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When it comes to having fun in a sex session, the tastes and preferences of individuals differ and this is like stating the obvious! Many feel (read those are freaky about hygeine standards) that a good bath is essential before hitting the bed, but hey does sex always happen in a planned way? Like you don’t know what is going to happen at the very next moment in life, it is the same as you do not have prior knowledge when your junk will stand erect or you feel that horny instinct; like ripping apart his tee and going for a quickie- all these cannot be predicted beforehand!

Play with Hair or No-Hair

Many love it raw:

Girls are finicky about the hair that grows on their body! Whether it is the hair on their hands, armpit or in that soft cherry- they are more into waxing and keeping the treasured assets clean and super smooth. While some guys always connect their mind to the porn flicks that they get glued to where they watch sexy brunettes, blondes and want to pluck at those cherries that offer a smooth path without their tongue, fingers getting lost in the bush! The metro-sexual guys might say a ‘yuck’ but there are plenty among the menfolk who like the smell of girls when they are higher on the horny side- the way they get the hot damsels in bed. The tantalizing effect that the bunch of hairs can offer takes a sex session to the next level! A haired-pussy can conjure up many tricks and steal the show in a love-making session, mainly when your lust gets the better of you!

No grazing- a clean path!

Who doesn’t love to play with that soft mound- whether it is dabbing the clitoris, sucking the pink pussy or rubbing it hard under the soft panties? Guys love to watch their lady making love to themselves as it is a great way of getting turned on. Guys can watch at length if their girl is able to turn things super fiery. When he just gets down under, he might crave for a clean path with no such obstruction (read hair) in the way. When it comes to the savoring and satiating act, many guys are always plagued by the ‘do it right now’ syndrome and would love to go down on her in a smooth path.

For guys, reaching to the most coveted asset of a girl – her cheery is one of the biggest feats, so the way they are served the platter will be good enough for them to go for a relishing session! Sure, the guys are going to agree here, isn’t it guys?

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When it is about mmuuuuuuaaahhhhhh… for the guys, it begins, sticks and ends at one place- her luscious lips and very few guys will deny this fact! Definitely, as we say charity begins at home, likewise satisfying love-making begins with the sealing of a passionate kiss. it is not only the passionate lip-lock that she yens for- she might spell it out, she might not- but she is keen to get kissed in other areas too!


Nape of the neck – A very sensitive area that seems too arid if you do not reach , cuddle or pamper! Just remove her tresses sexily and gently nibble that area and gradually move down from the hairline to the collar bone. Let her feel the goose bumps and chuckle and appreciate your every move!

Forehead: Planting a kiss on her forehead might not be a bedtime medicine, but it works well when both of you meet after a tiring day or get over a trying situation. Such a peck falls in the “feeling nice” category and it works wonders in showing your affection and the fact that you care . Pull her close to you when she needs the most and kiss her on the forehead!

Fingers: Whether it is a long sucking session, a small bite or a sensitive licking, she will be all tickled and tantalized! Kiss on her fingers, turn her on whether it is during a foreplay or if you are in a mood for quickie. She will love every moment of it!

Nipples: Her juicy assets are her priced possessions and it is what makes her to go gaga over her- the bigger the better! Like men folk die for bigger boobs, ladies secretly too wish for a bigger penis! 😉 So kissing her boobs is something that she dies for deep inside her and her light-pink upright project often deserves and gets the utmost pampering! Of course, the nipples!

Clitoris: Lets go a bit deeper when you are in the exploration mode of her pink cherry, just hit the pack of sensitive nerves, which is her clitoris. No matter how much you dab her clitoris with your fingers, make small circles around it, the sensitive touch of your lips give her an unparallel experience.

Let your smell linger over her… the wetness of your tongue weave many stories and even after both of you are back attending to your daily chores, the chuckle to remain on both your face!

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Spell out some ‘dirty’ words

In order to make your guy feel that he is doing it right, just do not bottle up your feelings! Let go being coy, be inhibition-free and see how you can let things to roll. You do not have to be technically correct here like ‘your penis is inside my pussy now’ just say ‘ baby it’s in!’ Smile and see that big smile getting broadened on his face. Just utter ‘go harder’ and see the difference in his confidence level and how he goes about the ravaging session in bed.

