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Sshhhhhh…………. ‘Don’t speak a word more’, – she utters while huffing and puffing… her soft palms brushes against your hot lips…. You feel her more close to you as she peels off her baggy, silk top and prepares to slid open her bra! You have aroused her completely whether it is sucking, licking and fondling with her juicy boobs and also giving her an ethereal sense of fun with fingering. Let the game of love-making reach heights as the ultra sensitive area on her pussy or G-Spot redefines the meaning of sexual intimacy to the core!

As you touch her, the way she moans makes you feel that proud man in the sexual escapade who is just making the sex kitten go wild. Like clitoris care with warm rubbing and nibbling have been one of the established ways to make her feel longingly, if a guy knows the right G-spot tricks, sex moves to reach her G-spot whether it is in foreplay or orgasms, nothing like that! Satisfaction gets multiplied making her to nestle on your bare chest, fed with a pleasure pill of higher dosage!

Experience the heavenly bliss with mild tapping
In order to turn that hot chick completely on, a gentle two-finger tapping on the G-spot can create a breathtaking effect by stimulating that area. When you just let in your two fingers and make that taping with your fingers and then with your fingertips, the nerves there get the wild rush of that exciting feeling and her moans will tell you how she is just bewitched with the way you give her that erotic pleasure.

Be that windshield wiper! – Check out how!
On the rainy days, you must have watched how the window wiper swipes the windshield of your car? Apply that practical experience in passion-play, by just grazing your fingertip in a similar fashion across the G-spot of a sexy vixen. The side-to-side movement of your fingers will just make her crave for elongating the moments of immense sexual pleasure.

How you can form a ‘C’
Give the best of sexual satisfaction to that hot damsel by putting two of your fingers inside her pussy and stroke the G-spot while your thumb actively press and massage her clitoris. This way your palm forms a ‘C’ shape. It gives pleasure of the highest order to the hot lady. She cannot hold it anymore- she will consider you the best man who made love to her in this intimate way, ever! So are you game for it- lap it up all- pleasure in its raw form in the company of a sizzling playmate!

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Do you connect to the word ‘rebel’ instantaneously? If you have not dreamt on those conventional lines when it comes to making smart career choices, but have always loved to stand out from the pack, escorting can definitely give you a shiver down your spine, cool excitement and wide gamut of erotic pleasure that is good to feel and be absorbed in! The life of an escort with its adventurous streak comes with loads of fun as you take steady steps in the land of erotica with boldness, enthusiasm and spunkiness.

If you really love to be independent, live a life on your own terms, this profession can bring for you hefty pay-packets, a lavish lifestyle in exchange of engaging sex vacations, steamy nights and much more. People seek out for entertainment zones to push aside the dreariness of everyday existence. Life with its rainbow of colours can throw on your canvas the hot red hue of passion, which you can explore, dabble in the company of sexy ladies, handsome dandies, gay hunks or lesbian bombs- more importantly with individuals gifted with a free mind and who have no qualms in taking up the challenge of being the sex mate.

If your sexual repertoire is only filled with fantasy and you have always ended up gratifying yourself and adoring that chick in that flick or video clip, it’s time to bring in some real saucy fun by going the missionary or doggy way with a ravishing escort. If an individual of the same sex have always raised your curiosity level to soaring heights, just head outand date a gay companion, spend some leisurely, naughty hours so that your heart finds fulfillment at the end of it all. Shove off those moral scruples. Would you love to be an independent escort who will not mind being paid for a sensual act? -Then this profession can take you further, deeper into the world of erotica.

Stay true to your profession; keep the other modes of self-indulgence like drugs at safe distance and you know the don’ts well! While offering escorting services you can really be choosy as to what should be your working hours. You can only cater to high-profile clients during the weekend, or give a three-day service weekly or just choose your pick from a platter of options!
That sexy LBD…. Red high heels… whopping pounds…. Steamy passionate moments…. Are these beckoning you? – Go and have your sexual fill!

