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A steamy, greasy performance in bed does not mean that during your teenage days or when you have stepped into your twenties you feed only on porn movies and you connect to things and video clips that verge on nudity! Experience beforehand matters when it comes to the story of plucking at the cherry or blowing that junk pops up, but if you walk on the right track when thinking of scorching the bedroom, things can walk your way! It is all about blowing your partner’s mind and the way you do it is going to have a rippling effect, making you to enjoy the hours of pleasure.

tied with bra

Pump up your imaginative streak

It is a world of fantasy where if you cannot visualize the spicy sex meal that you are set out to cook, then the aroma will never waft in the air the way you want. So let your thoughts go, be wild, do not put a leash on that erotic ‘you.’ Listen to yourself and to the thoughts of your partner and you will be raring to rock in bed!

A bra- your bondage tool

Bondage gears should be present in your bedroom to add that super special thrill in a love-making session. You do not have to roll your eyes over a bondage boutique or be real fussy about picking things from an online store-when you have practically the essential things lying near your bed. Yes – a bra- obviously do not opt for granny stuffs, but hot pink lacy ones, go the bright floral way or polka-dotted way, something that will add erotic essence to your oomph-loaded juicy boobs. Kink lovers have your fill the natural and practical way!

The arm of a couch- visualize the doggie style

Like there are no two ways about it when it is sex- the sixty-nine sex position, the missionary style and the much coveted doggie style never disappears from the favorite list. Guys who like thrusting and want to enter his lady deeper are the biggest fan of this old love-making but immensely popular style. Since your libido and mind connect, when your eyes fix its gaze on the arm of a couch- go beyond its natural impression and take it as a prop! Yeah there you go boy!

Solo time matters to spice things up

The way you love yourself or show it to your man via pussy-play or touching your erogenous lady-parts sends a straight away signal to him- the way you want him to caress you! So in order to reignite the heat, engage in some visually stunning show on bed!

Experiment to make it fiery

If you stick to the basics or that old-school routine of not going for anything different when making love, then do not think that the overall feeling will make you go crazy. When you are up all there for experimentation, then sizzling things up under the bed sheet becomes easy!

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Guys have no qualms in admitting that they are in love with fab figures of women. From sultry sirens to nerds, women have a charm about them and the eyes of a man can look through the sophisticate ‘she’ or that raunchy one! When it comes to the loveable female zones that every guy craves for, then starting from pink lips, deep-seated cleavage and soft, round boobs, the pair of sexy legs and that sexy bum gets quickly added to the wish list of the boys!

sexy ass

So hey dude can you answer yourself whether you are all there for a glimpse of that hot booty that make your mail junk to shoot up or those pair of long, smooth legs that she flaunts when wearing that denim hot pants and a sexy white linen shirt? Well, some guys have a thing for a woman’s ass- the fleshier the better as men do not favor the bony ones, much! The bum of a woman in that sexy dress, if a bit lifted or round make a woman go bon bon! So ladies know how their assets can have an effect on the other gender and whether it’s a night-out with friends, hitting the pub, going for a date, they have such sexy dresses stacked in their wardrobe that would accentuate their oomph-loaded bum!

Long, smooth, sexy legs make a man go mad. That is why the LBDs and the frilly frocks, hot pants, short skirts are such a rage with women who have nice legs and they do not think much before strutting in style! When a question is thrown to man that are you a leg guy, then the definite answer would be, giving a kick to their libido is they are! It stimulates them to imagine caressing those long legs during sex or when those spread to make room for him to enter her- wow… it’s time to cherish that awesome feeling…

If it is about offering satisfaction during sex, then the female bum definitely score over the sassy pair of legs. Whether it is the padding effect when guys go for the thrusting session from the back or the doggie style, bum gives them the urge to just go gaga about the whole love-making session. Satisfaction is always guaranteed when a guy is with a curvy woman on bed! 😉

Women love to celebrate their charm and beauty and if they have a huge queue of male fans and followers, they don’t mind. And no other social media channels can beat that number! 😉 Cheers to all the lovely ladies!

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The spicy and saucy word ‘sex’ is subjected to different kinds of interpretations. For some it comes easy, some take it as granted if they come under the tag of being married. It is a casual approach for many to get under the bedsheet and for a few it is about answering to the kick that their libidos give. The whole scorching story inside the bedroom that happened last night only remains a figment that is something to be chuckled at, and not paid heed to.

