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The heart often yens for passionate moments of longing looks, deep throat rolling and sucking. You got to know how to go about it and where so that you can eschew the public eye! While confidence is the key with the ease quotient between two partners becoming the fulcrum of an invigorating sexual encounter, check out how things can be really turned on. When you hire an escort and want the jamming session of hot bodies to ignite fire, just dabble with a few happening ideas! When you feel the longing to just bury your face on her bosom or want to hug her tight, letting her eyes be eloquent about your feelings- choose the right place.

Make-out in a closet

There are no rules when it comes to finding a place to make out! Are you feeling sexy to make love in a closet? If you want to add that perkiness and keep the noises down or just feel being with your partner too close, just lock yourself with your playmate and make the tale of moans and groans, mesmerizing in a closet!


Cook the sex soup in the kitchen

Go and try out every new area of your swanky home! Well your sprawling cooking space or if you have a new-age cooking studio with ample space, just get laid, or be on top of her, while stripping her tank top and her panty. She will also get caught red-handed undressing you and let the temperature to reach its peak as you fiddle with her assets or nibble at them. Then go for grinding and thrusting act with your erected gun and bask in the feeling of oneness! When you are too much turned on, don’t forget to open the fridge, take out the bowl of strawberries, mango juice and ice-cubes to make the sexual escapade absolutely breathtaking!

 Elevators-calling you!

You must have heard of the elevators with sliding gates and you can operate them to let it stop and invite a new crowd! Do not open when someone wants to get in; just enjoy both the rides up and down, whether it is of the elevator or both of you plowing each others’ hot body– just run up and down! Grinning? – Try it!

 Live your fitting room fantasy

Ensure that you choose the right venue and the right time! It is very important! Just drop in a huge store in its opening hours and hit the trial room. In all probability, you will not have an attendant waiting during those hours. Make it a quick affair after you go into the fitting room! Tear up each other, kiss, lick and suck and have a filling bite from the yummy sex candy bar! Catch the naughtiness by checking yourselves out in the mirror!

A rock-solid gazing or eye contact can really heat things up, intensifying your craving to go wild. Try and make eye contact for quite some time to give your sexual innings a good start! No matter whichever place you choose with a sexy playmate by your side, the rest will follow!

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The way you make love enables the passion fever to soar high and when you bring in the sheet-twisting thrills seamlessly – hotness gets redefined! In order to take erotica to the next level, it is the newness that you can bring about in your bodily positions and angles, which pave the way for a gala sex session. If you have been keeping under wraps your sexual desires for long, you do not need to as an hot escort who is equally well-versed in the game of love-making,  can add fire to the stimulating moments. Why not try out some of the red-hot tricks on your comfy couch or your linen-dressed bedroom?

 Pleasure pick-me-up

You can stand with your back against the edge of a couch, a bed and like the man in the sexual encounter you pick the bombshell up, cradling her bottom, reaching up to her thighs. She will wrap her legs around your waist, putting her soft, velvety arms around your neck and shoulders. Then you can slowly put your gun, it piercing in, while the sexy siren hangs suspended from you! Let her feel the moments, while you too lap up the pleasure! It will surely be a lady-like delight for the bombshell as you can make love to her in a very caring, cuddling and caressing way. As you get busy with the thrusting act, she is also very close to you for deep lip-locks and longing looks!

 Tight Squeeze Sex Position

Let the sexy vixen to lie down on her stomach with her legs straight. Use your hand to spread her legs a bit. You can just put your body over her, rest on your elbows so that even if you are of a bit heavier frame, she is able to bear your weight and doesn’t get hurt in the process! You can then put your legs, outside her and plow in. She will allow you to go deep down her- so bask in the feeling of ultimate erotic pleasure! You can thrust her deep creating the enjoyable frictions. You can also play with her juicy twins, plant kisses, nibble her assets and just have a mind-boggling sexual escapade.

The Couch Canoodle

The hunks are not only mesmerized with the assets of the hot chicks- they want to feel and conjure up that nude picture on their minds. So checking a hot damsel out will definitely be on the cards when you want to pump up your dirtiest desires! You can sit on a chair, a couch or even a bean bag will do! Your hot sex mate will straddle your lap while keeping her legs spread and keeping those bent at the same time, up against your chest! She will stretch her arms behind- to the floor, making way for you to have a better access with your gun while piercing the depths of her cherry.

