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Today’s women are more confident – loving their corporate job, fat pay packets, chilling out in an all-girl group, partying and changing partners like they do their briefs! (Men folk, accept this!) In short, the gorgeous ladies with confidence on their sleeves are in love with independence and want to live life on their own terms! So girls reading this if you can connect to this and you feel that you are done with the bucket full of tears, mushy sentiments, over-eating due to depression because HE ditched you, do away with the need to be in a relationship.

Boyfriend Experience

Buck up for some moments of saucy fun, admiration, praises, companionship even if you are not in a relationship! Who cares? -when you can have some breathtaking fun with a hunk of your choice! You can lap up all the fun via a boyfriend experience that a male independent escort can offer to you unabashedly. No matter what you want him to do, giving vent to your dark desires or sweet nothings- he is just game for anything.

You would feel like dying for his suavity, his charm and the tug of war between Alpha male and Beta male is finally narrowing down! Beta male is the sought-after ones pleasing the sensitivity of 21st century women. An escort agency of repute from where you pick a hunk for hours of unbridled fun, is the new-age beta male, who is a good listener, is creative and sensitive, can comfort and sympathize. So how about enjoying a romantic and mushy dinner with someone refined and emotional guy? If you have a say as to which movie to watch or the restaurant you want to hit, he will be all ears to your wishes and act in tune without acting as a dominating partner! You can share the tit-bits of your professional life as he has no problems with your job or designation, whatsoever.

So be judicious in choosing the hunk who can sweep you off your feet with his poetic and sensitive side with a higher inner self-esteem. A cool dude with whom you can redefine the meaning of companionship while spending a day by visiting the different entertainment zones in the various pockets of London can be real fun. After the lip locks… holding hands…. if you want to head straight to the hotel room and set it on fire with a blistering passionate act, hey girl go and have your share of fun! Who is keeping an eye on you the next morning after you slam the hotel door and retire to your apartment? Remember to delete the episode from your heart as it was all fun and obviously if you do not want to taste the same guy anytime soon! 😉

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The story within the closed bedroom doors might not turn out to be like that romantic movie where making love for prolonged hours seemed so much fun, if you do not play your cards right! When you want him to graze down there, it needs a bit of head holding and prodding for men folk, but girl pay attention to your “to-do” hygiene list so that you can prep up for the right action at the right time.

go down like Crazy

If you are with your partner you have been dating for quite something or have picked up a hunk for a night of unbridled fun, spell it out that you want him right there in and around your lacy panty! Introducing him to your secret garden will not be an easy task unless you spell out you want him right there. So keep your pussy clean and dry so that it smells right and he doesn’t crib when he is invading that region. Ladies do not be selfish and let him to drown by burying his face in the pinky spot for too long! Don’t nudge him always to go down as the pleasure quotient might be missing and he might think of it as a regular chore more than an act of pleasure.

Did you forget to trim the bushes or raze the forest? Invite him in a smooth way, not like this! Once he has easy access to your cherry, he will love the fondling, licking and sucking act and burying his face there for long for sheer hours of bliss will not be a daunting task! While you lap up all the pleasure and feel that erotic sensation, men love to graze near and at the pussy region, so let the time of self-indulgence be euphoric for both of you!

Do you want him to feel that it is like a fresh lily? To cast a spell on him, you can use a flavoured lube and check out the way he uses his hand and tongue while you will be left coveting for more! When he is just around your secret garden and dabbing his fingers or touching your pussy mildly, emit the soft moans which are like golden words of encouragement that he is doing it right!

You do not want to be tagged as a horny tramp, right? So a bit of coyness is required when you do not go all out and just make him be at the nectar-hunting zone even if he is fretting to come out of it! Play the game of restricting him when he is trying to plunge in, which will build on the anticipation and make him more eager to plow in!

The biggest thing is to offer your sweet pink zone in style and when an offer is so damn tempting, no guy will refrain from it, but enjoy the delicacy to the core!

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‘Foreplay’- the catchphrase that girls love and guys often dismiss as they are always tempted for a quickie, drawn by the urge to get things done in a jiffy! Hey boy, pinning your girl down to bed is not enough, make her feel like a queen, let her engage in the game of building up anticipation which she loves so die-heartedly! Why be done so fast when you can easily prolong the hours of fun?


The act of unzipping for peeling off clothes can be a great action-builder for a raunchy session in bed. If you have not shown that wild tigress in you to your man, it’s time that you show off your erotic skills, take the sensual drama a notch higher. After watching that satisfying grin on his face, your mind is singing some naughty lyrics? Transform it into action and just treat him to some inexplicable sensual treat that he wouldn’t have expected from a nerdy girl like you!(bookworms don’t take offence! ;-))

Don’t go by the norm, ‘ladies first’- though your guy would love you to, but let him just arouse you with some breast fondling and a mind-boggling way of unzipping your bra. Be dressed up for the occasion, definitely in layers with frills and laces dominating the scene as the baggy shirt or cover-ups get peeled; one after the other; in the foreplay.

