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Whether it is puppy love, a nice embrace after a fight or days of separation, its bundle of emotions that catch you up and THE heart craves for a tight hug. Keeping aside the stories where emotional quotient is higher like a baby hugging his/her mom- let’s move to the feel of a passionate embrace. No guy will be able to deny how he yens for that first hug, feeling his lady in his arms and if going a bit deep, her soft assets, skin, arms and the whole embrace naturally gets the sensual coating.

Love has its manifestations in a number of things and the first palpable thing that makes the heart to leap up in joy is hugging!

cupid blog 2

Feeling the closeness

Couples like to feel the breath of each other and it is only moments of intimacy that can bring in that breezy feeling of being absorbed in each other’s life. If you have the urge to get into the passion wings, then the stepping stone is an intimate hug and there are no two ways about it. If you take a look at the lechery self of yours, you will realize that whether it is about the hand movements, tongue movements or lip service, it all starts with a mind-boggling embrace.

Cherishing the moments that speak a lot

When passion hits you like crazy, sprinkle your desire with a touch of sauciness. Let the downpour of emotions and passion just gets intertwined making way for some spicy sex! Just check out the 5 different hugs that you can indulge in:

The romantic “I love you” hug

It is a cheek-to-cheek hug that brings in the closeness and you can seal with a kiss on the lips and move further with a deep French kiss.

The “desperate pang” hug

If you feel the libido kick now and then, for experiencing the feeling of oneness, a little bit of grinding and rubbing can make a lot to happen in that passionate embrace.

Redefine closeness with a big bear hug

Just pull her realllllyyyy close, wrap her with your arms and then squeeze tight for a gala sensuous affair!

A butt squeeze hug is yum

Give vent to all your passionate moves by going a bit frisky and sexy. When your partner is close, lift your leg around hers and her soft bum just near your hands can give her the much-coveted squeeze she is wanting deep inside her heart.

The frenzy jump-n-hug

Whether it is good news, something really exciting and ecstatic, she will come running in, jump in joy for a cozy time in your broad chest!

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Sex is something that keep every guy glued to what’s coming on their way! it is not only what they do on bed but what their creative, steamy mind help them to conjure with no boundary spelt out. Whether it is a sexy vixen they are getting into the bed with or a novice, men have their preference written big on their face and mind about love-making. Like living life king size, sex can be larger than life that you watch in the porn movies.


The girl sitting on his face

The core of a lady, her pink, juicy pussy is the dream of very man to fondle, play and if someone is hell bent on eating his girl out, then a guy can often imagine his girl to sit on his face. it is the best possible way to have allow your man have full access to the much-coveted pussy. From tugging at the hood, rubbing the soft lane in that pink territory to sucking it hard, men would love this position, but seldom they can make their ladies do it- and it remains only a figment of imagination.

A unique way of getting oral

Whether it is deep- throating him or blowing him off like there is no tomorrow- is a pleading that most men indulge in and they do get it. However, there is a dream position- the flashes of which can make any guy happy. The girl lying with her back on a comfy bed, she can be naked with just a milky white satin bed sheet thrown over her body, with her head hanging off the edge of the comfy bed- she is holding on to his junk with her mouth while he is standing just near the edge of the bed and cherishing the feeling!

Anal sex

A complain that is often targeted at women is that they are not always game for experimentation, does not want to try new positions, sex toys or anything that their partner spells out. The word ‘anal’ often freaks out the fairer sex and what they love instead is following routine sex. So many guys spend their life thinking whether they should approach their girlfriends with the proposition of having anal sex or just silently wait for their turn when they can get an adventurous chick, who will be all ready for anal!

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With the regular monotony of everyday life slowly blanketing our lives, the time spent at office, or chatting in various social channels and apps has made ‘discontentment’ to prevail in more ways than one. Whether it is about why you did not come to pick me up from the airport as to who will go and pick the grocery or why the car is not back on track, with the plumbing mechanic not yet given a call to come and resolve the pipe clogging issues- life can be a living hell! Women are ever tired with their husbands whose long day at work gives rise to a number of problems like infidelity issues, lack of love and so on. The best way to put the balm in a heated argument is to just hit he bed.


Make her feel how precious she is by hitting the bed straight away and throwing in surprises. Give her occasional gifts, it does not have to be diamond always or the keys of the swanky car that you give it to her while making love in bed- it can be as simple as a sexy, red hot lacey panty, a sex toy, an aromatic candle, a nice perfume, a raven black lingerie- something that would make sex saucy!

When she is shouting her lungs out in the middle of the argument, just put your ego aside, grab her from behind and start kissing her- plant innumerable kisses, pamper her and cuddle her so much that she is bound to engage in a riot of laughter- throwing off her sulky mood.

when both of you just go to bed, do not just think of devouring each other out, appreciate her how beautiful she is, how ravishing she looked that day dressed in that peach pink short dress in Miss William’s garden party- making her feel that you do check her out- her moves still make you to go crazy! Girls always cling to the moments of appreciation that they get from the partner- so if you are doing it from time to time, then you can be assured of the fact that your relationship is not fizzling out any time soon!