Say No

It often happens that the female brigade comes across some men who are like leeches- taking them out, gifting stuffs and setting up dates like there is no tomorrow, but at the end of it they are looking for some fun and emotions keep them feeling high and dry. For girls, it is a sweet piece of advice that women do watch out for the kind of guy you are hanging around with. If on your side, you can keep that emotional chord from hitting you, then you are safe. But often it is seen that even the most confident and independent girl makes the mistake of just getting into a bond that will not give her back anything, but let her rumble into a storm of grief and depression!

Situations When You Say A ‘No’ But It Happens!

The word ‘no’ is not happening nowadays , so if your two- month old boyfriend is feeling all horny and you get a text that he is coming down in a couple of hours in your apartment, just do not answer back without saying a blatant ‘no.’ Of course, you should only act like this when you are too tired after a day’s work at office, not in a mood, having a running nose or chumming!

In Sex, the ‘No’ Often Turns Out To Be A ‘Yes.’

• Male insistence in this sphere can really work magic. Like women can say that they know the way to a man’s heart like cooking delicious dishes, men know how to convince his lady to unzip, unhook and let a steamy tale to unfurl!

• Quickies are the best friends of those who believe that sex is all that they want ‘here and right now’ and they resort to a ten, fifteen minutes gala affair, giving a high-five to their carnal desires!

• For women who feel that their guys act a bit lazy or show some kind of delay in the unzipping act even if they are not piling up weight- can deck up, make a good use of sexy, lacy and frilly lingerie revealing more and leaving less to the imagination. Then she will not have to take ‘no’ for an answer!

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When it is passion flame, it got to soar higher and higher, making you to feel that libido lift! The way you want it all- sex has a different meaning for all dipping in the erotic pool! Most men will not be in denial if it is quickie and they are giving a steady nod! ‘Do it right here, right now’ – is something that makes them to turn the heat on for ten, fifteen minutes and then the whole fun of being intimate fizzle out with both the partners barely hanging on to their clothes and rushing to the lavatory or heading for his/ her apartment!

Kissing Couple 1

Now, you might have a question that if you have a restraint in finding a good place to indulge in a steamy act, then what to do? Quickies can wrap you in oodles of pleasure if you know how to do it right and you will not be lamenting at the end of the day that everything just ended before your understood what was really happening! When comparing whether to go slow or just rushing through the pleasurable act giving you ultimate erotic pleasure, then it is usually the psyche of the partners, which decides the show!

While it is generally believed that women are usually up for some sensual fun in prolonged sessions that will initiate with an awesome foreplay, where unzipping… ripping apart…getting down and finally two naked bodies colliding to generate heat will happen in a smooth and gradual way. Even for men who want to bask in the feeling of being intimate… as close as feeling each other’s breath, planting kisses, exploring each other’s body in the true sense of the term- thus having fun, which is unlimited comes when you go slow! For men, most of them are crazy about the act of penetration and the faster that they can insert their junk into the pink cherry, they feel elated!

So girl no one knows your man better than you and how he performs on bed or how he gets aroused at the drop of a hat or is a rather tough guy to please- so plan your game the way you want in a zealous way. Menfolk, on the other hand, you should taste wine by sipping it in a relished way, not by gulping down all at one go… that is the difference between a quickie and a slow passionate act… so go for the way in which the heart finds its intimacy without thinking twice!

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Men will be men and there is a little smirk on that lady’s face when she comes with such a comment. From the old paintings that hang on our walls to that hot chick in this generation’s posh night club, men have been adorning fleshy women for ages. Whether it is sexy bums, big boobs or curves that the gorgeous gals love to flaunt, men are always crazy about that female bod!

Sexy_Girl 1

It is often said that women are always checking their portion during meals, while working out, because they want to be slim and have a huge queue of male fans! Hey girls, are you reading it right? Guys might not turn their head to check a gal who is too heavy, but a sexy, voluptuous siren celebrating her curves with some cool clothing is sure to grab eyeballs. A skinny girl is hardly on the cards of men, because men want fleshy stuff on their sex platter.

