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Having a good enjoyable sex session on bed makes you happy, keeps you healthy and lets you begin a day afresh with a rejuvenated zeal! When its puppy love, a peck on the cheek was all that you really craved for! So when that peck gradually transformed into a blistering lip-lock session in your high school days with your sexual appetite getting whetted up, a passionate sexual encounter can begin, proceed and terminate in a breathtakingly sexy way with kisses.

 In order to ensure a make-out session becomes memorable, play up with the way you position your body- check out for the angles!  A seasoned sex mate might want to take charge of the session to make your thirstier for that sweet nectar! She will sit on your lap, wrapping her legs around yours and slowly start planting kisses all over your body. She will let you to dominate by standing up and you towering over her – dying to touch her, play with her curves and soft assets while just wrapping her with the warm rug of kisses. She will push you, grind against you- making you to wish that the session never ends!

Nothing can be more intimate that feeling each other’s breath, by being real close in the true sense of the term. Mildly you can brush your lips against her- just bask in the feeling of her breath lingering on your skin while you guys hold each other tightly!

Kisses are magical, the main ingredient for cooking a mouth-watering sex curry! So just switch between different actions and give an enjoyable lip service! A hot escort who has innumerable sexual fantasy games up her sleeves to play with you and caress you- will slid her tongue, locking, rolling and swirling while taking your tongue in her mouth. Score over her sucking her hard!  A nibble on the ear lobe or the lower lip can really turn on things.

Feel his heartbeats and rhythm your tongue movements, paving the way for a soulful kiss that connects hearts! Do you really want to enjoy the intimate moments to the core? Let your hands also weave a story simultaneously when your lips are offering the best service. Play with fingers seductively, feel each other’s body and assets and enjoy in passionate rubbing and pressing. She will tickle your inner thighs, might grab your gun- just feel every moment of sexual intimacy!

It is the way you just set the passion flame on, which counts. Try to feel her body and just let the hotness amplify by having her twins against your chest. She will let you perceive and decipher the moments of intimacy, while you seal it with a passionate lip-lock. Do not miss out on dry-humping! You will love the session.

She will whisper something naughty on your ears like “I want you badly”- and even the noises and the moans that exhibits she is feeling what you are doing to her, will just make you go crazy. Make kissing, sucking and licking the norm and do not forget to make eye-contact to turn things absolutely fiery! Let the sun go down, choose your hot escort and begin the game!

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