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Kiss… a deep passionate one or a peck.. ask your guy friend or your partner, he is always in for a open mouth kissing or a French kiss where there is greater contact of the tongue! A LINGEIRNG KISS…. you think only a bonding mechanism where tongues play their crucial part.. guys and girls don’t be silly to give the other spots in your body waiting to be caressed, cajoled and pampered, a miss! Some erogenous zones are craving for your attention and it is your tongue that can take care of th
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You have got into the love-making session quite a number of times, I bet! Even if you haven’t, what’s the harm? Whether you are a first-timer or a pro in bed, it is the heat that your sex ideas generate which can make a sex session more scintillating! If you want to know what it takes to be smoking hot when the two bodies collide or you are aiming for that bed-rattling orgasm, then check out some of the scorching ideas: (Some ideas you might have never thought of, or even if you are close by
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We all are born different. While some can win the world with a smile and confidence, some play a subtle and subdued innings without being vocal and showing off his/her prowess. If you are an introvert by nature then you cannot do much about it! If you haven’t been an outgoing guy who lacks social skills, why crib about it or feel low? If you have only been fixing your eyes on those porn flicks and doing a self-gratifying job gracing the glossy covers of a magazine with divas strutting their ga
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Being sweaty is nothing to get freaked out or embarrassed and more so because it calls for an amazing erotic session! Hearing this statement some gorgeous ladies might wrinkle their noses, but when you look at the pros of such a stimulating session, you will be awestruck! Vigorous sex means burning of more calories and nothing can get better than this. Do not worry about a few pounds that you have put on lately or the makeup that you forgot to dab before slipping onto your tank top. There is no
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Whether you have slept with a dozen girls or you are a virgin, does not matter much if you do not know how to play it well! Being naughty, curious and eager to explore can only make your girl speak out that you are really good in bed……. boy! It is not about rolling in your tongue, squeezing her assets or just pouncing at her- go slow, feel the impact of a soft touch, a soft murmuring, the small titillation and tantalization that can make the red fire of passion, bloodshot red! Men are kno
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Hot Red lips can make you rich… Whether you want your man to check you out, go wild, lust for you, want you madly, red lips helps you to begin the show! Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Scarlett Johansson, Jesscica Alba- all the names you just read now, you can connect to them readily, right? Well, these gorgeous ladies are gifted with luscious lips that are sensuous with the vermillion border on the soft pair of those rose petals acting as the perfect topping. These celebs help men folk to
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With the base of stable relationships becoming unsteady, cheating no longer a matter of grave concern anymore under the garb of needing space in a bond, life has become a fun ride. You might ask why not when you have options galore! Hey guys if you are ready to tuck away all emotions and moral scruples under the carpet and want pure sexual fun, do not just roll your scrutinizing eyes on pubs and nightclubs of UK, hit an escort agency and see how your desires get a new meaning as the nasty game o
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Heard of the phrase ‘lemon squeeze’ or ‘cowbell’ off late (of course with their sexual innuendos) making sex sessions hotter? Well, squeezing gets an all new dimension when you have taken the oath to offer pleasure and seek pleasure in a mutually reciprocal relationship. It is the assets of women, their curves, voluptuousness which make guys to remain awestruck and drool over their fabulous bodies. When it comes to heating things up between the sheets, add that pinch of pepper in the for
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Men proclaim to be the among the proud lot when they are successful in pinning down a chick on bed and have their way- it is something that they proudly brag in front of their friends! Hey girl, do you have access to the bedroom wish list of men? The handsome hunks can go really wild with their imagination, but when it comes to spelling things out, they can fall short of their expertise. Men can perform well than what they can speak up! Girl- turn yourself on- He’ll love it It is a known f
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It is not only the voluptuous curves of a woman, it is her twins- the bigger the size the better it is as food for men’s fantasy! The assets are the means to have a piping hot session in bed! Guys have a fetish for that round, juicy assets that the gorgeous ladies are blessed with or do not mind going under the knife to enhance volume, make those more round and tight if there is any signs of early sagging. Hey chick do you want to cast that spell on your man? Your twins can do that magic. If y
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