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There is no denying the fact that a beach is a great pick up spot where you can meet, connect, bump into each other and start things off on a roll- however you need to check out for every move you make- so that you are not tagged as pushy! Flirting at the beach is very much a cakewalk for many. When you wear that hot bikini to flaunt that curvy ‘you’, it is sure you are playing it right by just opening up the avenue to hook the male ogling at you. Once you have made the guy to fix his gaze on you, just build on the fact of keeping him engrossed and engaged!

Do not stoop too low in a bid to flaunt your assets like bending down- it will be like trying it too hard. Instead walk in style in your revealing, piping hot bikini and let him make the next move based on the hints that you drop!

Do not beg for attention by dressing in a very skimpy outfit, it might not be that hot. Well, you can ask for a suntan lotion application session to a random guy- but the catch is, you will have to pin down the right guy! Be prepared, it can be a hit or a miss! So if you have a hot hunk or male independent escort when you walk along the beach, holding each other’s hand, then nothing like that! You will not have to worry about dealing with any kind of disappointments whatsoever.

When you are up for some naughty fun in the beach, ensure that you do not push yourself on him! Being pushy like after striking a conversation, making plans of venturing out will be a big turn off! So if you see that your fish is slowly slowly drinking water, then only plan and go for the next moves, otherwise just shove it up all!

Have a clear definition of want you want- a hook-up, a fling, a long-term relationship and the like. When you just want to take a small break from the regular, monotonous routine, its best that you unwind in a way that will not let you get hurt in the process! So isn’t it worth having a reel hookup or a fling as you can enjoy to your heart’s content and also don’t burn your hands in a messy love affair? Decide and hit the beach!

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Love sex? You can drop your inhibitions just like you drop your pants when you feel it? All you need is a partner- be it the girl-next door, your office colleague, the hot chick you are dating for a week and the like. If you are not satisfied with your current pay-packet that your job is offering and you want to give a real shape to your ambitious dreams, choosing the profession of an escort without thinking twice can be a wise move!

It is often said that there is social stigma attached to a life of an escort, but in this digital age, it is time to debunk such myths. If any sensual short-cuts where you usually invest in a zero-emotional bond for pure fun is available, why not make the most of it? Nowadays, relationships come with the accepted fact of offering spaces, there are break-up parties, yummy divorce cakes, so the rules of the game of love and lust is always in An evolving and dynamic state.

Be your own boss!

Apart from satiating your hunger for moments of sexual fantasy, as an escort you can not only swim well in the self-indulgent pool, but be at your own mercy. Choose the days of work or the leisurely hours and the kind of clients you want to offer incall/outcall services. If you are already a model by profession, a housewife, an air- hostess or juggling with any other commitment, you can take work as per your will, paving the way for independence in what you do!

Get what you aspire for!

If you want a plush apartment, a swanky sedan or you have been drooling over any riches that hit your mind, it is time that you make a smart move and by going deep in the pleasure pool, just turn your dreams into reality! There might be many aspiring souls who want to have a taste of the hot kisses, the passionate move and the erotic moments, but even if they have that bold streak, very few can come out in the open, listen to their heart and join the profession of an escort! Once you sign up and get going, you will realize it is not only the pleasure fills, but you can explore a whole new world.

Make the most of the booming adult entertainment industry

With the pleasure spots cropping up like mushrooms all throughout UK, if you want your dreams of being an escort to take off high, then choose a reliable escort agency. The perks and privileges, the pleasure offering scope where you get paid can make you bigger and better in the adult entertainment industry, enabling you to carve out a niche of your own!

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The fleshy stone fruit with its sweeter inner pulp, an adorable shiny skin tempts you? The irresistible fragrance of the sweet mangoes makes you salivate? Shift your focus from the edible aspect of the fruit to something more hot and spicy! If you are a guy and reading this, then can you deny you never strip your mind and let it imagine the juicy boobs of that girl next door, your favorite celeb, your partner or that sexy waitress in the nearby coffee parlour in the shape of a mango? Boy, just don’t chuckle; make a good use of these juicy mangoes in your sexual escapade!

If you are smitten by the round, curvy assets of that babe, just rip open her top, unhook the bra and her boobs like mangoes with a pointed and tapering end, will make you to not only adore the nipples, tweak them, press them so that the hot chick is all gasping and panting, while plunging deeper and deeper in the pleasure pool!

