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A super-short dress or a pair of hot pants with a low-cut top, your hairdo sporting a pixie cut like Rihanna or if you prefer to wear it long like Jennifer Aniston.. you are ready to make the temperature soar high- are guys carrying the ice-pack?

Your strands are one of the important assets girls, which you cannot deny! So how you wear your locks whether smooth and silky, in wispy curls – you can revamp your look every time! The length of hair has never gone out of fad and long hair always gives you a classy look. Take a look at the fashion divas, models, rock stars and most of them have never shifted loyalties from wearing it long! Girls do whatever it takes; reading up hairdo tips, hitting the parlour, experimenting with claw clips, bold bangs or angled ends – but your hair can do the magic! When you just get intimate with him, imagine that soft bed sheet of linen acting as the only cover between two naked bodies- while your strands slowly rubs his shoulders, glides through his face…… tantalizing him and (waking up his gun which was half-asleep ;-))

Straight Hair

If you are relating sex appeal with your hair, then definitely guys do have a preference for women with long strands. However, it is not only the way you sport your hair which can make him to swoop in the realm of beauty, carry confidence high up on your sleeves and he will be panting for you forever! Sometimes it is said that blondes have oodles of fun while red-heads are sexy and brunettes belong to the intelligent lot, while black hair colour signifies brooding! When you see the top models, celebs gracing the glossy magazine covers, it is the coloured streaks that grab your eyeballs while checking them out. Can you forget the 70’s feathered blonde hair style that met your eyes most of the time? So it is about combining style, your fetish and not staggering on the confidence level when trying to hook him!

So women do not forget to make a deft use of your weapon, your hair! Guys do get a lot of pampering whether they sport their hair short or long – women love to run their fingers all over the gelled or spiked hair of their partner, which is like one of the mushy moments that you share during a cuddling act or foreplay. When you go into the greater depths of love-making and give him a wacky blow job session or an oral sex session, he does the middle-parting of your hair for you and pulls you inwards to that coveted zone of lust underneath his torso. Feel that ethereal experience and cherish.

So guys and gals, have hairy fun or pleasure with hair or both and let stress melt in thin air! 😉

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Hot Red lips can make you rich…

Whether you want your man to check you out, go wild, lust for you, want you madly, red lips helps you to begin the show!

Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Scarlett Johansson, Jesscica Alba- all the names you just read now, you can connect to them readily, right? Well, these gorgeous ladies are gifted with luscious lips that are sensuous with the vermillion border on the soft pair of those rose petals acting as the perfect topping. These celebs help men folk to fantasise, sketch a portrait of getting attracted towards them or adding that fiery quotient in a dreamy, fanciful love-making session. Things start with the sealing of lips, twirling of tongues and the breathless lip-lock sessions.


Women listen up- when that male gaze gets fixed on you, if they are checking out your face, it has to be the fleshy bum on your lips that they get hooked to- (men starts to fancy how the labia in your pussy is)! Girls did you ever stop by that dip on your upper lip often called the cupid’s bow when checking yourself out in the mirror? It makes men to go mad about you as they start thinking of how saucy a night will be with their chosen partner! The sharply raised upper portion of your upper lip (called tubercle) is what turns a guy on. Men would love to nibble that pout, bite and suck it hard to derive utmost sexual satisfaction.

During the foreplay or the advanced levels of love-making, lip service whether it is men or women, who engage in, is irreplaceable. The first touch of that soft flowery-petal like lips… that gentle bristling… adds a different meaning to the moments of intimacy when you feel each other’s breath and caress each other by pouring all your love. ‘I want more’- ‘give it to me more babes, ‘, “I love it honey, go deeper’ – is what the hearts quip! 😉

Whether it is the fire that bodily contact emits, going down and plowing her, feeling her, sensing her, turning her on to make her feel you in the best ‘we’ moments or planting kisses in any of the coveted spots, lips do the trick. The rosy lip whether thin, fleshy; with pouts or no pouts is the weapon to observe that bead of sweat on your naked body after a spicy love-making act ….. Hey you are feeling it now? Pull down the curtain, slam the door or roll up that glass window of your car and plunge in the pool of temptation!