When words melt, coziness get hotter with a exchange of few trivial yet important nuggets of information, love will flow like a river that has no ending and the lust pangs will take over two thirsty souls making way for awesome and scintillating sex!

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When you take a tub of popcorn and seat on a bean bag watching the match, enjoying it fully- you must have thought that the soft, cushiony thing is meant to act as the perfect seat and nothing more than that! Sex furniture is in and the online stores are all gushing out with the latest offers, new collection of erotic stuffs that would make you go crazy! When you think of sex toys, the mind hardly goes up beyond vibrators and dildos, but yeah, if a bean bag spruces up your bedroom that you get from a top store, it is nothing less than an erotic symbol.


A Bean Bag And Sex: Intoxicating Combo!

Sex is plain and bland when you are not able to add the needed spice. So for experimentation, you need to try out new positions that would zing up your sex platter. So let the oversized bean bags be made in such a way to enhance the sexual feeling of erotic bliss be yours and you can think beyond your much-loved bed when the heart craves for a quickie to give vent to those erotic desires!

Go For Awesome Colors When Choosing Erotic Furniture

Hot pink, flamboyant red, raven satin black, deep chocolate brown can be the visually stunning and erotic-inclined bean bags that would make you drooling from the word ‘go.’ Erotic furniture should be visually attractive so that when you fix your eyes on that erotic piece, flashes of some yummy moments of closeness should make you grin and smirk!

Soft Cushiony Bean Bags Do Not Go Flat

In order to make you feel that tantalizing goose bumps, it is the cushy structure of a bean bag that stays that way without becoming flat, which enable two bodies to collide and you experience that feeling of being enmeshed with each other, completely! So if you are game for making sex a fun episode, then let the bean bags do the talking!

Sex Is Fun If You Are Updated Enough To Add That Right Mix To It!

When you hit the nightclub and the DJ churns out something new for you from time to time so that you can change your moves while shaking a leg, so let that be same for sex so that it does not become a routine thing in your life! Explore the world of erotic furniture and you will be happy at the end of the day!

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Are you game for some notorious fun? If you are feeling all honking and do not mind some whacky moments, then be experimental when it comes to cooking the sex curry! The word ‘boredom’ should not come in when it’s sex as that will mean a threat to your well-being and a happy life! Strange are the ways when the heart feels like spending some cozy moments or go for deeper penetration in bed-rattling sex! When you get that libido kick and you feel like ripping off your clothes, do not think the bed is the only place to hit. When you choose some not-so-safe zones and that carnal desire of yours just want to go all the way haywire, then you need to choose places that will make the quickies more interesting. Whether it is kitchen sink, rooftop, or staircase, if you know how to add that sauce and pepper in the way you rustle up the sex curry, then sex can be really fun and amazing.

stair sex

Go on top of him

W hen he is on the stairs, sit on his lap with his junk directly thrusting you. For extra support to balance yourself, you can hold on to the handrails. For lifting your bum when he wants to position his junk differently, this staircase posture can really be rocking.

The conventional favorite doggie style

For those who are ace in making love and for those who are immature, the missionary style and the doggie style never go out of the favorite list. The big wall adjacent to the staircase offers support when he stands at your back, penetrating you from behind. It is always the quickies where you always feel the panic of an intervention of someone else which adds to its thrill quotient. Staircase sex will obviously not be without clothes completely until and unless both of you are not home alone. So make the most of the horny hick-ups and color your passionate streak red by just making love in the stairs.

It’s pillow time

If you think that the series of steps with its hard exterior will not be cozy on your skin, why not carry some pillows so that you have a cushy foundation for yourself? When he is pinning you down in the stairs, entering you from behind or from the front, just let pillows do the comfort talk. Make a good use of the landings when you are all in mood for some sizzling sex as if both of you are under the bed sheets! Adventurous sexual fun should be coveted by only those who are bold enough to experiment adding some years to their sex life, without letting monotony to come in!

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The figure of a woman has always been a fantasy-filled treasure trove, making the inquisitiveness of guys to increase manifold! Whether it is the hypnotic charm of that girl next door, school buddy or the sexy celeb gracing the glossy covers- men have always appreciated each and every part of the female anatomy. The mystic charm of a woman has been the source of innumerable verses and creative pieces and its effect is also visible in modern art! Does your thing shoot up when checking out the well-toned thighs of any hot chick? It is a bit fleshy pair of thighs with skimpy skirts or dresses which can make any guy go wild, mad and his libido receives the kicks!