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Eh you there, do you get all gooey about wet sex? Give routine sex a much-needed break and add some spice of water-inspired moves to turn the heat on! You will be able to enjoy every moment and there are no two ways about it! Whether out on a hot date with a bombshell or have gone out for sightseeing or for a vacation in the beaches, having sex with a wet backdrop is satiating enough! Beg to differ? Try it out and you will not be disappointed!

Ice, ice baby

In order to make things steamier, the ice cubes can weave magic – do you doubt that? Just try a scintillating act by making a good use of the ice cubes. The combination of ice and the warmth of your lips when you just put on his body with your mouth, he will be turned on like crazy! Just set your tongues rolling and feel the heat.

A tweak in sex shower

It is not enough to just plan for a shower sex, but go a bit different like sneaking into the shower when he is taking a bath! When he will be caught unawares, he will definitely get turned on instantaneously. Use a soft towel to sponge him down, while touching him sultrily, caressing him while he returns back those favors stimulating heat!

Sizzling it up in a hot tub

Getting naughty in a hot tub, sounds really cosy and tantalizing, right? The touch of warm water, the foam bubbles creating that air of frilly romance- the sensual setting just invites you with open arms to the pleasure pool! Why not clad yourself in a string bikini? Sit on his lap, let him fondle with your assets, nibble, rub and feel you closely! If you have been looking for some lubrication and some playful naughtiness, then the lukewarm water in the hot tub will act as the catalyst.

Skinny dipping

If you want to completely tread the unknown terrain, then you can try a different act like skinny dipping in a lake far from the maddening crowd. A complete serene atmosphere and seclusion are the two key points that after going for a great vacation to unwind, you can enjoy!

Nothing like romantic rains

In the downpour, let your emotions and control go. As your clothes stick on and you kiss the rain, soft cheeks of that hot chick and let your hands to move free all over her body – enjoy erotic bliss at its best. Whether it is a sensual dance, locking lips under a heavy downpour or any mode of fun that you indulge in, the pitter patter or the drizzle can just add fire in a love-making session!

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When it is about sex, the male brigade is perfectly fine with the ‘right here, right now’ concept whether it is in a park, a car, elevator, a bedroom- quickie is something that they are always on the hunt! While women love to go slow, enjoy a whale of a time in a consummating session, men folks are fine with any kind of sex platter as they are always ready to binge in! In order to make a love-making act really enticing, it is about inclusion of the best sex positions which sprinkle that sauciness in passion play. Check out some of the sex positions that make men go wild about. Enjoy the moments of erotica, sensual bliss and intimacy in the company of a hunk and explore each other by getting absorbed in each other’s folds.

Woman-on-top: This position makes you the diva where you take charge of situations to please him. He will be all there getting laid in style while you just turn him on by blowing his organ hard, pricking his nipples or planting kisses all throughout his body. He will have his hands free to let them just feel, touch, press and squeeze your assets, curves and velvety body while you dictate the pace and momentum of the whole act.

Go the missionary way: When you let two bodies to be equally reciprocal in a make-out session and you let him to be in control of the whole situation, the hot bodies not only brush against each other, but converse, generate heat and communicate while having sex. Your hips can do a lot of talking and when you hold his hips and let him to plow in, direct him so that the sexual act reaches that height of eroticism.

Doggie style: Does both of you want a passionate session that will take you over the edge? He will be in a mood to call the shots while getting busy with the thrusting act. This posture paves the way for deeper penetration and he feels on top-of-the world. If you love it hard, he will give it to you and this sex position helps in bringing about those best intimate moments to culmination.

Standing up: Guys are in love with ‘got to have you now’  kind of racy sex and whether it is against the wall, on the dining table and the like, the standing-up position is perfect for sweating it out and internalizing the feeling of mind-boggling sex.