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With the base of stable relationships becoming unsteady, cheating no longer a matter of grave concern anymore under the garb of needing space in a bond, life has become a fun ride. You might ask why not when you have options galore! Hey guys if you are ready to tuck away all emotions and moral scruples under the carpet and want pure sexual fun, do not just roll your scrutinizing eyes on pubs and nightclubs of UK, hit an escort agency and see how your desires get a new meaning as the nasty game of love-making fills you with aura, enthusiasm and satisfaction.

couple sex

Is the fishing net out of your cupboard? When you are in a pleasure zone or a UK escort agency, then the shoal of attractive fishes is just around your fishing net to get hooked- you do not have to put in much effort! Just comb through the smoking hot gallery of an escort agency and whether it is a busty, brunette, blonde, petite escort you want- you can choose one based on our preference.

Whether it is role-playing that you want a bombshell to perform to cast a spell on you in your apartment or a venue of your choice- just let your desires to get the better of you! A bath in a tub together, a fiery bathing session under the shower, playing with fruits sexily or the smearing act of whipped cream, chocolate sauce or that wax drizzling- just think of how creative you can go in terms of your sex positions and moves to cover that special night with a passionate blanket. Think and act to relish every moment!

You want a night to spread its wild tentacles and grab you in the wave of ultimate pleasure? One night, one hot chick (two or more if you really have a higher libido) is like you wanted something, you get it done! A word of caution, do not bank on the hope of taking fond memories back with you- then you are hitting on the emotional chord (a forbidden terrain on a paid night of fun). However, if you want to chuckle later or want to brag in front of your friends about your sexual escapade, then it is about boasting your masculinity, flaunting that sex addict in you- choice is yours! Remember when you barely pick up your pants and slam the door behind and come out of your hotel room after sex, the hot chick also puts you among the closed chapters, until and unless you have vouched for meeting again and explore another path of erotica. So if you are lacking a partner, recovering after break up, or too much freaked out with your professional life, one night stand can definitely be a stress-buster! Call is yours, take your pick!

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Heard of the phrase ‘lemon squeeze’ or ‘cowbell’ off late (of course with their sexual innuendos) making sex sessions hotter? Well, squeezing gets an all new dimension when you have taken the oath to offer pleasure and seek pleasure in a mutually reciprocal relationship. It is the assets of women, their curves, voluptuousness which make guys to remain awestruck and drool over their fabulous bodies. When it comes to heating things up between the sheets, add that pinch of pepper in the form of a squeezing act which ensures higher blood circulation, making the hot chick to feel that ultimate sensation! If you slather a bottle of mango juice, some chocolate sauce or whipped cream, then nothing can stop the boob pressing, licking and sucking session from getting prolonged!

Erotic Fun

Why not weave the magic of hot-n-cold play? Hey boy when your fingers make the small round circles, or just grip her round assets and you press, twitch and twirl her pink projections, the pack of sensitive nerves in her breast feels the heat and just responds to your hand job. Your smooth touch coupled with the lip/ mouth service you offer for sucking her erogenous spots and her assets, infuses you with the pride that you are devouring her really well, while she huffs and puffs, going down in the ocean of temptation! It is the twins of a gorgeous lady that is always eager to be pampered, caressed and cajoled and it is eagerly fondled and pressed by the happy bunch of men folk!

Clitoris stimulation is something that can take a woman some steps ahead for a fulfilling orgasm, so guys do not miss out on this! Clit rubbing, pinching and squeezing with a little dabbing of your fingertips on the clitoris area and on its hood can really make her weave a tale of moans and groans, which will, in turn, elevate your confidence level! So now you know how to get better in bed!

Guys do not get impatient if you are not getting any tips till now how she will make love to you or crave for intimate companionship with you? Girls do not bottle up your desire, come clean in front of your partner when it is about offering your guy that ultimate sense of satisfaction as they also deserve their share of satisfaction. Why not just try reciprocating like pinching his cushiony bum, just the way he squeezes yours. His nipples also work in turning him on when you just give it the right twirling effect! His male organ, mainly the tip or the shaft will not mind a bit of pampering or squeezing with the soft, nimble fingers, so guys and girls get, set and go!