Guy Crave for During Sex

Take charge of a situation without being bossy

Sex is not the domain of men only, though guys love to think so! However, guys do have in their mind to get a glimpse of the wild tigress of their lady-love and if you take the initiative and throw in some new spice in the making out session, then he will savour the sex soup in a more appetizing way! Do not worry girls if the new positions that you came up with did not turn out to be good or did not work, but your efforts will definitely be appreciated by your partner!

Surprising him at times works wonders!

It is not only the job of the guy to bring a bouquet of roses or a ring when he goes to meet his lady love, girl surprise him with a well-cooked dish, a coupon to his favorite spa zone and the like. If you have been thinking what is the surprising quotient in bed; you did not come across anything till now while flipping through these lines Smile– well the surprise might be you taking him to bed with all your passion and aggression and then getting on top of him! Give him a nudge in the erogenous zones that he craves for and you can tickle him to the core via pressing, squeezing, nibbling or planting kisses to his heart’s galore!

Be bold enough, let your guy WATCH you!

It is one thing that every guy will agree hands down that they love to make their imagination run wild and why not? Visual impact has a great role to play in connecting to the carnal desires of men folk! So when you engage in a hand job for self gratification and the way you touch yourself, let your guy check out and ogle at you! Ensure that he is not able to touch you at those moments, let his anticipation to build up, so that sex becomes a scorching session!

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“I want you right now’ is often a much-repeated phrase on your mind as the veil of inhibition comes in when you want to spell it out to your man or your lady-love. Well, the excitement that is associated with a 15 minute long sex session definitely sets you going than a marathon session where nothing is dedicated to being breezy, but it is all about going slow and steady when swimming in the sex pool.

Quickies are what men swear by and if men folk are successful in coaxing their partner to go for a quickie, then the pleasure-fill is going to satiate the carnal desires of both you and your partner. Are you looking for injecting that lightning-fast factor in a quickie so that you can connect to the bodice-ripping romance novels that were your bedtime pals during the teenage days? Check out a few tips to make a quickie an overwhelming affair:

passionate lip-locks sex

Start with passionate lip-locks

When it is about igniting the passion flame, some good smooching can set the fiery mood. Go for deep French kisses and when the tongues roll and the soft lips collide against each other and you are cupping her assets while she is gently bristling your hair with her nimble fingers- it is the right beginning for a scorching quickie that you can ask for.

Change the venue

Well, whether it is under the shower, a kitchen island, the staircase or your car, never fail to change the venue when you are engaging in the quick ripping apart act as this change in the setting will zing up the whole spicy affair. The way you have each other will get a completely new meaning.


Even if both of you have hit the bed or got laid down on the landing of your stairs, why not let your imagination to run wild? Fantasize that you have hit the tropical beach and conjure up more rosy, sexy images of being together, unflinching chemistry and that power of imagination will help you to pump your quickie like never before!

Keep your clothes on

When you just don’t strip it all and, specially, in a quickie where time is a restraint, let the hands to do the trick under the tees and tops! You can bury your face on her cleavage or enjoy the biting act of her soft assets with her clothes on. It is not about saving time when going for a quickie by not peeling off your clothes, it is about building the anticipation in the pleasurable moments that you share.

Let “we can be caught in the act” syndrome bug you 😉

Even if you are not genuinely plagued by the thought that someone is around and there is high chances of anyone coming in and you getting caught red-handed… imagine and be in haste to squeeze out pleasure from that short blistering hot session!
So the next time your carnal desires are badly wanting to come out in the open, ditch inhibition, fear and engage in the small, but free-wheeling and satisfying quickie. How? You knowall by now! 😉

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You hesitated a bit before setting your foot in a lingerie boutique? Drop all your inhibitions when you have decided to shop for the right pair of lingerie for your partner. Feeling nervous is fine, but avoid hand-cupping or telling yourself that her assets will be this big – as it will not help if you are hoping to pin down the right pair! ! Do not go for assumptions as it will call for more efforts on your part as ‘exchange’ will definitely be on the cards.

