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Turn it off honey… I can’t drop all when the lights are on… why not baby, you are all mine tonight… come and submit in my arms.. Let the hearts pound and we weave a tale of moans and groans… are you game for it honey?

feel sexy 1

Heating things up or sharing an unflinching chemistry in the bedroom does not come about easily! You need to work for it and it is true! When the lights go off, you want to engage in the tee-ripping act or want to go for the bed-rattling orgasm? – This is what you have been planning all this while, right? Why not babes go all bold and bare when the lights are on? In order to give it to your guy- a commendable visual treat, just follow the simple tips and be a sheer winner all the way in teasing his senses, turning him on and have a pleasurable sex show under the sheets, behind the close doors!

Flattering lingerie: Who wants to see you on those granny panties? Do you like yourself when checking out in the mirror in such mute-shaded panties or bras that look very shabby! Bring in the flamboyance of silk, linen, lace or the material that makes you look sexy! Colors like hot tomato red, raven black, midnight blue, creamy peach or pink is going to just make the voyeur-show tempting…. real tempting!

Go for a clean look, no- forest-like business: Wax-strips, your razor keep these handy. Though the comfort level that you share with your partner does not make him to care much about the growing hair in your legs or the different body-parts, when you are ready to offer him a real sex platter, why not go clean and entice him in your trap in an all-clean way?

Be sexy with bedroom lighting : Do not deck up your bedroom with a splash of yellow lights or harsh white lights. Go the dim-way and make the best of lighting arrangement and your sexiness so that the erotic bedroom story is going to be absolutely sizzling! Whether it is aromatherapy candles, funky lampshades, or lamps with an erotic look and touch, playing the game of passion will be breathtakingly inviting.

When you are just dolling up for him, go sexy to your heart’s content. However, if you engage in a comparative study and grace the glossy covers of a magazine and feel a bit bogged down checking out those heavily done up, reed-thin models; it is time for you to go for a reality check. It is their job to pose and turn up the heat on the cover photo of a magazine; here you are just preparing to get into the arms of your man and divulge in the mode of reveal-some-hide-some scenario! Go for it girl! Do not forget to carry confidence on your sleeves!

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Establish the carnal connection with a phone! Tring tring.. Pick up your phone; it’ time to heat up the airwaves…

Couples who are placed in the different corners of the globe often feel the need to connect, but they are plagued by the fact that cuddling up to his broader chest when badly in need of his warmth and pat in trying times … or…. when he just needs a kiss on the forehead for that reassurance that she is there for him…. such things only remain a figment of imagination. Phone sex has been the traditional weapon of keeping that burning passion of sex alive when couples are thrown in different lands by the demands of time and situation. Phone sex is hot and sizzling when the web cam chats have not made its foray in the world of love and lust and it still holds a prominent position in every lover’s heart.


A grand start

There is no hard and fast rule that you got to straight away start with “What you’re wearing? “ – the erotic talks can begin when you never know! Things get connected from any nuggets of information exchanged and the whispering in your ears as to how he would like to have you- can really make you go crazy! Go for the session where you tease your senses and your partner’s and contentment is in the aural mode and the way you satisfy your carnal instincts going by the DIY way!

Girls- give it to your guy!

Phone sex is about feeling every iota of the subject called sex, stirring your mind so that the more you stretch your imagination, realize the carnal kicks that you feel it, the more you can turn things, saucy. If your guy has always hankered for a blow job and you have rejected his proposal every time getting freaked out by thinking of dick sucking, then it is time that you spell out how hard you would go, thus making the airwaves spicy. Lifting his libido is easy; you can turn yourself on by swift strokes on your erogenous zones and before dialing his digits, ensure that you are super-charged; it will help you to give a better performance!

Confidence is the key

When you have your partner on the other end of the phone and you have the confidence that you will feel a greater sense of involvement when dirty talks collide, your erotic moves will be reciprocated, then just go unabashed and make the sex dice to roll in an amazing way! Kinky conversation letting you to feel after you pay heed to the every word he utters, just paves the way for a blistering phone sex!

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Passion spots for men? Huh! Are you thinking what that is! Like you leave no stone unturned to make him go down on you and he also knows how to pamper you by stimulating your clitoris and G-Spot, it is time to turn the table on your side! The male body has some trigger spots which needs to be tantalized so that he curls his toes, emits some moaning and erotic cries and sighs when diving deep into the erotic sea! Girls it’s your turn to satisfy him!

Women- Know the top 3 turn

The F Spot

The F Spot is the frenulum where the glans says hello to the shaft on the underside of his junk. Here the pack of nerves is so sensitive that it can be considered an equivalent for the female clitoris seated coolly in the pink cherry! In order to just make him go mad with excitement, offer a stroke with your thumb and make your fingers run around the shaft! The hand job that you give, remember to cover the area between the base of his penis and the F Spot and see how he hankers for some more love-making!