 If you have such tricks up your sleeves, then nothing can stop you from giving an awesome time while making out with a sexy escort! Have fun!

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When your carnal desires get the wings and you are caught up in the perfect mood to just burn things between the sheets, let the passion flame blow you away with its mysticism and eroticism. You like it hard, the way you suck her make you feel the real dominant partner on bed and when you have a sex-mate or a ravishing escort as the partner by your side, you cannot ask for more, right? When you go down and just fiddle with her cherry, she might feel what’s up out there? She might get a bit jittery, finding it difficult to relax as you the hunter go on a hurried search for the nectar! You can enjoy oral sex to the core. Just take a look at the few tips to make it a blistering session:

Ensure that you have dropped all your inhibitions as oral sex is about going deep in the realm of sexual fantasy where you really plow in, making your partner to completely submit to you! So ensure that the foreplay, dirty talk session makes the hot bombshell to be absolutely at ease with you.  Both of you got to score high on the comfort meter, which is the stepping stone for a breathtaking oral sex session! Do not dampen the whole thing midway- if you are going for it; just give it a shot with confidence and conviction.

 Being too cautious, thinking much can make you to put the unwanted pauses. So just switch off your brain. You can go down on her and don’t think much about how she would smell or how you would enjoy the licking session. Just liberate your thoughts, feel the nuances of an inhibition-free session of great intimacy. Just chill out without concentrating on what is happening!

 Do not fret much about your body or your assets – do whatever you feel like to make the experience a grand one. Dim the lights, gulp down a glass of wine, take a bath or may be a shower together before the initiation of the oral sex session. This will ensure ripping apart each other on bed becomes an awesome experience.

 You might want to catch the rhythm in which the sexy siren is feeling it. A matured sex player will direct you, give you some instructions as to the way she likes it- so just go for it and the be the man without thinking twice! She will guide you to the erogenous spots, so don’t stagger in this journey!

So you are not in a fix right while choosing the sizzling chick from the gallery of escorts? Hurry and get it done and heat things up in well-done up bedrooms!

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Having a good enjoyable sex session on bed makes you happy, keeps you healthy and lets you begin a day afresh with a rejuvenated zeal! When its puppy love, a peck on the cheek was all that you really craved for! So when that peck gradually transformed into a blistering lip-lock session in your high school days with your sexual appetite getting whetted up, a passionate sexual encounter can begin, proceed and terminate in a breathtakingly sexy way with kisses.

 In order to ensure a make-out session becomes memorable, play up with the way you position your body- check out for the angles!  A seasoned sex mate might want to take charge of the session to make your thirstier for that sweet nectar! She will sit on your lap, wrapping her legs around yours and slowly start planting kisses all over your body. She will let you to dominate by standing up and you towering over her – dying to touch her, play with her curves and soft assets while just wrapping her with the warm rug of kisses. She will push you, grind against you- making you to wish that the session never ends!

Nothing can be more intimate that feeling each other’s breath, by being real close in the true sense of the term. Mildly you can brush your lips against her- just bask in the feeling of her breath lingering on your skin while you guys hold each other tightly!

Kisses are magical, the main ingredient for cooking a mouth-watering sex curry! So just switch between different actions and give an enjoyable lip service! A hot escort who has innumerable sexual fantasy games up her sleeves to play with you and caress you- will slid her tongue, locking, rolling and swirling while taking your tongue in her mouth. Score over her sucking her hard!  A nibble on the ear lobe or the lower lip can really turn on things.

Feel his heartbeats and rhythm your tongue movements, paving the way for a soulful kiss that connects hearts! Do you really want to enjoy the intimate moments to the core? Let your hands also weave a story simultaneously when your lips are offering the best service. Play with fingers seductively, feel each other’s body and assets and enjoy in passionate rubbing and pressing. She will tickle your inner thighs, might grab your gun- just feel every moment of sexual intimacy!

It is the way you just set the passion flame on, which counts. Try to feel her body and just let the hotness amplify by having her twins against your chest. She will let you perceive and decipher the moments of intimacy, while you seal it with a passionate lip-lock. Do not miss out on dry-humping! You will love the session.

She will whisper something naughty on your ears like “I want you badly”- and even the noises and the moans that exhibits she is feeling what you are doing to her, will just make you go crazy. Make kissing, sucking and licking the norm and do not forget to make eye-contact to turn things absolutely fiery! Let the sun go down, choose your hot escort and begin the game!

