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It is an ever-confusing question for both guys and girls that how to turn him/her on, which will be like the kick you get for having an awesome sex later! Some keep on thinking, browsing the net, calling up friends, but it is the experience pill that can really come as the cure here! If you coolly have a talk with a bunch of buddies about sex, deriving pleasure and more, then voice your opinion, be receptive to what they say as those can act as nuggets of wisdom when you are diving in the erotic ocean!


Know what can fire you or your partner up in the sack:

The inner thighs are the weak spots for both girls and guys! When lots of licking goes on, both the guy and the girl feel that ethereal pleasure, with moans soaring and insanity creeps in!

Have you ever seen your girlfriend masturbating? It can be a treat to your eyes as well as the senses! If she feels hesitant to give herself the self-pleasure in front of you, then enjoy a peep show and it is not about crossing any lines. The way she touches herself, gives you a clue how she wants to be touched, felt and treasured. It can be a huge turn-on!

Erotic massages are nothing new, but do you know that a firm butt massage can be the most exhilarating experience? Try it out in a soothing, erotic setting with the right aromatic candles, essential oils, a gigantic bath tub and more, helping you out for with the cause. When she digs on your bum cheeks with her knuckles, it is a huge turn on, indeed!

 Sucking is one of the pleasure-driven acts that can make you go crazy! But did you ever try it on her /him? It might seem freaky when you hear it but sucking toes can be a real turn-on!

If you just want to spice up things and want that extra dose of erotic fun when you are climaxing, just pull back each other’s hair and feel the rush of feelings and higher blood circulation!

For him, even before anything starts, if you touch your hips as if positioning your short skirt well, it is a bomb-like visual treat for him, waking up all is carnal desires, heightening his feelings of intimacy to the core.

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Men have feel-good zones in their body and if you know how to give him those goose bumps, just take it away girl- your way! Find out the cream-of-the-top zones that will make him say a ‘wow!’ It is about awakening the pack of sensitive nerves and the way you tantalize and tease him is going to make things work out on your favor. He will be lost in the pleasure heaven with the moves you make, only yenning for more!

sensual bedroom romance

The outer portion of his lower lips

His lips are super-sensitive – do you know that? If you have not done your trick yet by focusing on the slope outside his lower lip, it is time that you go for it! This spot for the guys is packed with ultra sensitive nerves, which can give him a great sex trigger when the lips meet, touch and the rest follows.

 His neck and collar bone

If you think girl that you know the latest arousal trick and have given a great tongue service to the corners of his ears and collar, do not miss out the thyroid gland in the front portion of his neck, which is a great stimulation point! Try it out and you will know why make such a yummy move!

Inner thighs

It is not only the curvy thighs of the girls that can make the female brigade go crazy with light touch, circular movements of finger tips of menfolk.  Hey girl before holding on to his gun, make sure that you tantalize him to the core, build up the anticipation by running your nimble fingers on his inner thighs!

The head of his penis and shaft

The penis or his amorous iceberg is all that you want? Before giving him an oral or going all out for a blow job, relish the sensory overload by tickling the tip of his penis. Rub your lips over the tip or go for a little nibbling. Then you can slowly move your tongue up and down the shaft, causing in him a sensation that will only make him want you more!

The dent under his ankle

When hunting for that perfect spot that will turn him on, so that he holds you with a firm grip, brings you closer, do not miss the dent or dip in the ankle area. Like the knee pit, the dent under his ankle when pressed releases feeling of pleasure and just see what a movement of a fingertip can do!

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Many go by this notion that foreplays are not the cup of tea for men. But, the men brigade and some ladies too will surely beg to differ here.  While women love to go slow, gets tickled easily, men are not so, is a myth! Guys are not always prepared for action from the word go! It is the way that the brain of guys work which makes their wish list in terms of foreplay a bit different. Girls take a look at the man-pleasing moves that will let his passion pangs to come to a fulfillment during foreplay!