Bra Detective

Just give her a call and ask her!- Simple! If you want a steamy act to blow off your mind, then things begin in the foreplay and without donning enticing intimate wears, you cannot take things further. So why take a chance?

A soft touch, a little nudge and coaxing is all that you need to make her wear the lingerie in which you want to see her or want her to strip down all. Unlocking her inner vixen is easy, but choosing the sexy lingerie might not be such a cakewalk for you!

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is her shape. If she is endowed with a big bosom, you can go for chemise or sheer bra with built-in cups. If the bra comes with a underwire for support, then nothing like that. If she has soft, small round breasts, a sheer camisole and panty set can work wonders in fueling all your carnal desires. A lacy bra with no underwire in pink, black, midnight blue or red can work wonders!

When engaging in the shopping spree, do let your mind to hover over her key assets. If she has long legs, it can get accentuated, taking the oomph factor a notch higher by short nighties. Women with flat stomach make men to go weak on their knees. Hey boy if your girl is blessed with such a fab figure, why not choose a garter set which will make you feel more erotic and arouse your sexual desires when you look at her trimmed tummy? A nice cushiony butt of your lady makes you to ogle at those bum cheeks more than the other lady parts? Here’s is small tip for you! Try out lacy tanga panties or boy shorts and see how her curves get breathtakingly flaunted!

if you have stepped in a lingerie boutique, ensure that you strike a conversation with one of the old staffs out there as the nuggets of lingerie wisdom you get from her will guide you in the buying process. So if you really want to narrow down the search, spell out the size and the type of fondness that your damsel has for the frilly night wears! With craze and convenience that e-shopping is offering, you can definitely place your order online after raiding the inventory of the top e-stores that specialize in exciting and sexy lingerie!

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This blog is highly recommended for all the girls out there! Guys you too can roll over your eyes and chuckle!

It is not only the acts and thrills between the sheets which define intimacy. Sex definitely brings both of you closer, but there is more to the story! There is  a genuine need of communicating to the other person in a relationship no matter how many days, month or years you have spend together- the phrase that ‘I care for you’ –or stating the obvious is needed at times to make him feel that he is absorbed in your life’s folds.

Make him your superman

Unlock his instincts and desire to take care of you and definitely it is the intangible string that pulls him closer to you. It is not typically girlish to expose your vulnerable side to him at times. When he is given the charge to take control of any situation, he enjoys being the superman in your life and girl, you too love it, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to be loved or cared for? And.. if is the person you adore, then nothing like that!


Cling to his clothes and wear them often

You are aware of his smell and you often feel like cuddling up to him, nest on his broader chest, but it’s a day-dream to have him beside you whenever you want. If you are missing him too much, wear his tee, slam the door of your apartment, get into your car and just show up in front of his door wearing his tee and a pair of hot pants. When he answers the doorbell and sees you- just check out for his emotions- that red face trying to convey to a lot, but just fumbling. When you get in- well.. well.. ahh.. ahh..lets not get into that out here, girl! 😉

Make him realize his opinion matters

7 out of 10 girls will say a big ‘yes’ when it comes to asking for opinion from their respective partners. Going out for shopping with him and making him to stand outside the trial room with all your chosen clothes plied on him is surely a torture, girl! Don’t drag him or nag him too hard like asking him whether to have grilled chicken or sausage and mushroom pasta for dinner- give him some fresh air to breathe! When it is about making important decisions like job matters or something personal- in short, a situation that demands his inclusion, making him happy in the process- you should never let go such a chance!

Do away with the idea of tying him down

Men never like to be tied down and making them to give up their social life is not something that you should aspire for. Never tie him down by making occasional plans as if he has dedicated his weekend to you! When he spends quality time with you, he will be really longing for it and open up more in the process and make the meetings a gala affair. When you are not spying or bossing around, he will think what you are so busy or occupied with and pursue you instead!