Your partner can use his hands and teeth. Get aroused with the mild tickling on your back, or the sketching of the first letter of his name with his finger tips around your butt cheeks or just scratching you hard if his ‘thing’ has shot up too quickly- you will love every moment of this pleasurable encounter. Let him pull you close after you bra gets unhooked, the straps fall apart and he feels your juicy assets closer to his chest and when you hug- a highly erotic sensation grips both of you. Let your hunk to take over ……..aahhahhhhhhhh!!

After moments of enjoying some sensual bliss in his arms, you might feel like giving back or pampering him with his share of fun, which he rightly deserves! Get into the act of unzipping his pants with your teeth (remember yanking and wiggling will be a part of it). Cheat a beat and use your hands too if you do not want to hit the dental clinic the next day! ;-). He can unbutton his pair of denims and lower the zip for you a bit and then you can unzip it with your teeth, to move into his boxers, next. Use your hands to pull down his denims, and when you get inside his boxer………… girl give him an oral session that will only make him huff and puff and remember you to be armed with the best blow job technique up your sleeve. He will covet for such smoking hot sessions in bed sooner. It’s entirely your choice to make it a regular affair or choose the way both of you would love to indulge in!

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Whether it is spring, summer or early fall, the urge to hit thEscort Pool partye waters for a pool party, sounds great? Get to know the perfect meaning of unwinding when you relax, rejuvenate and plunge in the depths of azure water with a hot chick to give you gala company. Less is more when it comes to clothes and  you are wading your way through the blue waters! Girl you can look smashing hot on a floral short dress, flirty skirt, hot-pants. You can stylize your hair in the form of beach waves that you get naturally after untying the braids that you keep overnight. You can also push the envelope with bold hued prints of animal or tropical when choosing a dress.  It is flip-flops and only flip-flops that can win the show for you, though strappy sandals can fit in also. A brimmed floppy hat, a tote bag, a shimmering hair band, a pair of cool shades- hey girl do not miss out on these to make your guy hooked to you! He will be just ‘wowed’!

 Girl if you want to reveal more and get real close with your boy, then throw all inhibitions and sport an uber-tiny string bikini! ;-)! If you want to spend more time on the deck savoring the delicacies and gulping down the various shakes and cocktails, then put on that bathing suit but don’t forget to purchase a nice cover-up when you go for shopping. Some of the hot spots that organize a pool party allow ladies to go bare-chested, so be ready to juggle with options! 😉

If you just want to take the temperature to a scorching degree, then sport a see-through top, where your dark pink bra or blue bra gets flaunted and your assets looking charming to be ogled at. Let your hunk discover a new you and feel the urge to have you. He cannot wait to touch you or just feel your body amidst the cool waters. Your girls’ hotness and the coolness of the waters will make you feel every moment as you get close to her, pull her towards you, make eye contact, cock your head and spell out some dirty words in her ears…

While enjoying the pool party, just have plans of devouring her at night and keep her sexy images fresh on your mind- your food to chew upon whether you have a foreplay session, but a smoking hot session on bed is definitely on the cards!

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Kiss… a deep passionate one or a peck.. ask your guy friend or your partner, he is always in for a open mouth kissing or a French kiss where there is greater contact of the tongue! A LINGEIRNG KISS…. you think only a bonding mechanism where tongues play their crucial part.. guys and girls don’t be silly to give the other spots in your body waiting to be caressed, cajoled and pampered, a miss! Some erogenous zones are craving for your attention and it is your tongue that can take care of the whole situation! 😉

Tongue Sex

If you have been shoving off the need for foreplay pressed by time or a suitable place of making out, hit a hotel with your girl or a bombshell and let a smoky session be piping hot! Girls listen up! It is not only your partner who is always going to spoil you with erotic care, do your bit too, so that he can feel his importance in your life. Drive him crazy with a licking session and whether you believe it or not, when your soft, pink feathery tongue just breezes through his collar bone, chest area, lower part of the torso and you go deep..go down…. see how he becomes ecstatic. Want to try out the reverse strategy? Well, then start the tongue service from below, his toes and go up! He will want you like crazy and just give in to all his temptations to add that sauciness!

Guys do not feel bogged down if you haven’t come across any tip till now while flipping through these lines. Hey guys, for you things can get really better as from the word ‘go’, the way you peel off her clothes, starting from unhooking her bra- having that tigress in bed become quite an easy task as she has a higher inclination to succumb to that broad chest and stronger arms quite easily.