Why leave all to imagination when the mangoes come not only with ample health benefits, but scoring points also when you are in bed! Extract the pulp or just rip apart some of the skin of a ripe mongo from the middle portion, squeeze the pulp and in a frisky way, smear the pulp on the erogenous spots of the hottie. The juices trickling down from her navel, boobs, bum and several areas- just lick those, suck her as much as you want- till you are satisfied and she utters that you are the best man in bed she had so far!

Though the play with the pulp can be a bit messy affair, but to jazz up that fun balloon, add the needed air of experimentation when you hit the bed! If you have the a bottle of mango juice in your fridge, you can also take that out and along with the use of the fruit and its pulp, just pour mango juice all over her body and let her do the return favours and tantalize you!

The succulent mangoes can also act as suggestive pieces during foreplay when you can suck it in front of the diva, which will drop the hints as to how you would like to devour her! Just play the game of love and lust with full might and right while the sweet fragrance of the yummy fruit wafts in your cozy bedroom!

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Sex is not only about experiencing the sensations, but how you bend your body like a cool sex lover is what matters! Contort your body, so that the sex positions which can be termed as carnal classics and it will not be very difficult to achieve!

The slow-climb orgasm

When both of us just decide to heat up things, let the chick place a pillow under her butt, while you help her lift her hips, making her legs to go up and her back towards your shoulder! This will surely make way for deeper penetration. She can have the sensual titillation at its best as your gun reaches her G-spot. The legs-up position after the diva gets that stimulation in the clitoris will let you rock the sexual session. It is kind of a warm-up act which slowly takes you to the brink of pleasure, arming you with an increased amount of sensitivity.

Criss-cross applesauce orgasm

It often hits our mind when we are on the pleasure-seeking mode that you will not put in much effort! So it is essential to opt for a sex position where you can seek the required pleasure with oodles of comfort in a relaxed way. Let the hot beauty lie on her back while you lie on your side, facing the sex kitten. She will swing both her legs over your hip- so that initiating the thrusting act on your part becomes a cake-walk. This way you can carry out the sex session for long without things making you feel tired.

The giddy-up orgasm

Girl-on-top positions are often a big turn on for the male brigade! Want to make her feel absolutely comfortable and be wrapped with the pleasure blanket?- Go for this move and sexual position! Hey chick just be on a roll by taking the charge of a situation and dictate him how to let her penis to go in, tread in the better depths to have offer you a gala sex session! You can slowly go in then for a reverse cowgirl position and pave the way for explosive organism. Your guy can have access to your clitoris in a greater way and the mild stokes he puts in your pussy, will let it hanker for the stiff cock to take you to a deeper world of erotica. Play with the bubbles of pleasure strewn in your way. Soak it up completely!

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It might be that you are hankering for a good venue to just get it done! The plush hotels or your bedroom has got a tinge of boredom with it? Stir your mind for newer avenues and explore new ideas and places where you can have good sex. When the sun goes down, find a private place along the beach, a side street and let your car be the mute observer of the steamy reel that unfolds!

Make the seatbelts your BDSM accessory!

Hey ladies! Are you listening? When you are thinking of doing it with your man, make him sit in the passenger seat and put the belt in place! Make his hands to go up and tie those to the headrest. You can sexily make him feel your assets when you do the binding act with a scarf, your tank top and the like!

Make him feel ultra sensitive

You have the tool in your hands- your car’s AC and the seat warmer! You can begin the temperature teasing act by switching your seat warmer for a while and then again switching on the AC. So this playfulness with temperature coupled with your sexy presence can really make him feel ‘wow’ about the whole situation.

Take him for a fast and furious sex ride

Thinking of speeding down your car and also speeding your pulse rate in a sexy act ion your sedan? Kneel on the passenger seat and depending on the preference of the sex positions and postures, go for a doggie-style move or anything that tickles your fancy!
Heat up the driver’s seat!

Be all crazy and place yourself in the driver’ seat! A wild lap dance when you sit on that hunk’s lap will make him yen for more and more- whether it is honking, sucking or licking your private assets! It is always the voyeur in you that pops up in between- so catch the live action via the car mirrors! You know how to angle it right, boy? Be naughty and let the fun factor to roll!
Spoon sex is what you can enjoy at its best!

When you rev up the whole mood by some peppy music charging you up, let the windows be rolled up. When you engage in spoon sex, ensure that the front seats are moved forward and the backseats are held upright!

If you have some overnight plan in a really lonely place, then get up on the hood of the car, lie down hugging each other tightly and cover yourselves with a big blanket and feel the warmth of being together at the top of a car! Sounds crazy? It’s not at all so! Nothing comes in the way when the heart is craving for some meaningful companionship!