Drop your clothes- he loves to gaze at you

It happens that when you strip it off all in the throes of having sex, then he hardly gets to check you out. Again when you are enjoying the blissful moments of togetherness, the two bodies are quite close to let him fix his gaze on you.  When he sees you naked, his testosterone levels spike up, pushing his sex drive! The longer the gaze, the better he is getting prepped up for the act.

Set his desires on fire with explicit dirty talking

When you want sex to be saucy, then do away with word “shy.” Speak to him how you feel when he tickles your navel, when he goes down on you, rubs your pussy’s hood, presses the lower part of your juicy boobs and so on…. Touch is erogenous parts slowly just to turn the heat on!

Offer tongue service to his cut lines

Do you love to tease your man? Then start teasing his cut lines, in other words, the creases that run through between his thighs and torso, which can be regarded as the super sensitive erogenous zones! If you can use your tongue to warm him up, wake up his nerves, then you are surely a true vixen!

Go for a twist with the standard 69

This hot favorite sex position has been there for long, but in the foreplay, go for a sideways 69, which maximizes his reach towards your V-zone. This way he can play with you for a longer period of time, offering you satisfaction. He can check out your facial expression, and feel proud of the fact that he is truly your man when it is about steaming things up!

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Are you game for experimentation? Even if you are so and have included whipped cream, chocolate sauce or mango juice in your sex platter, did you ever opt for candies? Yes you heard it right, the very colorful, sweet candies can be a great addition to your sex platter so that you revel like a juicy, spongy ball of passionate fruit, longing to be close together with your partner or a hot chick and making the most of it when the actual moments arrive. There are candy sex toys that can transform your sex life. Take a look at these yummy erotic candy toys:

candy sex 1

Candy-based tassels

In order to hit the pleasure button, things can start off from the word go with a beady-candy necklace that she will don with care and friskiness! Rip it off with attitude and aggression and see how pleasure follows!

Edible bras

In one word it’s just a ‘wow!’ When you imagine of her epic cleavage or just visualize the scene of cupping her breasts, you go mad! Just think now how a candy bra will turn the heat on like crazy! Before you reach for her soft twins, you can make your way EATING into it! Won’t that be awesome?

Marshmallows in the form of a penis

If you love to pop in this sugar, cylindrical candy or marshmallows, can you imagine having a sex toy made of it? It is not only about devouring it to get utmost sexual pleasure, but you can make your guy have a visual treat as to how you will have his manly thing!

 Some mild spanking with candy belts

Spanking is deriving pleasure with some hitting as feel-good endorphins get released. Spike up your arousal and excitement as you whip mildly the sour candy belts on his erogenous spots, making him emit a few moans…

The lick -a-stick option 

If you like licking a candy stick and if you are right with your moves and know how to arouse him, then the way you lick it, will make him grow weak on his knees, and feel as if you are licking his piston to your pleasure as well as his!

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Sex is your mood-buster, relationship healer, a reason to smile, a reason to start your day afresh! When you are tired of watching the porn flicks, wants some real fun in life, then whether you have a girlfriend or not, get on the game of making love with your chosen diva! Are you in mood for some fun? Cook up the heat in a snazzy way with a chick of your choice and take a look that you can enjoy to the fullest when it is about hitting up the bed or going for a bed-rattling sex orgasm!


A little awkward first time sex

Whether you are a seasoned player or just a new beginner in the carnal territory, first-timers always are equipped with the feel of little embarrassment. Whether it is first time in terms of laying down a partner, speaking your mind, offering a visual treat or going nude- the sucking, licking and nibbling session goes smooth but with a little bit of awkwardness definitely enmeshed in it!

The zero-inhibition saucy sex

Inhibition is such a word that often confines your abilities and when it is about showing your erotic prowess; just sweat your guts out to drive your partner and yourself crazy! So gear up for some moments of scintillating fun, feel confident of your body, make the sexy vixen feel good about her moves, her assets and curves whether with lights on or off and you will be game for some spicy fun! Be all ready for some light, frisky moments and feel comfortable in each others’ company to strip your clothes as well as your mind, leading to the rustling up of an awesome sex curry!

