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Having a jolly ride in bed is what every heart craves for! For guys with a higher sexual libido, aggression can creep in any time when in the devoring mode. So guys step with caution not to threaten her as in making her feel physically unsafe or making her feel like a commodity. Without listening to her wishes is like making her emotionally insecure. So how to balance the game of love, passion and lust so that it flows smoothly?- Take a look!


Do not fail to make eye contact

When both of you are saying a big yes to your innate desires and passion quests, ensure that lingering glances do the trick for you! A lot can be said with eyes wide open and the way the eyelashes flutter, your eyelids droop and more. Even if she is not vocal about how she is enjoying your moves, the pair of eyes can definitely spell out a story.

 Keep on kissing her

It is about heightening the intimacy factor and when you keep on kissing her, it will make her feel how loved she is and she would be lost in your arms and crave for more love. Whether it is the soft, mild kisses or the warm touch of hot lip-locks, yearn for her and in turn, make her yen for you!

Try out comfortable positions

 Having sex does not mean sexual fulfillment only! It is about being you as well as making your girl feel comfortable no matter what you try out. So if you are in a mode to experiment, do not just use any prop that come your way for sexual gratification. If she is an active participant, then go for it and have some great erotic experience, getting etched on your mind. Sex should always be a mutual effort and a reciprocal session, making you feel really elated when you bask in the end output.

So do not bring in any force or use coercive power in sex as it will not work. Be subtly and sexily assertive and see how you things work the way you want!

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When the smell of plum cake is impregnating the air, the heart is craving for those party poppers and uncorking the bottle of champagne, having a hot babe in your tow in a cruise, yacht or a pub’s dance floor?? – is it what in the bucket of your wish list? Let not all fizzle out just like a dream! It’s time to set aside the monotony of everyday life, give the meetings and clients a break and let your hair loose on the dance floor- get closer, get naughty, get wild and be a party freak!

sexy divas

No matter how tasty is the wine, that turkey roast or that hearty yummy dessert bite; it is a sexy companion that can only unleash your darker side, give fulfillment to your innate desires. If you are getting new year’s eve invitations and couple passes are making you to give a sigh- why hunk when you have the cool bombshells who can make dipping temperature sultry hot with their moves, killing assets? An escort agency is your preferred hub that can bedazzle you with some sizzling chicks all prepared to give you an awesome time!

No heart is lonely… can never be… when it is a sexy siren he holds

Are you the one who had a string of affairs, but nothing materialized? If heartbreaks, bad marriage or the lack of time has made you to be in dearth of your lady love- do not worry as a hot chick has all that it takes to make your moments piping hot, nights pleasure-filled! Pure fun that is easy on your pocket can be a real gift of Santa which will make you take a dip in the pool of erotica!

When you set out for a romantic rendezvous with an eye-arresting escort, go to the different pockets of UK, the happening spots, pubs with a scintillating nightlife and more. Make New Year’s Eve mesmerizing in the company of a hot diva, taking the yum quotient of wine-and-dine experience, just awesome!

Opt for a close dance, a lap dance or a stripping show- she will be an active participant- just like a python devoring its victim. You will be trapped, but for good, with orgasmic pleasure not far away after the sensuous fondling, sucking and biting that go on when you retire to the bedroom after some saucy dance session at the night club! Whether in a mood for a quickie or night long steamy act, let sex, companionship get a new meaning altogether!

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The urge to please your senses and innate desires can spring up easily. It is not easy to approach the topic of sharing some moments of privacy and cuddling easily when you meet a girl for the first time. However, the desire to connect whether you are ready to commit or just have a freewheeling time depends on a number of factors. Make the blowing steamy sessions between the sheets amazing by being a master mind; not walking on the path of being overtly smart can help you, greatly!

Sex Under Sheets

Be a complete charmer

 Be the lady’s man on a first date! When you are meeting girl whether you are thinking of long term stuffs or just giving it a try, be the man in the true sense of the term. Be a cool charmer starting from the way you talk, your wittiness, picture perfect manners – just like the image of a dream man that girls often have on their minds! However, the caution is do not overdo stuffs as it will make you look fake!