Thighs sex

Girl power is in their thighs too and the female brigade is aware of it! So when the hot divas stack their wardrobes with LBDs and short floral dresses or dreamy skirts- it is for men to ogle at their toned thighs. The road to that erotic heaven is through that pair of sexy legs, up into their thigh and then that pinky cherry. Make the most of the treading session of your fingers over her smooth, long legs more endearing via the way you play with her inner thighs. Reaching out to it when she obstructs or just giggles and moans is an awesome feeling to be cherished.

It takes effort and dedication for the ladies to have such cushiony thighs. Thanks to their well-chalked out diet plan and fitness regimes gifting them with a fab figure which can knock you down with your full senses on. A little tapping, squeezing of the skin in and around the thigh area which can really make things heated up for you and her!

When the big bad world seems to blanket you with all its worries, then resting your head on her cushiony lap can be a magical idea that will leave you craving for more to get frisky or a bit naughty. Make the most of the magical session! If your heart is craving for some real licking, biting and sucking session, then her sexy thighs can make you feel that all your carnal desires are willing to rush out! You can never get bored in the company of such a sexy siren whose inner thighs deserves caressing before the much-coveted pussy gets all the love and attention!

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When it comes to love-making, it is always the top erogenous spots that receive great attention from couples. Do you only think that luscious lips or that juicy boob can be tantalized and teased? Hey dude it’s time to think beyond those favorite spots that keep you busy and occupied when you are making love to her! The often missed zones can really be hot and happening if you can really get on with the game of love and lust. Like the knee pit, the inner thighs of your lady often become the neglected parts that crave to be caressed; the soft toes of her can be the seductive and alluring zone that needs your attention.  If you are good enough to be her man, then show her how experimentation can really make things saucy in a game of love.


Sucking gets a ‘bit’ different

The word ‘sucking’ make you feel the goose bumps? If you cannot think beyond sucking her boobs, lips, or that hood in her pink cherry, it is time that you give her toes a try. Hey girl in order to enjoy the session to the fullest, ensure that you score high on the hygiene meter! Take a bath; keep it waxed, so that when he is all there to pamper your pair of nimble feet, you are all ready to shower him with warmth.

Heat up the foreplay in a toe-tucking session!

Like you always care to be the bold ‘you’ and dress yourself in layers or sexy lingerie, ensure that when it is toe sucking, the foreplay has equal substance. Deck up your toes with playful rings; have a small but sexy tattoo made just in the center of your feet- so that the session of drawing him in- wrapping him with oodles of oomph-filled pleasure does not become a very arduous task! The way you spread your legs, be  careful do not go overboard while doing it girl, because it will give him a signal that you are inviting him to have a cherry-party- hold on girl- that comes later! Your attention should be in playfully throwing your legs so that he takes your feet near his mouth and after some rubbing and squeezing starts that sucking action. Encourage him with your moans and he will be ready to direct the love-making session in a way that you want.

Spice up with whipped cream, honey or mango juice

If you do not want your man to go high and dry, then you can lather her feet with some whipped cream, mango juice or a fluid that tickles your fancy. This will jazz up the sucking session in a way he will be more hooked to caressing your toe while you just enjoy every moment!

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Ditching the usual ABCs is essential when you want a new session every time with your partner! ‘Oral sex’ is a very common phrase in the world of erotica, but do you really know how to spice things up? Oral is more than just blowing his junk or getting down between the legs of your partner. Here are some tips for you to bring in a breath of fresh air when you are trying oral.

Make letters with your tongue

When it is the tongue service that you are employing for pleasing your partner, it is usually A to Z licking that you usually do. Bring in change and try making letters while caressing her and making love to her. Whether it is ‘C’, ‘O’, ‘G’ – the coveted letters with their connection for ‘spots’ in the pool of erotica will pull you to make those! So go in guys and enjoy oral sex!

Oral Sex Moves

 Use lips for suction on her lip’s hoods

Why not give your jaws and tongue a bit of a lull period and get your lips into active service? Suction rocks in oral sex and try give a direct lip to lip service, where her soft pouty lips meet yours and you suck it hard. Do not concentrate on covering her entire lips or the outer edges which you usually do in smooching – go for pampering her hood!

Her pussy’s hood will love your lips

When it is about going down, most men are in a hurry! Buy why be so, boy? Take your time, just heat up her body in such a way that she craves for some pussy-pampering. So spending some time between her thighs is something you would love to do as entry to her cherry is guaranteed if you are able to turn her on in the apt way! When concentrating on that soft pink cherry- just do not go for nibbling, kissing, licking all at one go, or do not swear by penetration at one go! The pussy’s hood or the clitoris is the focal point of erotic fun with its bunch of sensitive nerve endings, she will go ‘wow’ just try it boy!

If your girl is not fine with the idea of you going down on her, then convince her that she is just away from moments of unlimited pure, erotic fun!

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