Some SOLE talking!

The pack of nerves in the soles of men is far more sensitive than women. There is a point called ‘bubbling spring’ in the soles of menfolk and if it gets the needed titillation, then making him feel the immense source of raw sexual energy will be a cakewalk. Give him a planned foot massage where you play with his passion points that way he would love it! An erotic rubdown after you take his feet on your lap and use a warm towel, then connecting to him via a mind-boggling sole talk is definitely on the cards!


Men weave dreams of girls pampering their genitals with their sole focus on men’s penis! Why not spread the erotic experience in a great way by exploring his body and make a good use of different body parts? His thumb is symbolic of his penis. Sucking a man’s thumb is going to kick his erotic desires, make him elated with the fact as to what is coming on his way!

So ladies now you are equipped with some erotic tips where you can never go wrong when thinking of revealing that inner tigress inside you! Relish your man the way you want, but before that you will have to entice him into the act, seduce and tantalize him and these tips will surely make the sex dice rolling for you!

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The craving souls of those in a long-distance relationship wait for months to let their boyfriends be in town. They have to deal with matters of the heart and body  in a cool way! If you are among one in the brigade who usually bottle up her desires and uncork them when he is in town, turn things spicy with the following tips. All your carnal desires is waiting to get unleashed, make the move girl, it’s time for some passion-play!

sizzling sex

Get real naughty at night over the phone the day before!

Ensure that the last night chat is just crazily erotic for him. Direct how will you like to have him when he is home and make him just yen for that moments when he will be at the door and you will be answering the bell! The story follows, even if the erotic details is not spelt out here, you can feel it, isn’t it?


Be the animal, the wild tigress! Drop all shyness, inhibitions and just pounce like a hungry animal! He wants to be loved and if you can show him how real bad he was missed via the way you make the sensually-packed moves will make him to remember you even when you will be not around. Cast a lasting impression on him, so that he doesn’t need to think about another chick!

Wall action!

The thrusting act gets better when he just pushes you against the wall and whether it is the doggie-style or how he wants to penetrate you- things get real cosy, mushy and ‘wow’ for both of you! So some wall action is a must, ensure that it is in your wish list when you are conjuring up the sexual scenes and locking it on your mind before he is back in town!

Some pillow-padding

No matter whether he is a book of sex positions and both of you love experimenting; it is the level of intimacy that gets heightened when you are hitting the bed with your partner after a long span of time. So place some soft pillows under your buttocks, so that his junk can get in smoothly and reach your sensitive pack of nerves or your C-spot and G-spot with ease, while you just bask in the pleasure of taking him in!

The peep show

Things ought to get steamier! Clad up skimpily and just prance around doing your regular chores, after he gets into the apartment. Feel oblivious of the fact that you are not in your regular wear. Don’t feel conscious because he is checking you out. This peep show will reveal as well as leave things for him to imagine. Give him a visual treat, before he joins you and transport you to a land of erotica.

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It is not only about flashing the flesh—but in a cool, sexy way! Girls pull off this look with loads of attitude and get set go! It is about slightly exposing the sideways look and go for a ravishing look…

Hot Couple

Guys are obsessed with girls- be it their lustrous eyes, pink lips, gorgeous body, awe-inspiring curves, juicy assets like well-endowed breasts, a sexy tosh..and the list goes on! Well, girls have been teasing men eternally with their larger assets and cleavage, but joining the club is the latest fad- the side boob. Celeb-inspired backless dresses have become the next LBD in a woman’s wardrobe! It is the backless gown which makes the portion of the boobs to act as a teaser. It is a sight that is making men to go absolutely crazy. Menfolk- Are you just thinking how else can she will make you grow weak on your knees, cast her smell on you and entice your forever?

Stealing a glance of the side boob whether your lady is flaunting it deliberately or willing to reveal in a hush-hush way or acting cool or modest can be best judged by the way she presents herself. Women are sexy and it is important to feel that sexiness. If your girl is hankering to make that sideways low-cut look work, then let her flaunt the no-bra look. Low cut tops have given the cleavage the required footage, it is time to let the side boobs hog the limelight!

When it is about stirring the imagination of men a little bit more, letting the fabric to go a step more… the side-boob look is rocking. Girls just know where to draw the line when you are selecting your dress! A sneak peek of how your assets are sexy under the fabric is up to you to expose to the extent you want! Shaped cups and underwire bras can go for hibernation for some time as you let your skin around the soft assets to breathe free and carry off one look after the other!