Let your tongue to roll on her assets after you begin things with a flurry of deep kisses, with closeness and intimacy getting redefined. Put your fingertips to effective use by encircling the area around her nipples, toes, navel before you start the tongue service. Feel pampered and enjoy hearing some awesome moans AHH…. AHHH… go hard, deeper, suck it hard honey, I want more…. Can things get better than this? Tongues are not only used for rumor-mongering, it has a sizzling role to make sex a sultry affair!

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You have got into the love-making session quite a number of times, I bet! Even if you haven’t, what’s the harm? Whether you are a first-timer or a pro in bed, it is the heat that your sex ideas generate which can make a sex session more scintillating! If you want to know what it takes to be smoking hot when the two bodies collide or you are aiming for that bed-rattling orgasm, then check out some of the scorching ideas: (Some ideas you might have never thought of, or even if you are close by, got muddled in your thoughts that fuel your dark desires.

sex ideas

Check out:

How about a naughty movie marathon? You can go about renting a series of some raunchy movies or if you have a huge collection, it is time to put it to effective use. If you have been seeking for some inspiration, aren’t you feeling that surge of hormones yet?

Guys love to watch it- whether it is an eye-popping view of their girl, the way she swings her hips, assets or goes down on you in bed, why not employ a mirror, keep it parallel to your bodies and let eyes also have a grand treat? Try it, your honey will love it!

Racy and spicy message can do a lot in waking up and lighting up that passionate feeling! So raid his inbox or his chat window with some sauciness like the way you want him to act that night. You will not be disappointed when the sex session unfolds.

Hankering for an immediate response from him? Gently dab the base of his penis for a few seconds and face the consequence.. 😉 how he blows you away with his manhood!

Want your boy to take a look at the wild tigress that is hidden inside you? Just wear a lingerie preferably in black, blood red or a lacy baby pink one. Close your eyes and emit those moans while you masturbate alone, just turning him on in a jiffy!

Vibrators are too good! Buy a small, bullet-shaped vibrator that comes with a remote control. While you give him the remote, let the vibrator make you to dance to its tunes when it is placed on your clitoris!

Oral sex is smoking hot, no two ways about it! How about letting him insert his finger on your pussy and ask him to mildly stroke your G-spot? Are you feeling it girl, already?

When your man goes down on you, you want to feel that sensation right? To take it a notch higher, why not ask him to draw a figure 8 with his soft tongue and relish!

Are you ready to experiment? Just feel the nuances and hotness of the moments of intimacy!

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We all are born different. While some can win the world with a smile and confidence, some play a subtle and subdued innings without being vocal and showing off his/her prowess. If you are an introvert by nature then you cannot do much about it! If you haven’t been an outgoing guy who lacks social skills, why crib about it or feel low? If you have only been fixing your eyes on those porn flicks and doing a self-gratifying job gracing the glossy covers of a magazine with divas strutting their gaits or almost naked, its time you feel the warmth of colliding bodies, foreplay making way for some great thrusting, deeper penetration and an earth-shattering orgasm! Hey boy, you can pick up your smartphone and give a call to an escort agency that you come across, this much you can do right?


Well, when you are in the hunt for pleasure hubs having a galaxy of real erotic stars then fueling your dark passionate mood, uncorking that bottle of sensuousness is just at your fingertips. When it is a playmate that you hire for unbridled fun, you will be amazed how she instantly gels with you, making you comfortable. Do not feel the hiccups when she is around! She will tend to you, and whether it is unbuttoning your shirts or unzipping your pants or just directing the way you can derive pleasure, she has ample tricks up her sleeves to take you deep down in the ocean of temptation where there is no room for regret. You are not getting ready for any relationship that comes with its emotional quota. A one-night stand, a girlfriend experience during the weekend or a diva playing a role model, you should spell out what you need and see all your wishes turning into reality.

Often you might feel that you want to express a lot, but you have inhibitions of expressing your thoughts. Whether it is dirty-talking, the way you want to make love to her or how you appreciate her beauty- speak up all without giving a second thought. She will entertain you and shower her love, warmth and care to make you feel amazing! Let a fiery session to have that smoke so that you remember the encounter with a diva for days to come. Who might know, you can book a meeting with her again? Your first experience is bound to make you feel to come back and take shelter under the buttery soft skin of a diva, her soft touch and kisses!

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AHHH…UH.. UH.. Go harder baby.. one more time. f *** me harder… I like the way you give it boy… (When a chick utters these words, moans and gasps, it is the self-esteem of her partner which gets the needed kick to feel absolutely ‘wow’ in the pool of erotica.. Guys are you listening?? )

The call of the wild.. the dirty talks, moans, gasps is like sprinkling the right spices for a higher sexual appetite! And it has been proved time and again that it is the fairer sex that always scores high over the guys when it comes to emitting erotic noises! So noises have a huge role to play when you have gone deep into the inner folds of having unbridled sexual fun. It is not enough to unzip your pants or unhook that bra- feel the hotness by dirty talks that can take the temperature to the next level! When you just want to give vent to your dark desires, do not bottle up what you want to say.