Make him happier when he really needs it

If you have the power to cast away his stress, belittle his very grave thoughts and become indispensible by offering him a reason to smile, girl you are the one he has been looking for! Taking your level of intimacy some notches higher will be a cake walk. Laugh off when he gets misbalanced during sex or be really stupid during serious talks- it doesn’t matter as long as it makes him feel lighter and hold on to the moments of being with together, without letting those slip away so easily!

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A bikini is a great teaser, isn’t it? This question goes out to the men out there. It reveals but leaving the ultimate to the imagination for men. The girls, on the other hand, chuckle, feeling confident while flaunting their fabulous body and the toned abs! Well, colours have their say when it comes to casting a spell on men and it is the venues, time and your mood for love-making which should make you to pick the right hue from the riot of colours.

Getting back to the bikini fact- girls go loud, sport flamboyant shades like shocking pink or florescent green. If you want your hourglass figure to make a connection with the azure waters, then sport anything in shade of blue! If you are a print-lover, the polka-dotted ones can never go wrong and the floral motifs also work.
From the outdoors, let’s go indoors (though you will still have small tips for outdoor mesmerizing plans) and ladies go right with colours:

Sexy Colour

Black: Like a LBD is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe, a black linen shirt, a baggy black top, or a netted black dress are stapes as black makes you stand out. A late night party, an evening outing or your lingerie when you are ready to strip down all or get stripped- the pitch black color sets in the mood to make your man explore, know the unknown- as he will be charged up to explore you, know your body in the process as the black dress slowly leaves your smooth, buttery skin.

Red: The color for fueling your passion flame. Your boy cannot make his junk to sleep when your body-hugging bright red dress sits nicely on your figure, flaunts your curves and let the cleavage to peep in a bit. Just go all red in style- dark red lips, a 6 to 8 inches red high heels and a shiny red clutch making you to look downright irresistible. It will leave him awestruck! When the episode of intimacy advances, make him go wild with your red inner wears, too!

Pink: A girl can never say ‘no’ to pink! Apart from the cuteness attached to it, why not go tangy? A lacy pink bra- when he unhooks…… or a dark pink netted panty when he pulls down……… this pink color can really cook up some saucy fun giving him enough feast for his eyes to make the foreplay engaging so that both of you end up having a blistering sex session!

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When the two bodies collide and heat oozes out, often there is a need for a lubricant to make you set sailing in the love-making session. Well, to bring in that zing in a sex session, many experts harp on the word ‘experimenting’ and in order to break that monotony and save sex from becoming a hackneyed affair; why not sprinkle pepper or that tangy flavor in your sex platter? Do it with fluids and you will be left craving for more!

Sizzling Hot

Mango Juice

The urge for a quickie or to ‘just do it’ can arise any time and if you have been nudging your carnal desires to come out of the closet while chopping veggies in the kitchen or while your partner is making breakfast, just hit the refrigerator, bring out the bottle of mango juice and instead of gulping it down, go absolutely crazy and naughty with it! Rip apart his tee or make your girl to take off her top and unzip her bra and smear her breasts with mango juice. Girl-go back at him by sprinkling some mango juice in his body and then both of you lick and suck each other out and hit the bedroom and shut the door!


A sticky golden yellow thick fluid can conjure magic in the way you feel her or try to weave a success story when doing oral. The licking and sucking act will be much more smooth and silky when there is honey coming into the act. Whether you treat her pink cherry with dollops of honey and then go for the oral or you smear his junk with honey before giving a great blow job- honey has the power to ignite fire in your passionate act. Let intimacy to find a different meaning when you engage in this way of love-making.


No need to buy, you get it for free and this natural lubricant can be the best in heating up things in bed or under the shower. The hotness that water can add when you are just in each other’s arms or standing all stripped down in the bathroom and taking a shower- feel the mesmerizing essence of togetherness!

So just listen to the song in your heart, feel the wings of desire and fuel your passionate longing with some crazy moves!