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Are you on the verge of just wrapping up your busy meeting schedules? If you have the urge to unwind in the company of a sexy siren, you can book a hotel and pick the girl of your choice from a credible escort agency and have your sexual fill like never before! Pinning her down on bed, having that mutually reciprocal devouring session definitely amps up your hunger for passionate kisses, hugs, caressing and tantalizing! But, what about shifting the scene to your well done up, sprawling bathroom?  The aromatic candles, some soft music lighting up the apt mood can just zing up things. Aren’t you game for such a steamy session, hunk?

You believe in multi-tasking in your daily chores, but what about within the confines of your snazzy lavatory? Getting clean while you act naughty and dirty under the shower can make you and the hot escort by your side to huff and puff for more moments of sexual fun!

For turning the passion flame on, choose a shower gel with a nice aroma and let the sponging session do the talking! Before two bodies collide and you have direct skin contact, let the soft sponge be the magic wand cosying you up both. Feel the hotness!

A matured sex player can make things to really catch fire after a slow start to the shower sex session. Have sex toys at your disposal! A sex vixen will use it all over her body so that you get the hints how she would like to make love to her as you watch her closely with prying eyes while washing your hair.

A doggie style will get you busy with the thrusting act. She will groan and moan and the silent walls of your bathroom will enable her to space out her body and enjoy the doggie-style of love-making!

Then both of you take the erotic session to the tub! Fill the tub with the foamy bubbles, creating an ambiance of frilly romance for you to submit! The act of making love will not leave much to the eyes to behold but the touching, kissing and hugging with two bodies just turning the heat on under the bubble blanket will make you feel – ‘wow’! Drop your inhibitions and feel every moment of this ultimate erotic encounter.

The water, shower gel helps in keeping things slippery. Let the hot escort to sit facing you on the tub and you can enjoy the absolute fun of playing with her assets- be it with your fingers, lips or both- the choice is yours. Act as per your appetite for sex!

Let the drying off session to be the perfect ending of a long session of love-making under the shower. You can dry her off with a soft towel; apply some lotion all over her, while she reciprocates to all your moves by cuddling up to you and doing the same!

A blistering shower session can please your erotic desires and the erogenous zones making you to go mad! So did you check out the scorching gallery of the ravishing escorts, which sizzling chick caught your fancy?

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The world of unbridled passion is painted with vibrant red flames and heating things up is an art. Whether you like the candle wax drizzle act or a hot-and-cold play with ice-cubes and hot chocolate sauce doing the talking, go slow and ‘anticipation’ is the word to watch out for. Are you single by choice or do you brood over the fact that you do not have a hot partner to flaunt?  Well! If you have only let your mind to paint a passionate picture till now, give wings to your carnal desires in the company of a hot escort. The challenge is always how to bring about that newness in passion-play and a sizzling female escort knows how to turn the game on! Just check out how you can go wild in the realm of passion when she tries some killer moves to completely engross you in the act!

You will get blindfolded with your tie and the blonde beauty will lead you to a spot that you did not venture before. The hot damsel will be in total control and as you cannot see things, it adds on to the moments of building anticipation. It is a grand way to set the sex dice rolling!

She will whisper into your ears your name haughtily and you give her a sexy spanking and continue this game vice-versa to make things steamier.

She will make you sit on a chair, let go her thongs, using it to tie your hands. She comes so closer to you like you feel her breath. The irresistible beauty breaks into a lap dance, teasing, caressing and tantalizing you- while she remains the ‘untouchable diva.’  Are you feeling the heat now? It’s like preparing yourself before taking the sexual plunge in the sinless pool of erotica.

She got to be clad in a frilly pink/ red dress or flaming orange with black being the top choice- just to whet your appetite for passion. Over-the-knee boots is a huge turn on! She will push you against the wall, mildly combing your hair with her nimble fingers, biting your ear lobes and making you to pulsate with a short one –liner like, “ You don’t know what you are doing to me!.”

You can pin her to bed after a prolonged hot foreplay session and then begin the act of submission and domination with pauses, dirty-talking, tickling and tantalizing becoming the norm before the devouring act. She will try to resist you, making you more hooked to win before you pluck at that treasured cherry or nibble at those juicy mangoes! So isn’t this zero attachment bond worth trying to have some pure, raw sexual fun? You are already chuckling!

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