A flirty smile… flashes of curves..orstunning the onlookers with an eyeful of flesh show.. the choice is yours! In the next foreplay, you can surely ditch the top with a plunging neckline and choose oomph-packed dress or a top and do some mesmerizing side-show so that things turn out to be really hot on bed later! 😉

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Sex seduces you? You feel the shiver, your carnal desires get the kick but when it comes to choosing the sexy siren, you often feel confused? When you take a look at the bevy of girls of an escort agency, one bombshell after the other make you to fix your eyes on her, isn’t it? Experience in every profession has a role to play and the adult entertainment industry is not an exception. Knowing the better tricks of the trade, professionals to the core at heart, the seasoned escorts are often taken as the best bet in terms of offering amorous pleasure that is beyond imagination! Whether switching between role-plays, heating up things under the bed sheet or pampering you with ample sex positions to make things piping hot- you will be left craving for more!


Feeling her supple skin, her juicy assets, those awe-inspiring curves- you feel marooned in an erotic island, but you do not aspire to be free from the shackles of being abandoned from there as long as you have her in tow or beside you, underneath you or top of you – in bed! 😉 You feel at ease as she can lead you to some mind blowing pleasure-filled session, listen to you with patience and just entice you with every move she makes! With experience in her kitty, no one knows the rules of the sexual game better than her and the long list of happy clients that she can proudly flaunt has already made her the master of this bewitching craft!

Hey guys do not be bowled over with the seasoned vixens only; as the unbridled energy, raw sexual fun that a young tigress can offer, though new to her profession can also enamor you! When someone is getting into this industry, it is the urge to please you, saying ‘NO’ to any move of yours or the way you want to take a pleasure bath will not be on the cards! She will always be ever-ready with her towel of warmth to wrap you in oodles of comfort! If you are all set to go for experimentation, then walking on the wild terrain holding her hand will not a very Herculean task. Just dive in the pool of self-indulgence with her, she is ready to cast a spell on you with her charm!

So when it is about feeling her assets or making- love taking out all your bottled-up lust – choose a diva that tickles your fancy and it depends on both of you as to what degree you can up the heat!

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‘Cleavage’- is the word that can make any man to drool! Men folk have a fascination for the dent above the juicy twins of a lady for ages! Guys- does it remind you of the cleft of the buttocks of a hot lady? Stealing a glance or a constant staring when such a heavenly sight meets the eyes is hardly missed by you, even if you see that frown on the face of a lady or get tagged as ‘lecherous’ straight on your face! Your junk can’t help standing and asking for more- the visual connection that you establish while checking out a girl and her cleavage, helps you to have some food for that masturbation session at night. So why only put your head deep down the glossy covers of a magazine or watch a porn flick when you can just recollect and let your mind to show up some really sexy cleavage pictures? Guys- chuckle, chuckle at your will!

Hot Cleavage

If boobs are the ultimate milky bar that make you go weak on your knees, a side view or a full-fledged view of that small dent near her boobs- can make you go nuts, isn’t it? The more deep-seated it is, the better it is for your senses, right? If you are in love with epic cleavages then you got to settle for a lady who is heavily endowed!

Girls are aware of their boob power and how they can seek male attention, it acting as the weapon! While taking a look at the wardrobe of a girl who loves to engage in the dare-bare act, you will find body-hugging tops, tight- frilly dresses that easily make their twins to pop out and those are easily put on by the female brigade! So a nicely shaped bum or a well-endowed asset, a deeper cleavage is for whom to check out? Let the girls have their own share of fun out here!

Men are so obsessed with this ‘C’ spot that while talking about cleavage with other guys, they end up cupping it or guessing the bra size of the lady. They go to the extent of engaging in a tiff among the male buddies whether it is about deciding on the size, type of the cleavage and the like. Men start acting like kids!

Bazoombas, epic cleavage, a shapely bum …… guys do you require anything more for turning on erotic fun?

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A small note for the guys: If that nice ass of your girl has only been a visual stimulator till now, it’s time to caress the lovely pair of bums to take your steamy session to the next level. Things can be really saucy when you know how these cutie fleshy pies can give your junk a real kick! So if you haven’t showered your love on that hot spot of your partner, it is time to let loose and go the bum-y way!

Ghetto booties or small round bums? – Guys, this question is for you! Men nonchalantly says that a ‘nice ass’ of a girl can do a lot. Like they appreciate like almost every part of a woman’s body, a hot bum can really make a guy glued to his lady!

Sexy Bum

Getting turned on with a shapely one

It is the figure of a woman, which decides how her bum is going to be! Some have slightly lifted ones, some have firm and juicy- and size does matter here too, like the lovely breasts of a woman! A lusty look at a nice ass can really kick things off for a guy, making him to go into a world of fantasy where he conjures some lovely erotic images on his mind!