The Urge

Like sipping from a glass of wine adds to the urge to let go all carnal desires, the erotic instincts start jumping and dancing in the terrains of the heart, and it is a meaty plate that should be offered to men going high on the steamy meter! Some guys might say that a girl of a petite frame with B cups and round hips will do for him- but the majority of the menfolk out there will give such a beauty a miss, when something bigger in terms of the coveted assets like bum, juicy boobs and sexy curves are on offer.

Bigger Assets, The Better!

Girls if you have been checking the way guys make those moves or eye contacts when in nightclubs, a happening area- the scale of balance tilts and favors on those who are a bit curvy! Guys have a thing for boobs and in no way they can be in denial of this established fact! So girls if you are on your way to impress those hunks, being thin like a reed will not do! Work out to tone your abs, have assets that will look just awesome and sagging breasts will just be an old story! So when you just gorge those pastries or that hot crispy chicken fry once in a while, be guilt free and be in delight as your body needs it. However, do not overdo, as not to blur the line between curvy and fat!

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Sex is more fun when you know the right means to spice things up and make a good use of lubes. Well, you need to know that the equation between the latex condom if you are using it and the lubricant got to gel, in other words, it must be a water-based lube. So for those who want to go for the sex session in a smoother and convenient way, spicing up things with lubes is very crucial!

sex with lube

Wetter is definitely better!

When you are just all for it, giving vent to your carnal desires, lubes when massaged inside her pink cherry, there is less of friction when your junk goes in. When your manly thing is pampered and it glides smoothly inside the unknown terrain of the pussy with ease, the love-making session becomes satisfactory. There is less of friction, no tension of condom breakage, and you are good to go boy and have an awesome intercourse!

Lube is fun!

The act of penetration is pleasurable and satisfying but not without its share of pain. So when your junk is saying hello to the pussy, let it not get a cold, dry treatment. Life and sex can be fascinating when you know the means of heightening the fun factor. Hey girl if you want your man to thrust for a longer span of time and both of you to enjoy every nuance of that intimate bliss, pave the rosy way of fun. For firing things up in the foreplay by rubbing your hands with the lube and applying in the pussy works! The lube acts as the catalyst in heightening the feeling of intimacy and fun. Girl! You can also give it back to him by using the lube on his penis, rubbing it gently so that when he enters you, sex is double fun!

Opt for the natural way!

Many people go the natural way and often use any kind of creams, honey and the like as a lube. However, you can experiment, play the way you like, but there is a word of caution here. It can lead to bacterial infection in the sensitive pussy area. So play safe, use reliable lube so that you do not regret after having a blissful sex session. Players need some preparation before they approach the field, so the rules remain the same for the sex players, too!

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Many ideas generate, accumulate, spread and get implemented when the topic is as saucy as ‘sex’! Even people say that they do not want to plan things when it comes to an idea-churning session that would scorch the bedroom, because a lot can happen when you think, but not in bed! Phew! Is this so, guys? If you let your thoughts to take you to the erotic land, then only it can fire you with the dark red hue of passion.

If you have a vision, even if it’s a bit blurry, you get glued to your thought process, indulge in fond-liking for him/ her so that fulfillment comes naturally irrespective of performance behind the closed doors under the bed sheet. Food has a connection whether you agree or deny in lifting your libido, who doesn’t know about those aphrodisiac food? Here you do not need to eat to stir your carnal desires, but give your thoughts the wings to soar and let magic to happen while making love!

Food and sex

Lick him like an ice-cream

The different flavors like chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry, etc. and those melting slurp-slurp moments when you just imagine him like that frothy milk product with chopped dry fruits, fresh fruits, nuts- the one word that just comes naturally is ‘yummy.’ Give a lift to your power of imagination and just think how you relish an ice-cream, lick him up and down, twist your tongue, reach out for the erogenous cornered zones in his body that he craves for to be admired. Do it like the way your tongues reach the outer edges of your lips when trying to make most of the ice-cream eating session. Go for it girl!

Suck his junk like a banana

Banana associated with the phallic symbol is the focal point on which a guy bases his erotic thoughts. Even sucking the thumb of a guy during foreplay updates him as to the kind of erotic treatment that he is going to get sooner. When you go down on him, beat the bushes and get hold of his penis, suck and blow it hard so that he can connect to what is called ethereal sexual pleasure. Bury his thoughts of getting a mind-boggling blow job, he truly gets it! Yeah, rock it babes!