Morning sex

Many feel that getting intimate or having sex is like a pill to be taken only at night! Well, it is not so! If you have ever wondered why some newly married person walk late to office, they chuckle inside because of the fact that they had some awesome sex in the morning! Sex in fresh morning can really be great, filling your heart with contentment. So do not only bank on the wee hours to hit the bed or the couch, why not try out some morning fun?

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Do you really want to bring an end to bedroom boredom and badly need to experiment when it comes to sex? If the bedroom, that couch or bean bag seems to frown at you every time you let go your sexual energy, it’s time to try out new places! Let’s get on with the zing to explore places that can really turn out to be hot or worse for you!

Beach Sex

The sandy beaches Vs the woods

Outdoor spots can really spike the intensity of cosy moments. Beaches are definitely romantic spots where you can get going with some soft kisses, clinging to each other, slow walk on each other’s feet, mild tapping to some soothing music. However, if you really want to rev up sexual fun, then it is the campfire, a cushiony sleeping bag and some odd animal sound that really bring both of you closer and the rest follows!

Kitchen counter Vs basement floor

Among the red tomatoes, yellow capsicums, a bottle of sauce , cutting board and sauce pan, there seems to be some real romance that can bloom as it is been thought, experimented and implemented, but can you deny the uncouth charm that a basement floor gives? It is like turning back the pages of your romantic and passionate lessons where during the teen days, love used to bloom like crazy, so use a basement whether in your home or any outdoor spot on a vacation! Sex can be too good with the bubbling energy and charm of a teen and your killer moves and seasoned sex tricks will turn on the heat like wildfire!

Quickie in a staircase Vs closet

You do not know when your sexual pangs will give you a real good kick! It is not always possible to give vent to your sexual desire when you feel it, so quickies or the short 10, 15 minutes steamy session can be more saucy when tried in a closet rather than the much talked about staircase! Definitely the steps has a lot to offer you in terms of trying new sex positions, but the confinement that a closet brings in and the way you feel that ‘togetherness’ inside a closet with the hangers, stack of clothes paves the way for some mind-blowing sex!

Whether it is your partner or a hot chick, always zing up the sex platter so that relishing it fills you with oodles of pleasure!

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Sex is not only about dolling up in your sexiest lingerie or taking a good shower and sprinkling the best perfume on your erogenous zones before hitting the bed- the catchword is FEEL. When two bodies meet and make love, it is essential to feel that nuances so that the intensity of passionate moments increases manifold and you are able to make the most of a steamy session. Throw out the blanket of shyness, let hesitation go for hibernation, speak your mind, relish each and every moment of the sexual pleasure that your derive. It is the bundle of emotions and actions- “his moves, her kisses, his squeezing, her licking, his rubbing and her nibbling” – which makes the whole sex affair a gala thing to cling on to! Moaning is quintessential to rev up the temperature on bed- why? Take a look!


It acts as the trigger

Whether it is just touching her on the nape or any of the sensitive zones, planting a kiss, grabbing her from the back with a jolt, or just beginning to cup her breasts- if she is real sensitive and emits those Ahhhh… in quick time, then it is a trigger for you to start sex in a steamy way and reach for unveiling deeper levels of intimacy.  It can happen the other way round if you are a sexy vixen and just give a little nudge to that manly thing or grab it once with a little push, you set the tone and mood for him to ignite the fiery session with moans getting enmeshed in the whole act.

Boosts confidence

When it is about making love, whether it is the male partner or the female one taking charge, things can turn real hotter when appreciation comes in as a reward. If he gets to know that you are enjoying, he is giving it to you in tune with your erotic wants, then it is definitely a confidence lifter! Reward is moans, groans, beads of sweats on different parts of the body which can sizzle up things!

Indirectly directs his moves even if not spelt

Dirty words are considered to set the steam be real hot. Whether dirty words are spoken or not, moaning is a signal that whatever the other partner is doing, he/she is doing it right! It fills one with oodles of pleasure and happiness!  This way one among the couple feels like the King or Queen- making each moment in the bed-rattling sex, fulfilling!