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You want your pleasure pool to be filled up to the brim and why not? There is a certain myth involving around the fact that if guys use condom, they take time to get aroused or this rubber-thing comes in the way of steady erection for guys. However, this love-glove is not that bad after all! Sex without condom is often touted to be more fulfilling and passionate, but it is always wise to play safe! You do not need to compromise on the fun quotient either. Studies have shown that couples enjoying sex with or without condom did not feel much of a difference.. It’s all in the mind guys! Put it on and bid goodbye to your worries and anxieties after the make-out session!

There are pleasure-enhancing innovations that the male brigade of this generation is using and it can only zing up their experience! Whether it is the flavoured ones or the dotted protection shields, just pamper your manhood to get into a shield before it rocks the bed and takes your partner to the next level of erotica.

Whether it is a one-night stand you are looking for with a hot chick or want to make love with a  happening diva after the rocking party, it is always advisable to let your gun do the talking not naked, but with a outer covering! You can avoid the chances of avoiding genital diseases, can easily cast aside the pregnancy issues and have unbridled fun and passion without tension just knocking you down.

It is good to give vent to your carnal desires when you are in bed, but amidst that ultimate pleasure, do not forget to peep into your organ and check the condom sitting on top of your gun, in case of any breakage or leakage! When you take those little pauses while love-making, you can be updated about the news of how your organ’s rubber friend is keeping!

When donning your rubber companion, let your penis grip it well with no room for baggy spots- it should sit tight! When you are going completely wild with the unfurling of your erotic desires, those ultimate moments when the sperms come out, dropping it on your rubber  friend is a much easier and intelligent option! So boy have your erotic fill without putting on your thinking cap and see how that love-glove can only heighten your senses, expectations and fulfillment in that devouring act, without acting as a hindrance!

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With the mundane routine of everyday life, it often happens you feel that sex slump! However, if you have been too busy with your business meetings, putting your carnal desires always on hold, then you better think otherwise now! Have your share of fun, who knows about tomorrow?

Day 1: Make up your mind and say a ‘yes’

It is time to say ‘yes’ to your desire that you want a steamy session on bed. Whether you have a partner or want to choose a diva from a pleasure spot, that’s up to you, but day one definitely begins with your urge to be ready to have some pure, raw, sexual fun!

Day 2: Go the unconventional way!

Surprise acts in a bigger way when it comes to sex. It is not that a guy should always make the first move, speak your mind and express your interest if you are feeling that sexual tantalization! Wearing something sexy or dressing up to impress your man can go to a great deal in terms of ditching that regular routine and just hitting things off from the word ‘go.’ Bedroom boredom days can be put to an end if you think it right! Dress up for the occasion, as if you are set to make your partner go crazy. Always try different moves or sex positions so that love-making can be your cup of tea!

Day 3: Go for a quickie to ignite the fire!

It is always good to give vent to your carnal desires in some way or the other. If a long foreplay with punctuated moments is not in the cards, then opt for a quickie whenever or wherever you feel you can make it happen. It can be your kitchen, elevator, staircase, just get it going to initiate yourself in the pool of indulgence!

Day 4: Zing things up with newness

Experimenting and following a new sex route, always make the journey quite exciting and explorative! Choose something that works for both of you whether catching up an erotic film together, trying out new sex toys, injecting a more relaxing feel in the whole love-making act and the like.

Day 5: Celebrate togetherness and erotic fun!

Sex is an amalgamation of your passionate feelings, dark desires you have bottled up for so long! So if you have poured in all your excitement, naughty tricks and tips, it is time you give a real picture to your erotic desires in the arms of each other, enjoying every moment of sexual bliss!

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Sex needs to be fulfilling and the way your heart finds intimacy; it can range from quirky to prudish or just plain fun! Mirrors are not just about settling your hair, checking out how handsome you look when your tuxedo suit is on or when you wear the new LBD- what about engaging in some steamy act while your partner relishes the live action, sitting on bed at a distant corner? Let the voyeur in your partner have that fulfillment while watching you from distance before joining you to heat things up!

When you imagine the hot naked body of that chick, do you drool while stretching your imagination? What about watching her stripping off her clothes, undressing you, while slowly engaging you in the playful act so that the temperature just soars high in the foreplay in front of the mirror! She stands sexily on high red heels sporting a body-hugging dress and when she just moves her booty or let that dress slip, you just can’t help but go wild!

While she struts in style in front of you while you are tied seductively and the diva gets busy playing with her own assets, she can take the heat a notch higher with the use of sex toys and aphrodisiac food. Mirror sex is about enjoying that wildness and carnal instincts that lie hidden within you. So when that glass catches every glimpse of your erotic act and reflects back, the mirror is your very own raunchy sex toy in the room!

