the hot escort to sit facing you on the tub and you can enjoy the absolute fun of playing with her assets- be it with your fingers, lips or both- the choice is yours. Act as per your appetite for sex!

Let the drying off session to be the perfect ending of a long session of love-making under the shower. You can dry her off with a soft towel; apply some lotion all over her, while she reciprocates to all your moves by cuddling up to you and doing the same!

A blistering shower session can please your erotic desires and the erogenous zones making you to go mad! So did you check out the scorching gallery of the ravishing escorts, which sizzling chick caught your fancy?

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