Spooning:  Do you want to enjoy ultimate bliss in an intimate position? Just want to snuggle up to him, feel affectionate and let him get the green signal of having full access to your body? Then try spooning sex and drive him crazy. He will love every move of yours!

So what are you waiting for? Just turn on the heat!

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You want to take the game of love and lust to the next level? If you are an independent male escort and has been mastering the art of love-making to satiate the band of beauties, let your charm, suavity and chiseled face and body to make a honey bee go wild. Winning her on your stride can be a cake walk once you know how to go about it. The whole thing begins with the way how you have groomed yourself, which your demeanour exhibits. Then it extends up to how you match your shirt, bottoms and your shoes! Girls do keep an eye on your look, whether you are clean-shaved or not and a lot more.

Have confidence on your sleeves otherwise you are out of the race to cast a lasting spell on her. Approach the woman with a smiling face and look into her eyes while adding that sparkles of witticism and candour in your conversation.

Chivalry is never dead.  Be a man, act like a man when you take her out for a date or spending some quality time with her before getting into the mood of things and adding that saucy mix in passion play. In the initial chit-chats, a male sex player knows how to draw her in- to completely make her feel that sense of oneness when being together as a couple.

If you know how to make her laugh, then half the job is done with your sense of humor speaking things for itself. It will enable you to get close to her. Have a good plan sketched out, this shows the amount of effort and care that you have put in to make the date a happening one, with things falling into place and making her awestruck. The lonely ladies in need of some moments of sexual intimacy with a hunk will enjoy any surprise that comes their way. To turn her on physically, smell good- mainly musky, chocolate, spices are the chosen aromas that when meshes with your own body scent will just enchant her like never before! She is just waiting for that first lip-lock to begin, she is almost ready to unbutton your shirts, unzip your trousers and just pounce on you- hunk, she can be crazy too! :p

Whether you are semi-nude sitting on the bed and gaping at her assets or just romancing in a cozy coffee parlour, showering the lovely ladies with beautiful gifts is a huge turn on! Whether it is flowers, chocolates, a sexy piece of lingerie or the clothes of the role-model that you want her to wear and tantalize you, she will love any gift that you shower her with!

Shower compliments on how sexy she looks, how you love her assets and curves, this will not only instill in her a feel-good factor, but she will walk with that extra edge of confidence. Dance close to her and it is one of the initiating points where you start to feel her closely to rev up the heating quotient later on bed. Starting with a good kiss as it can make a woman to melt and be hooked to you with such comfort that you feel she is all yours that night! Do not forget to dim the lights! 😉

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Being explicit in your own raunchy way definitely brings in fulfillment, but the manner in which moments of deep, erotic fantasy is build up with anticipation is how you set the dice of lust, rolling! Seduction is about preying upon the brain, sweeping a man off his feet. When you have a sexy siren by your side who is a seductress, having that passionate nights that were only a figment of imagination for you will unfold in front of your eyes- taking you deep in the pool of erotica. The sex kitten will make you lust for her, by discovering your weaknesses. It is about exploiting your cravings and your inner desires, which will make involve you in the act of love-making with full vigour.

In order to make the male brigade completely on, the scent of a woman works magical. It takes her attractiveness a notch higher and guys willingly agreed that the scent solely made them frisky. So for inciting your longing for her so that the steamy play is revved up, she will keep handy aromatherapy oil while giving you a sensual massage. Aromatic candles emitting the chocolate flavor and much more can set the ambiance in that cozy bedroom, breathtakingly!

When you have a sexy playmate just sizzling things up, it is the way she channels that inner temptress in her, challenging sexual stereotypes, which counts. She walks in the utterly bold terrain, exuding charm and confidence. She knows how to seduce you with her mouth, roll things hot with her swirling tongue and hips and just let you go mad and wild at her moves! Apart from showing off her curvaceous body, her drool-worthy assets, she can stimulate you mentally. The horny vixen will captivate you mentally and physically, making you to feel the fever soaring high!