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The months or years of courtship whether it lasted long or fizzled out soon might have taught you (read you felt so) the more you care, you walk that extra mile, stoop in front of her-coax and cajole her- she will be with you! Boys why not just walk in a bit different terrain? Of course, if you are at fault you got to fix things up, but if your weren’t or if you have that confidence that you feel some kind of attachment, then just hook her the way you want. If you k now that your girl can go really wilds behind that nerdy look or she anger and complains melt when both of you are between the sheets- just bring in the essence of anticipation, love, admiration and naughtiness to keep her glued to you!

When you make love to her or when she takes the initiative, check out for the ways she loves you! Does she fondle with your hair a lot, combing her nimble fingers through your soft hair? Then coming down your collarbone is a hot spot that you she often loves to nibble, sketch a zigzag way with her fingertips, in the sample way she enjoys biting your earlobes! Lips have a charm of their own and whether it is pouts, a bit chubby lips or thinner ones, a lip-lock is always on the cards! When she feels she can get you the way you want- HOLD BACK (at times) and it can reward you definitely in a great way. Just make her get it that you are not feeling like taking off your shirt, or do not let her stick to your collarbone, make it a tactful gesture. Remember you are doing it as gesture just to prolong things, not to put her off, so be careful the way you play your cards!

Though girls are more prone to waxing sessions and often hit the parlor for it, men folk with their chest hair (which is regarded as a symbol of their masculinity) loves to flaunt it! So he has a thing for your chest hair, so let her twirl and tangle when she is nestling on your chest.

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Men proclaim to be the among the proud lot when they are successful in pinning down a chick on bed and have their way- it is something that they proudly brag in front of their friends! Hey girl, do you have access to the bedroom wish list of men? The handsome hunks can go really wild with their imagination, but when it comes to spelling things out, they can fall short of their expertise. Men can perform well than what they can speak up!

Sex Cravings

Girl- turn yourself on- He’ll love it

It is a known fact that arousal for women is a slow process. Men do walk that extra mile in the foreplay to make a woman hot and horny, but lovely ladies why not just drop all your inhibitions, let go that wild cat in you and engage in a solo effort of turning yourself on? It will definitely be of great support for your partner who is trying to feel your passion pulse. The self-pleasuring missions that you carry out solely can give a boost to your sexual libido for sure!

Sex got to be a fun ride

While trying to grapple with your carnal desires and experimenting different sex positions and moves, slip-ups do happen, things do not work out the way you want or you fantasize after watching the sex movies. Odd noises, small mishaps like getting hurt when you miss a sex position- should melt in the thin air in the form of a good laugh without frustration or awkwardness setting in. Guys love sex in a frisky and fun-loving way, give it to them like that girls!

Drop hints, spell out ladies

It’s often said that in order to make a sexual session amazing, you need to communicate and often indulge in dirty talking as it is the stepping stone of such an adventurous journey! Tell him how good it feels when he cups your breasts, squeezes your nipples, goes deep down and the like- so that his confidence level gets the needed boost! He will love the praises, adulation and would make love just the way you want! Isn’t it a mutually beneficial relationship woman? Erotic instructions, positive reinforcement work as the best medicine to enhance the performance level of men in bed! Ask for a good hand job, lip or mouth service and things ought to get steamier!

Men love to watch what unfolds in front of him

Whether you touch yourself in front of him, do a live vibrator show, gulp a banana in a sultry way or do some act with strawberry or whipped cream, he will love to watch your every move! While having sex, when you are on top and he has access to your juicy assets and can also make way for good thrusting, he will not ask for anything for as pleasure will get doubled up!

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It is not enough to proclaim yourself to be the man! Does your thing go erect when you feel horny, when you check out that hot damsel with juicy assets? If you are on the wrong side on the weighing scale, addicted to alcohol, suffering from sleeping disorders and ED (erectile dysfunction) then the reason is serious and you need to see a doctor. However, here we are talking about some small yet very common causes that act as hindrances and your male organ fails to stand erect when the time demands.

