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Sex is fun and the breathless moments of erotic fun can leave you refreshed and relaxed. Unless you are in an elevator or in your room with a partner, fearing the intervention of a third person in quick time, do not settle for a quickie! With no offense to the male brigade, guys often prefer a quickie when they are too horny. They just want to pin their partner or a hot chic on bed and get it done in minutes- but that is like spoiling all the fun! Moments of physical intimacy must be felt, relished so that that feeling of oneness and how it feels to be absorbed in someone’s life infuses in you with a ‘feel-good’ factor!

If you are single by choice or do not believe in being in a committed relationship, it does not mean you need to compromise on your innate dark desires of steamy erotic sessions. When you have a hot escort by your side, you only wish for a sexual escapade to last for long so that fun knows no limits and pauses.

A good start to any sexual encounter is the time for great arousal, which is foreplay. The beginning can be a blindfolded act, or she can tie you up in a chair or a couch and prance around you in skimpy clothes, exhibiting some killer moves! It builds the anticipation before the act of ripping apart each other, begins. From booty-shaking, gyrating, to slow swirling movements, solo masturbating act after peeling off the clothes – a hot escort can just make you awestruck when there is a live steamy show that she unfolds in front of you. So go slow and internalize the pleasure-filled moments!

 After a crackling foreplay, when you just go about weaving a tale of moans with all the naughty bedroom tricks, different sex positions and crazy sex moves, the moments of fun-filled pleasure gets redefined! Make it a slow, fulfilling session that is going to be etched on your memory. It’s about satiating your bodily hunger and quenching that parched ‘you’ for the sublime moments of fulfillment.

A hurried sexual act takes out that ethereal quotient from a sexual act and makes you often bogged down or craving for more, with satisfaction often being an elusive thing! So be the king and let the sex goddess to overwhelm you with a satiating live, prolonged action on bed or a swanky hotel! So go for it!

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