Since decoding the bodily signs are crucial to bring that fire in the passionate act, accidental touches, rubbing the erogenous zones, a mild caressing of the hair, tantalizing of the kneepit, a bite on the ear lobe or a prick at the nipples can be crazily seductive. It is more about feeling things, as she keeps on playing the ‘touch-me not’ game and this is what seduction is all about. The hot chic will prepare you this way before you just hit the bed, throw off your clothes, let the two bodies collide, feeling each other, breathing heavily and then door of your hotel room exhibits the ‘do-not disturb’ sign!

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The fear to spell out is often a blunder in many aspects of life. Even when you are looking for pure sexual fun, just do not let your imagination to conjure up passionate images, while you do a run-off-the mill job in bed with an escort. A playmate has all that it takes to sizzle like a baby doll, making you feel the heat!

Sprinkling spice under your bed-sheet is easy when you are at ease with the bombshell or the hunk that you have hired for the night. So when just indulging in sweet-talk to know each other before peeling clothes off and starting the ravaging session, let your inhibitions go! Sex can be saucy provided you know how to make it appetizing.  The porn flicks, the heaps of porn DVDs in your room have not only fueled your dark fantasies, it has always lured you to have a partner in bed who can bring in that same level of excitement and thrill.

It is not only decoding the body language of your partner, which can help you to get better in the sexual act. Have a receptive and alert mind that will read the hints that a seasoned sex player drops in the love-making act, which counts. So after decoding the gestures and prolonging the moments of physical intimacy, try to speak up how you would want to be loved or want her to shower love.

It is of great importance to let the sexy vixen know about your imagination, only then she can give wings to your erotic desires, weave a story of deeper moans. It is not enough to touch the erogenous zones, but even make love by touching and caressing the often neglected spots which can act as the biggest turn-on. If you are suffering from any feeling of coyness, then just put all your moral scruples in your bag and make the live action thrilling in the company of a hot bombshell.

If you want the sexy lady to act as a role model or offer you some exciting and erotic dosage of fun, say it on time during the booking process. She can come to the meeting venue fully armed with the sexy clothes to give you a sensory overload. So apart from her breathtaking moves and gyrating, you will be more than satisfied with the live action on bed when communication is very smooth and transparent.

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If the bold, wild and erotic terrain beckons you to go forth with all enthusiasm and explore it, then life of an independent escort has its brownie points. It is not only the money, lavish lifestyle handling the high-profile clients which should only be the luring factors; you should start your journey from ‘I’ within-yourself! More than anything else, you need to be a confident individual who is sure of his/her body, assets, charming quotients.  Cast aside haughtiness, bid adieu to inhibitions and expand your appetite for wholesome sex and fun.

If you feel you are sexy and getting paid while getting pampered is absolutely like hands on gloves, then pick the hours you would love to work for. Dating a female, male as an independent escort with no strings attached where you will get to navigate the various layers of erotica, makes you an able player in the game of love and lust.If it is the hefty pay-packet containing the whopping pounds is enticing you, and you love to weave tales of bed sheet thrills, steamy nights and other means of raunchy sexual escapades, then you have hit the right profession!

Decide on the layers that you would like to peel in the realm of erotica or, in other words, how far you can go in satiating a client sexually? If you have any limitations, don’t fear to blurt it out. Look deep inside yourself and if you feel that escorting is your true calling, then just find an agency of your choice, join the league of independent minds who have not only embraced this bold profession with open arms, but they are deadly concoction of beauty and the beast!

Do not fail to scrutiny the security and safety arrangements that this profession offered by an agency can offer you. Safety for yourself and your body is what you should ensure and an escort agency of repute that deal only with high-profile clients pouring in from different industries, will let you soak in the warmth of this bold profession, relish its essence . So are you game for all this raw fun and unbridled passion?  Then just sign in and play on!