Couple having sex

During the course of penetration if your thing is not erect, then inserting it on to hers becomes a very Herculean task, with a lot of pain involved. When pleasure gets combined with pain, do you want to feel that sweet pleasure of the stiff cock getting into the wet pussy? Boy- make the way easier and smoother by doing away with what bogs you down, that is, performance anxiety! Don’t give a damn about whether you will enjoy, what she will feel. There are some things in life which you must not contemplate, think and ponder over too much. Rely on your instinct and let the marriage of passion and instinct to land you up in a new domain of erotic fun! ‘Just go for it’- should be your driving force without weighing the pros and cons whether she will get pregnant, you using a protection, safety concerns or whether your penis is going to work well or not!

Do not let your moral scruples to pop out from your lexicon of ethics and cast aside all your fears about how good you will be in bed, how hard will you go and the like. Whether it is a one night-stand with a chick you pick from a nightclub, a bombshell whose paid service you hired for enjoying unbridled fun or your partner you are dating for sometime – do not let it affect your performance once you unzip your pants! If you are a successful scorer when your are masturbating, the hand-job that you offer to your dick to let it go all out and hard just craving for that pink cherry, then be confident that all is well and fine on your side.

If your playmate is a seasoned one, then a lot can be a part of your erotic platter! Whether an amazing blow job session, some scintillating moments of oral sex or anything that can make your organ just stand up and salute- a sexy vixen know to cook a saucy sex meal for you! Relish! A word of caution- Don’t overeat!

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Girls love to flaunt long, sharp nails, painted with a polish of their choicest hue and definitely those nimble fingers stand out! Hey boy you have any idea about how those pretty pink nails can make you to take a dip in the pool of sensual pleasure during sex? When the shorts drop, the tank top flies in the air, the bra unhooks and only the two naked bodies come in unison, it is the expression of ecstasy that gets weaved in the tale of moans and groans. The scratches or the marks left by the nails in the different parts of a couple’s body have different stories to tell and those remain as fresh as morning dew on the leaf of memory of your partner!

Every nuance of a sex session can get redefined when the nails dig deeper on your back, hunk, and you just get the signal to go more wild, letting your wild, carnal desires to unfold like never before! When you are your chick’s ideal man guiding her like the best sex partner, it is the ‘yes’, “loving it, ’some more honey’ ‘go deeper ‘, ‘don’t stop’ punctuated with her gasps, heavy breathing which just piles up confidence and acts as a great medicine to enhance your performance in bed.

Scratches can often be mild, a bit deep or can be in the form of bruises which are usually a reason if you have had a fall- but this falling is about plunging neck deep in the pool of erotic passion. When she gets turned on or is about to reach the climax, boy it is your bare back- the ideal landscape that she chooses for digging her long nails, deep! In order to add steam to foreplay or in the enhanced phases of a sex escapade, the big nails with pointed nails can do the magic of tantalizing and also lets you know how your partner is enjoying every bit of the way you love her! Scratches, if visible to you the next morning or even if you arch back to check it out, infuses in you a higher sense of satisfaction and contentment and you cannot deny that!

Hey are you ignorant of the domination and submission act on bed? Whether you are like the roaring lion in the den (read bed) and the chick submits to you readily or she is the dominant feminine persona on bed, the fiery session can start from scratch with a scratch and can go on to ass spanking and smacking- which is indeed a way of deriving utmost pleasure in pain! Every heart has its individual craving and the way you cook up the passion soup, let you know what is lessening the tangy or peppery taste! So guys, you know how to make it more tasty and gulp it down super hot? Begin the show now.