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The word ‘sex’ is a three letter word, but the more you fathom deep, the more you can feel its depth- it’s the key to keep you happy, healthy, your relationships in good health and much more. In order to make your personal stories rocking, home a productive  place of dwelling where you only bond with less tiffs and fights- rustle up the sex curry with care!

Couple Dissatisfaction

The challenge of matching up to your partner

When partners crib or feel disgusted, it is always wise to check the roots, what is wrong,  so that the fissures are fixed before it’s too late! It is often said that unmatched sexual desire is what brings in that dissatisfaction between a couple! It might be that your guy is the bundle of raw sexual energy, he is very strict on bed and the way he gives it to you and want favors to be returned make you huff and puff may be because you do not get that libido kick too often! This saying holds true that the sexual urge, its intensity, can act as the barometer for determining the health of a relationship.

No time for sex

This is one of the common problems that has hit this generation. Whether it is spending too much time virtually, pressed by professional commitments, a tired soul at the end of the day hardly feels hitting the bed for weaving  a story of hotness under the bed sheet. So that natural excuse, which is in turn, becoming the real reason, is that there is dearth of time for having sex! If there is a will, there is a way and nothing can stop you from acting the way you want. So you are sure that it is not an excuse?

Infidelity often creeps in

If your partner is seeing someone else even after being paired up, then it is going to reflect in the way he/she acts on bed. If there is less of emotional intimacy and sex only becomes an act of deriving sexual gratification, then boredom is ought to set in. Even if your partner is going down on you or thrusting you from behind, if you are thinking of somebody else, then obviously the thing gets mechanical, and you fake moans and groans adding to the miserable quotient of a relationship.

Being a porn addict can mar the whole show!

Guys get it straight and clear that sex in reality and that unfurls when you watch a sleazy video or a porn flick are two different cups of tea. Never feel bogged down or tame your thoughts that your partner is not being able give you  a prolonged blow job that you saw last night in your laptop. Never try, compare or match reel stuffs with real life- still if you do so resolving problems in bed will be a nightmare. So better opt for a healthy and happy life where sex is also saucy and raunchy!  

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Every season has its moods and flavor and when you are just going in for sex, ensure that the same flavor is really tossed well out there. When you just feel like your carnal desires are jumping and bubbling inside your heart, you go ahead and even say the need for having sex that night, but did that happen it got turned down? Your partner’s will to get under the sheet depends on seasons and there is no doubt about it! Taking a look at the three most important seasons which decides how hot the sex soup will be!



Every season comes with its million faces and zillion moods. So when it is sweaty summers, the heart always seem to be predominated by ‘do it now’ syndrome! Quickies are a huge hit during summer as both the partners get fulfilment in the true sense of the term when the weather is hot.  Though, you might say what about the air-conditioned chilly rooms where getting under the bed sheet and prolonging the act becomes easy? However, there is always a natural inclination to stick to natural weather when releasing the sexual energy. So now do you beg to differ, guys?

Rainy season  

Rain, romance, the cold-n- hot play of two souls gets magnified when it’s the drizzles or the heavy downpour. If anything that can really make things saucy in sex, it is rain. Whether you hit the rooftop, beach, or go for a long drive, then feel the sensuousness of rain and add fire to the rain starting with lingering glances, wet kisses, and when both hands go up and down and feel each other- then you can definitely weave a lusty story. Let wet bodies do the talking!


If your heart has the fondness to get cosy, nestle on his chest, find solace on her soft lap or hug him tight, clinging on to his jacket- then winter is the best season to take the heat higher. If you want to add the regal touch to your sex life by going for an interesting foreplay, then slowly moving on to love-making, winter is the month to rely on before you hit the bed. When the beads of sweat do not accumulate on the bodies generating heat, winter brings with it the charm that gives a high-five to your passion pangs.  So when you are at passion-play with a hot chick or a handsome dude, bring it on like never before during winter!

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