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Do you love reading and often indulge in self-pampering sessions like getting a body spa done, cooking a new recipe in your lavish kitchen or plunging in the azure waters of your swimming pool? If you are in love with ‘me-time’ and often pack your bags and set out for trips- these pleasures just tug at your heart string and make you smile, grin or roll with laughter, but condition apply [only if you are single! ;-)] Getting involved in a zero attachment bond with an escort is easy and deriving unbridled pleasure and raw sexual fun in the process just makes your heart to be leapt up in joy!

If your heart says that you are not ready to walk the aisle, even if the biological clock is ticking, it is perfectly fine as there is no one to whom you got to justify a single thing. Party hard all night, go off to sleep at 4a.m. or; give vent to your whims and shop till you drop with no worries about kitchen sink repair, John’s school fees or the doctor’s fee for a regular check-up of your better half! Life isn’t beautiful when responsibilities just waves at you from a far off distance and being carefree is what you enjoy on your everyday platter?

If you are a self-confessed narcissist and want to enjoy life before the urge to share hits you- does not necessarily mean that you need to compromise on the fun factor! Don’t let your ideas for unwinding, partying and enjoying a sexual escapade to get tucked under the carpet. With a bombshell, you can make things hotter in bed! Depending on your desire whether to spice up things in a cozy bedroom, go out for a romantic-mushy date, make love in a car or an elevator- have fun as the choice is yours!

A sexy escort knows how to blow away your mind with her killer moves when she is giving you an erotic massage, a breathtaking lap dance or mind-boggling geisha services and the like. She can charm you with her sweet-talks; help you to come out of a heart-burn, a broken marriage or a string of failed relationships. She can also emerge as an accomplished diva in a business meeting, sweeping your client away off his feet and enabling you to rope in some new business deals!

So if you are single but in need of that GFE experience, an earth-shattering orgasm and the like, a playmate with various tricks up her sleeves, romance fantasy games  will make your time-spending with her – drool worthy! So have fun the way you like it- a bit hot or piping hot- just turn the game of love and lust on!

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The female brigade is, most of the times, considered to be the timid, submissive lot, where guys usually initiate things in a sexual escapade. But, can you say which hunk does not like the idea of being devoured by the woman of his choice? Yes! You heard it right! A sexy woman who tops up her oomph quotient with confidence calling the shots first will make men folks to have a whale of a time.

Hot hula is sizzling hot

Lay your guy flat on his back with style. Face him and lower yourself in such a way that he feels your warmth. Hold him tight by having your hands and knees on each side of his torso. When you can feel that sense of internalizing him both physically and mentally, gently let your hip movements do the talking as you swing it from one side to the other. This will be a fun session for you because his gun will be gliding all around you. The prolonged session of intimacy will make both of you go mad and wild!

Woman-on-Top Positions

 The Joystick joyride sex position will be just wow

When your man lies on the bed, caress him, make him want you more while he sleeps with his arms relaxed, put above his head. Just straddle him on top while putting your legs on each side straight and out. When sitting on top, you start swiveling your hips in a figure-eight position.. girl she will love your every move! Perching on top of him, you just take in your hands the speed, direction and the very nuances of that erotic, sexual act. When you just twirl and twist, your assets bounce and it is a sensory overload for the guy who is lapping up the pleasure by fixing his gaze on you.

The love seat: Take it away the erotic way

A hot chick would love to be the diva in a sexual act. Let your guy to lie back, while a soft pillow helps him to slightly elevate his head and shoulders.  Allow him to spread his legs. You sit in front of him with your back towards him. When you place yourself on his hardened cock.. he is going to sense ultimate pleasure. When you ride up and down his shaft in full control, let him get a pleasure boost by touching your assets and erogenous spots. Let him have access to your treasured assets and he is going to remember it for nights to come.

When the soft velvety body is on top of a hunk, it is like colouring one of the darkest fantasies that conjure on the minds of men folks. She can not only give your higher doses of sexual pleasure, but perched o your top, she can lead you to the crazy landscape of erotica; inhibition-free!

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