Bite her like a soft chocolate cake

A drool-worthy chocolate cake that just melts on your mouth and make you savor every bit by bit- she with her velvety body, butter-smooth skin will woo you just in that manner! Starting from her soft pink lips, lustrous lips, soft, juicy boobs, navel, then coming down slowly- relish her while making love and it will leave her panting for more as she goes closer to orgasm and you give it to her the way she likes it!

Kiss him like there is no tomorrow! Nothing can stop both of you from having an overwhelming love-making session

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There is more you can do apart from pouncing from the word ‘go.’ You can caress, stroke, kiss, fondle, tickle, lick, massage, twist, suck, nibble, bounce…. Oh already panting for breath? Then let’s leave it to the story behind closed doors. Guys it’s a fact that some flaunt to be an ass guy or leg guy, but who can beat the number of guys who are addicted, yes you got that right, addicted to the assets of women? Whether small, round, big, huge- men love it the way they get to play with the boobs. In order to have a scintillating sex session, make the foreplay saucy with the active assistance of boob-play which can make a girl go absolutely wild.


• To begin with, move your fingers gently on the outer edges; let her groove in the same song that is going on your mind!

• Run your thumb, move it up and down pampering her cleavage like anything! Rubbing will make her take the plunge in the erotic sea, slowly! However, the effect will last for long…

• Cup her breasts, begin massaging with strokes that are light, then go a bit vigorous before your carnal desires just come all out! During massaging you can use cream, any lubricant, chocolate sauce, mango juice and the like. It makes way for a hot and happening licking and sucking session!

• You can constantly fondle, while nibbling those soft breasts. Do not go very harsh, use your teeth wisely. However, do not miss to give a good tongue job! • Plant kisses as many as you can so that she gets turned on like crazy! Kissing the bundle of soft tissues will make her moan, want you more and if you have been only dreaming of drowning in the pleasure sea till now, turn it into reality!

• The side of her boobs and the bottoms are extremely sensitive with the pack of delicate nerves reciprocating to your every touch.

• The pointed pink projections are the favorite haunts of men and they love to play, bite and suck. However, do not always tread on the same terrain! Experiment as it is the key to adding dollops of pleasure in a fun ride!

• Let those twins bounce, a little jig during sex can make her more driven to passion-play!

So guys just go for it! Listen, do go slow!

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Getting turned on and staying in that frisky, erotic mood does not come like sausages with pepper and onions! In order to make your sex starter real yummy, rustle up the sex platter like a true erotic chef! Often a couple is in a ripping and bed-rattling mode too early when they hit the bed! In order to turn on the heat, it is finger-play in the foreplay session which just lends a magical touch in the love-making session. Love is even more fiery and feisty when it is combined with that carnal urge, erotic feel and the passion to make it happen! Rubbing beginning with the tantalizing touching session can throw in that spark that you have been longing for long!


The act of rubbing will give you yummy returns, check out guys where and how to go about it!

The soft, juicy assets: She will be in utter joy and derive utmost pleasure out of it! Do it and watch your lady moan!

The pinky-pointed nipples: When she feels while you turn her on, the nipple-show gets bigger and better as those start standing erect. She will let you bury your face between her assets while you are delivering the best hand-job. Can erotic delight get better than this? If you have visualized it, you are already chuckling, isn’t it?

The navel: She is soft, she is sensitive and when your fingers go twirling around her navel…she can only emit ahhhh… ahhhh.. ahhh… ‘go harder’, ‘feel me’.. ‘touch me’ and whatever next you want to make her come up with…

The inner thighs: A delicate and sensitive part, often missed by the guys when making love, but rubbing her inner thighs can make her feel high (read on the erotic side) !

The clitoris: It is the about hitting the pack of nerves, it is an ultra-sensitive spot and she will love every bit of your finger-movement as it circles round that soft-cutie hoodie inside your pink pussy!

The knee pit: Guys if you have neglected this spot, it’s time to invest in some knee-time! Whether you make small circles with your fingertips or give a feathery touch or use some lubricant in the process… the choice is yours, but the act of rubbing can fetch in good results for you for sure!

The sole: The feet with its hygiene quotient are often kept at bay when it comes to making love. Do not give the soles a miss or you will be depriving yourself from a thrilling love-making experience!

See how rubbing can add that oomph and fire when you are making love! It will be worth it!

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