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It is not only the voluptuous curves of a woman, it is her twins- the bigger the size the better it is as food for men’s fantasy! The assets are the means to have a piping hot session in bed! Guys have a fetish for that round, juicy assets that the gorgeous ladies are blessed with or do not mind going under the knife to enhance volume, make those more round and tight if there is any signs of early sagging. Hey chick do you want to cast that spell on your man? Your twins can do that magic. If your guy is reading it right, you are craving for some pampering- the tits are always eager to pop out from that frilly bra, offer a great show and make your man flabbergasted!

Girls do the job on your part to keep your twins more appealing and sexy! Dress them up scantily and in a sultry way by choosing the best of lingerie in flamboyant red, haunting black or choose the girlie pink colour when you hit the bedroom! Before sex you can go for a hot(read lukewarm) water bathing session which paves the way for higher blood circulation and makes your tits super sensitive to touch. Do not keep your twins dry after taking a shower; slather high-quality moisturizing cream so that like the shiny skin of the juicy mango, your boobs should also never lose its sheen.

Guys- are you thinking where is that saucy platter for you? Well, playing, fondling or caressing with your girl’s assets is something that does not need much introduction. But, hey don’t just pounce on like a desperate male, give her the touch she wants, the arousal that keeps her dying for you, the sensation that will make her go wild- boy the cards are on your hands! Why not play with patience and play it right?

If you are of the opinion that the tits need some fondling and pressing during the foreplay only and then you can go astray and concentrate on her other erogenous zones, then you are wrong! Just as you make her feel it, turn her on during foreplay with boob-caressing, pay attention to her assets all through the love-making session. It is not the pink nipples- tweaking, twirling and licking which should be your focus, pay attention to her entire breasts, mainly the underside as the pack of nerve there will titillate her to the core ensuring she has an awesome stimulation and later an over-whelming orgasm!

Guys you need to master the art of cupping her breasts. When you grip the tender, soft assets, let her be on top and using your fingertips make small, slow circles and slowly come towards her nipples. Then start the licking session, as if you are licking a scoop of vanilla ice-cream- relish, feel it, go slow, let her feel your tongue – then begin the frisky nibbling and sucking session in a gentle manner before you just go all wild! Cover the soft tits with your mouth as much as you can go in and let the rest to follow behind the curtains………..

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Hey guys! Are you feeling that tinge of dullness now in every making out session with your partner? There is no denying the fact that when something gets easily available, there are higher chances of monotony setting in and sex is no exception! So why not bring in some innovation and move away from the regular routine of making love?

Suck toes

Are you feeling jittery after hearing this? Well, if you haven’t tried it, you will not be able to realize its essence. Make a good use of the surprise quotient and if you do not consider ‘feet’ to be one of the erogenous zones, then it’s time you include it in the hotlist. Ensure that both of you are super clean after a great shower and just try sucking, nibbling the toe area and experience how satiating the whole thing will be!

Have sex in a wardrobe

In order to add that tanginess in your sex curry, why not choose a venue that would be really ‘out of the box?’ In order to do things right, you will have to think right. So why not choose a calm, serene and private place like a wardrobe? Here your sensual moves get in rhythm with the movement of the hangers, sweeping of clothes- just making you feel the intensity in which the temperature inside the wardrobe is rising with two bodies getting clasped in an intimate corner!

Brush each other’s hair for ultimate titillation

The luxurious hair brushes that you buy with soft bristles are not only for combing your hair or offering that pampering to your hair shafts. If you have been hankering for a sex toy that would take you to the world of erotica, it’s not only the web stores’ raunchy inventories that you need to check, find in your room- your hair brush is right there! In the foreplay, just make a good use of it- pull it up and down and see how the sensual feel and effect spreads.

A nose dive- explore after plunging in!

It is one of the very popular beliefs that is paid heed to till today- it is the connection of the size of a man’s nose to that of his penis. It is generally said that a man with a bigger nose will be great in bed! When you plan to go down and let her soak in the ultimate level of erotic satisfaction, go for a nose dive! It is said that after offering your lip and tongue service when you rub her clitoris with your nose, the nerve endings near the clitoris receive the ultimate amount of pampering and the girl cannot help, but moan and gasp, responding to your titillation in a sensuous way.

So are you ready to try out a crazy sex session? Just go for it guys!

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