Whether it is a closet mirror or a dresser mirror, while making love watch each other and your partner will definitely follow suit. It is the best way to get going and fill your sexual session with excitement. When he is doing a doggie-style or just going down on you – let the mirror to weave a more passionate tale by exhibiting what both of you are up to.

Want to be just crazy for that one night? Then work on the concept of having ceiling mirrors! Yeah, you heard it right! Whether you love to call yourself a player or want to punctuate every move of your sex session with greater moans, ceiling mirrors can be a great option! Go to the next step- The crazy moves can become the wackiest when you have a moveable mirror. However, do not compromise on the fun and spontaneous quotient when you use a moveable mirror!

Want him to have an eye-popping view? Put a smaller mirror on the side, keeping it parallel to his body when you venture in the most erogenous terrain of your guy- he will be leapt up in joy! Are you looking for the best mirrors after flipping through these lines? Make it fast and let sexual fun to be unlimited!

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Sweet dollops of honey…. slowly slowly dripping from her pussy… just suck it like having nectar from the sweetest flower… way to go boy! You might have heard of many benefits that honey offers to you for having a robust health, but did you know that it can make a passionate night a super sexy one? When thinking of bringing in newness in sexual fun, it is strawberries, whipped cream and other culinary delights that make you happy. But did you think of the sweet bottle of honey that sits nicely in your kitchen cupboard or above your refrigerator gaping at you?

You love to play with her assets? Do you want the sexual escapade to be really a raunchy one? Hey guy, just smear her big boobs with sweet honey, dab the nipples with two, three dollops and then lick it hard! Suck her so that she moans and gasps and irresistibly tells you- she has been hunting for a guy like you to give her such depths of erotic pleasure!

When you go down deep under, you can try some of the tricks and experimentation with other fruits? Put some seedless grapes or peeled banana dipped in honey in her pussy during intercourse. The heat that is generated within her body will make the fruits to come out, but hunk use your palm to restrict its exit! Just involve a lot of kissing, hugging, fondling and nibbling in the foreplay. When the pussy-heated fruits just come out rushing, you can have a great time eating those with great pleasure while she derives cent per cent sensual satisfaction!

When you are just pampering her with all the bold love-making tips, you also want your share of fun, right? Doe she gives you a loveable blow job? Let erotica get redefined when you use honey as a lubricant. When you take the hunk’s gun on your mouth, the flavour of honey will make the chick to suck it hard while you just get transported to the pleasure land.

Let the golden yellow sweet droplets to zing up your sex session while you just huff and puff, really trying hard to pause time, without letting night to go away!

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Did you book a swanky hotel and want to have an evening of intimate pleasure with a sexy vixen? If you have settled a date with a diva let the effervescence of champagne spreads its charm, taking the fun quotient of celebration to the next level! It is the perfect add-on to a day of passionate celebration where you go deep into the frivolous and indulgent pool! Champagne is definitely a great accompaniment that can zing up your nights of pleasure, living you panting for more.

Champagne chips in with its role of loosening up things, making you inhibition free! It starts acting on your senses, boosting up your appetite for sex when you are done with it. Champagne can definitely act as a catalyst in taking you to a joyous and fun sex ride.

When you stay in a plush hotel, you get top-quality service and the sexy way in which the bottle of champagne is presented to you in a silver bucket – just sets the pampering tone of the foreplay. While the hot chick slowly takes the bottle, the glasses wait in anticipation and how sexily and gracefully she opens the bottle, which exhibits the initiating moments of hotness!

When she just opens the foil in style and uncorks it, she indulgently pours it in two glasses. Hey chick, just place those above your boobs, near the nipples and let him hunt down the glass. Taking the first sip while he cups your boobs will transfer you in a different land of erotica. That handsome hunk can engage in the champagne drizzling act, tantalizing the navel and tickling the erogenous spots in your body.

Let the hunk take a mouthful of that heavenly champagne and engage in some deep French kiss. You can also go deep down her, feel the bubbles increasing excitement and pleasure. Whether it is the drenching act of champagne helping in faster peeling of clothes, unhooking the bra and the lingerie, champagne can be that fiery liquid adding more steam to a love-making session. Whether starting the devouring session, beginning the submission or domination act, just set the stage in the right way. The room service of a top hotel will not disappoint you in this sphere, just lock the door and begin the show! Raise your champagne glasses and offer a toast to those scintillating moments. Live every passionate moment to the fullest!

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