Pressing it hard

Guys love pressing and there are no two ways about it! So whether it is adorning the bum cheeks, pressing it hard or doing a jig it with you as the twin bounces to the affection and love showered, guys can really go crazy! Go pressing!

Kiss and lick

Kissing can be sensuous and it does not need to be told! Like planting kisses can make your lady-love crazy going when going from top to bottom or the other way round, a kiss on her ass can be a big turn on for her. If her bum is not featuring among the top erogenous zones in your list, add it now as she loves it! If you really want to pamper your girl and feel pampered, then indulge in the act of licking and kissing her padded up assets to make things smoking hot.

Enjoy the cushion-like feel during intercourse

In order to have immense sexual satisfaction during intercourse, it is important to experiment with various sexual positions. If he likes to see your butt jiggle while he is doing it from the back or the soft cushiony, fleshy pillow adds to the excitement of the whole sex session for him, then guys spell out how you cutely admire her downward twins and just go for a ravishing love-making session!

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The vital statistics of a girl can make a guy go crazy and it is often the only the thing that hovers on his mind in the leisurely hours! A babe with hot assets, a flat stomach is something that every guy dreams of sleeping with or to f*** hard! Starting the nimble fingers, juicy boobs, nipples, nape and finally coming a bit down in her torso, it is undeniably the sexy spot- the navel of a hot girl. In order turn a girl on, if a guy is able to hit the right erogenous spot, then things can begin on a roll!


Just make small circular movements

It is the magic that needs to be conjured by your fingers –boy! Go slow! Make small, steady circular movements with your fingers in and around her navel and see her twist and turn; feeling the erotic bliss. If you could tantalize her the right way, then she will be into the love-making act like a tigress! Be prepared if she pounces on you after she goes wild with your titillation!

Smear it with honey/chocolate sauce and lick

If you want to give her a bed-rattling orgasm, then rip apart her top, undo her jeans buttons or her skimpy skirt and spread dollops of honey, chocolate sauce and start the savoring session with some good licking. Suck her navel and feel the heavenly pleasure when she curls and submits into your broad chest and hugs you, never to leave anytime soon!

Make a ring of strawberries and cute cherries around her navel

When she is lying naked and you gape at her, play with her twins, tantalize or scratch her- go for some experimentation. If she has a prior knowledge that you love her navels, she might jazz the erogenous spot up with a navel ring. It is a sure-shot way of driving you into the game of love and lust, closer. If you want to go to the next step of decking up her sexy spot, then you can make a wreath by circling the juicy strawberries and the red cherries. Use your tongue to pick those up or to place it again, so that the touch of yours tickles her sensuous desires and she enjoys the thorough pampering session leading to something incredibly steamy!

A sexy siren in a pretty pink lacy bra and a one string, polka dotted bikini….sitting on the couch or lying on the bed… When you enter the room, check her out, does anything needs to be said more about what’s going to happen next? 😉

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Whether you are seeing someone or just checking out chicks and up for some fling- having a good sex-time is always on the cards! Guys know their junk better than anyone and the male brigade will not twitch their eyebrows after hearing this! Hey guys are you tired of masturbating yourself and want to relish the feeling only? If you do not want go wild the other way via a direct blow job, ask your lady to give and ass-kicking hand job. And boy you will loooovvveeee…. every moment of it. 😉


Like men dream of going down on their partner, many ladies freak out hearing this. However, some of the vixens behind that nerdy or pretty look are capable of giving their guys a higher dose of sexual medicine! Guys it is not only you who knows how to pull off her panties and insert your thing or play with her pink cherry. She too knows the way of undoing your underwear and can reach for your penis in no time!

If your girl is feeling a bit squeamish after you spell out your inner desires, charm her in such a way, make the foreplay so mesmerizing that you will not have to coax her any further. Before giving you a blow job, she will slowly take control of your junk and caress it with her nimble fingers. Dabbing it gently at the base or just touching the shaft of his penis will make him groan like never before!

When your girl will begin the rubbing session of your penis, you can make things naughty and wild by harping on some dirty words. If she has completely engrossed herself in the whole act, then you can direct her and the way she makes her moves will determine to which level the steamy act will reach up to. Make the best of the love-making session where her hands to begin with, conjure up magic. If she slowly brings in her luscious lips and tongue into active play, then be assured of the fact that the essence of such a session is going to linger on your mind for long. So befriend your hand and sense the welcome change of your lady helping you masturbate. It is a sure bet that you cannot stop yourself from having fond memories and you will be hankering for such a session soon!

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