What if you are having a jolly-good time fondling and sucking her boobs, why not say how sexy are her twins? It will make her chuckle, while you tell him to go harder while playing with her assets. However, a word of caution guys do not engage in a comparative study as to how the assets of the previous girl that you slept with were bigger or rounder (then be prepared for a quick wrap up of the steamy sessions as girls hate comparisons!)

Whether you are going right or not, caressing her in the right way while making love, it is her groans and moans that give the signal that you are freaking fantastic in bed? Guys isn’t it one of the best ever compliments that you want to hear it from your partner? In order to make way for bed-rattling orgasm, noises in the course of sex, act as stimulation making the blood to rush near the groin and all the erogenous spots!

Men ejaculation becomes more satisfying and an enriching experience for the men folk when you sketch a picture on mind of how you made it saucy with your girl the last night! If you are looking for that ‘then and there experience’ for ejaculation, it is only how she appreciates your collarbone or praises your gun or your love-making prowess, which can make a difference!

So guys and girls never neglect the power of erotic words and dirty talking when both of you a cooking up a sex curry in bed! Just go for AHH.. AHHH.. UH.. UH.. session to heat things up like never before!

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Being sweaty is nothing to get freaked out or embarrassed and more so because it calls for an amazing erotic session! Hearing this statement some gorgeous ladies might wrinkle their noses, but when you look at the pros of such a stimulating session, you will be awestruck! Vigorous sex means burning of more calories and nothing can get better than this. Do not worry about a few pounds that you have put on lately or the makeup that you forgot to dab before slipping onto your tank top. There is no point hankering for cover-ups before the initiation of a sex session- but it is more worthy to feel the nuance of raw and uninhibited sex! So feel free- drop your inhibitions like you drop your clothes and let the fiery session to take over your apprehensions!

Sweaty Sex

Hey why do you need some honey or juice to act as the lubricant while playing the game of lust in a better way? Make way for slithery sex as gliding on top of each other becomes the norm with ease as the sex positions that you have on mind can be tried with panache when it is a sweaty act. When sharing the most intimate moments, it is crucial to feel that oneness and the beads of sweat accumulated on your body parts, the salty kisses offering you new sensations- just enable you to go down in the pool of erotica. So whether hunk you perspire during sex, don’t feel bogged down as your girl chuckles at the fact that you are doing things right and bestowing her with some awesome passionate moments!

Guys like raw fun so girls hear it out, it is not the marks on your bum or the mild spots on your back that bother him when both of you are heating things up between the sheets. Every individual has a body smell and your partner’s olfactory sense is sharp enough to differentiate it from others! Natural odor and the visible beads of sweat are huge turn on for guys! So don’t always think that heading for a shower is the preliminary stage before sex. If you like it raw, then either a session post cooking a meal where both of you help each other or after a workout session, things can really work like magic!

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Whether you have slept with a dozen girls or you are a virgin, does not matter much if you do not know how to play it well! Being naughty, curious and eager to explore can only make your girl speak out that you are really good in bed……. boy! It is not about rolling in your tongue, squeezing her assets or just pouncing at her- go slow, feel the impact of a soft touch, a soft murmuring, the small titillation and tantalization that can make the red fire of passion, bloodshot red!

Men are known for their inclination to go for a quickie or make the most of it by get things done in a jiffy. They hanker for sex and whether it is a staircase, bed, floor, table or the sink in the cooking zone, they do not mind dropping off their pants! Hey men folks just stop by- did you feel how she twists and twirls when you play with her locks; blow near her nape? She has goose bumps when you just make small, round circles with your fingertips near her soft assets! Try making those small circles near her navel, or just rub mildly her knee pit, put your face near her cleavage- just do not do anything and see how she craves and longs for that moment of intimacy. She will want her thirst for passion to be quenched as soon as possible- prolong things, let her want you like never before!

It is the slice of tangerine or hot pepper that you bring in the way you make love which proves to be really intoxicating in weaving a tale of lust with the naughty moves acting as the topping. This tip goes out for the partners in a live-in relationship. If sex has not been your cup of tea for some time now and only restricted to mushy tales, then a tuck at her bra strap from behind while she might be rustling up something in the kitchen or just putting your hands inside her tank top and moving those up can really start off things in a great way! Mild biting or sucking at the beginning when your partner least expects it can be an awesome start to a bed-rattling session later. Guys and girls just change your spices, experiment with newer ones when you are cooking a sex curry and then you will never feel the bland taste!

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