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If you are not running out of time, don’t opt for a quickie by choice! For making the sheet thrills absolutely mind-boggling, tugging at your heart chords, the rule-of-thumb is go slow if you want to be absorbed in the folds of ultimate erotic pleasure! You have built up the cozy and sexy ambiance in your bedroom, with soft, silky linen, accessories that will give your sexual drive a boost? The aromatic candles are burning high- feel the charm and ignite the passion candle to feel that oneness with your partner. If you have a sizzling chick on your tow who is a seasoned play mate, then the crazy sex moves can only become better- so weave the tale of creaking beds with confidence and chuckles!

Having a good make-out session depends a lot on how you kick start the moments of sexual intimacy! If you have a spicy foreplay, you are just paving the way for a scorching sex session. During foreplay, while you are tantalizing and caressing him, wrap your fingers around his gun and give a mild press to your labia. Rubbing is ethereal to add fire to a sexual encounter- so just go up and down in the rubbing act and let the moments of anticipation to get prolonged.

When you touch each other’s erogenous spots, do not forget to offer a light massage on those private parts in a soft, circular motion. Can you imagine what heavenly bliss will you experience when the sex kitten is just over you with her velvety body and letting you have these ultimate pleasures of unbridled passion and fun?

In order to zing up the girl-on-top move that is raunchy, a sexy escort will have the two or three knots of her stocking just loosely wrapped around the base of your gun. Hunk – you will love the compression act, making you get turned on like crazy!

Never go for a sexual escapade that’s insipid! Why not bring in that fun or unlimited pleasure by trying something out of the box?  Guys love to fix their gaze on their partner and a hot escort knows how to take that naughty quotient a notch higher. She can put a small mirror, which will be parallel to your body and when she plows on you – just ogle at the visual treat! Can you ask for more?

A hot bombshell knows what can make you gasping for breath? She can make a good use of a small bullet-shaped vibrator, placed on her cherry and she will hand over the remote control! Let her pulsate and gyrate with the moans coming out while you drool watching the hot vibrator show!

Let the sultry songs that you play in the background match up to your moods of pleasure. Let it shuffle at its own pace, giving a new zing to your sex drive when you change the postures. Match the rhythm of the songs with your hot bodily moves. Try these out and see how it feels when you go deep in the sea of temptation!

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