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It is said that when a guy tries to know the bra size of a woman- it’s lust, when he craves to know her shoes size, it is love- but in today’s digital age the line between love and lust often blurs. Sex can be a one-time affair never bringing back the same duo on bed or makes each other to cross the path of life, again. However, for some of the lucky ones, it just opens the door on the very first date for a relationship to bloom, blossom in a grand way and mature with love, trust and chemistry acting as the essentials for photosynthesis of love….

First Date sex

Before you go for the first date- a lot happens if you rewind the reel! Meeting in a dating site, best friend’s wedding or at a common friend’s birthday party and the list can go on when it comes to the accidental meeting! The excitement soars much higher when you meet virtually which is the case most of the time in this digital age. The anticipation gets higher as you fret over shoes, dress, make-up and every damn thing before you actually set out for the first date- a mission to be accomplished it seems! Both you and your partner try to be in the best of manners, dress when you first meet. However, if you have hit it off from the word ‘go’ in the telephonic conversations or texting sessions, then having a good time dining, watching a movie or roaming around hand-in-hand can be a cake walk for you on the first date.

If things just go the perfect way and it turns out to be a dream date with both of you absolutely enjoying each other’s company, then after going tipsy if you hit the bed of a hotel room and get up with your bare essential the next morning- is it a thing to be regretted? Well, when it comes to guys, if they have done it on the very first day it is like he is a stud and if a woman has done it, her character comes under scrutiny! So what about the big hoardings and the placards or the global meets proclaiming about gender equality? Is this a fair game with the fairer sex? Well, with thoughts to chew upon, lets shove off any controversy here and get back to the fun concept of having sex on the first date itself!

It is the comfort factor that matters when both of you get under the bed sheet on the very first day for some real thrills! Do not let complicacy to get into a relationship. If you have done it on the first date and the session was awesome but you do not get a call back or a text- don’t feel stupid or regret but move on as life just breezes away- so what is you have left behind a lot? Just realize that fact that your partner was looking for some casual sex and assumed that you must be in the same hunt as well! Whether you strip it all and cuddle up or not on your first, do away with the concept of feeling blue if you are not seeing him on the next date or ever again, but a new person! Cheers to life and its unpredictable nature!

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Like it is said if you do not burn your hand once, you don’t get to realize what a burning sensation is like! In the same way when your wild dreams soar high and you do not have a partner right beside you, then engage in the DIY act and feel that sense of liberation! Hey girls do not shy away from feeling and experiencing your sensual desires, after all it’s worth taking a dip in the ocean of self-indulgence at times! This way you not only get to figure out your bodily wants, but know your body and how it responds and reacts when you are feeling horny!

Clinging to the clitoris

The pack of nerves around that soft pink mound is highly sensitive and in order to ignite that passion flame inside you, engaging in the act of clitoris stimulation till the moment your vaginal walls contract, can pay off in a big way!

Experience a bigger and satisfying O

When you are all set to experience the vaginal orgasm which goes deeper and makes you happier, just cheat yourself to have utmost fun! Go slow; prolong the process so that the culmination point comes a little late making way for a happening and all-satiating orgasm!

Sexy Girl

Reach out for the G-Spot girls!

It is about bending your fingers a bit when you explore the vaginal area so that your fingers bristle against the vagina walls. Experience the bodily thrill when you press and dab the G-spot and the area surrounding it!

Towel tantalizing

It is about your sensual arousal and taking your senses a notch higher! The coarse texture of towels often works wonder when it rubs against your skin titillating you to the best possible extent. Rub it against your hand to feel the aggressive edge on your fingers or lay on bed with the fabric just beneath you offering the constant titillating effect!

Let a vibrator to buzz and offer you bliss

Whether it is the bullet-like vibrator or the one you pin down in tune with your fancy, do not just place the vibrator on your clitoris. Try out the different erogenous spots like your navel, inner thighs, nipples so that the way you get turned on makes you feel heavenly!

So girls do not crib anymore when you are feeling it and lacking in partner to comfort you, but just chuckle on your bed after a happy orgasm via a DIY method!

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