Drop your hints, but cautiously

With the small talks or chit-chats about the happenings around the world, being flirty within your limits can pay off in a big way. When you put in the hints with care, like feather touches, pretended accidental colliding of hands and more, judge her response! Whether it is her cute smile, drooping eyelids or more, going the flirty way can really make things happen and that too real fast! So when you drop hints and get a response from her side in positive light, you can be assured of one fact that you are making your way to her heart slowly but steadily and a gala time is approaching scene behind the doors!

Don’t have to wait for the third date to have sex!

Debunk the myth that sex cannot happen before you go out on the third day with her. However, do not be nagging or cross the line making her to tag you as a desperate soul. If you can win her the way you are without trying too hard – be the ‘you’ with flaws nearing perfection, but not perfect! A bad boy image does well in impressing, but remember if it is a series of affairs or sex episodes you blurt out, you are not going to get into her good books. So know where to draw the line otherwise you will be left imagining the sensuous moments of stripping, fondling with assets, sucking and more. So why not be real for real fun, making her to get smitten by a charmer and then hit the bed? of course, with your boy!

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It is not that you need to have a libido like a porn star or be a lexicon of sex positions to really smear things with erotica when between sheets! Let’s face facts- be practical and subtle to ignite fire in the bedroom. You can blow your partner’s mind in a jiffy. You have those skills; it just needs some spelling out!

be great in bed

Do not cling on to judgments

When you are putting your feet in the sea bed of erotic pleasure, just get hooked to the word ‘explore.’  When floating in the realm of fantasy, it is crucial to hear out what are the pleasure ideas of your partner and be vocal about your desires too, laugh at each other and be in a mood to enjoy each other’s company, the goof-ups, sans any boredom and sarcasm and you are sure to swim across the pool.

Heightening the feeling needs a creative idea

Why always be on bed, when you can easily cook up the sex curry in a cozy lounge chair? For the doggie style, just choose that big wall and see boy how you can thrust her to your heart’s content and she moans loving your every move! If he tells you ‘let’s get into the closet’ or maybe that kitchen counter-top- be open to such cool suggestions as a steamy sex story can be weaved with perfection this way.

Good sex is also about how you chew on it!

Sex has a great mental component and in order to make a sex session fiery, you need to stretch your imagination as much as you want. So if you are licking the sex lollipop and fantasizing about this magical dose that can really make you feel better, THINKING is the key! Your libido and brain is very much connected!

Know what your partner wants!

The needs of your partner got to be held supreme, if you want to have a reciprocal sex session! Turning on the hotness is also about how you hatch a plan or make your instincts work towards the pleasure pangs of your partner.

Enjoy the solo moments!

It is very crucial to know and enjoy the solo moments that you spend for perfect arousal because that way you get to know about your body, its response and how you feel about it. Masturbating is good as you get to know your level of ecstasy when you go down deep down in the realm of erotica.

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The word ‘sex’ is something that makes you go down deep into the realm of erotica. Whether it is the ‘go-slow’ initiation phase, foreplay or the steamy session of rupturing each other- it’s going to be just awesome if you know how to spice it up! The act of stimulation begins from what meets the pair of eyes, then it is about feeling things. Offering a visual treat is a must and before we move into how sexy is your wardrobe, have your moves ready up your sleeves so that he is drawn towards you gradually, but like a glue offering you what you are craving for inwardly and you get back good rewards, like your lollipop getting licked, some caressing on the inner thighs and more.

Visual Appeals

Erotica begins with eyes

Whether it is about those lingering glances, fixing gazes before two bodies meet; a pleasure to the eyes is what the male brigade seeks for! Even if you put your hands near your hips and settle your short skirt, or a big stretching can be enough to turn him on? – Did you know this girl? So, as it is often said that men check out your assets to decide the hot quotient of a girl before they think of you worth dating, it is true as men often cannot think beyond the female figure, curves and juicy assets whether gracing the glossy covers of a magazine or seeing a girl in the true sense of the term!

A girl in DIY mode is the sexiest sight ever for a guy!

Girl are most of the time known for their coyness when it comes to sex as being vocal about sexual hunger or showing brazenness is considered unrefined or marks one as a vixen! If you have qualms to masturbate in front of your guy which many females will say a big ‘yes’ to, but if a guy is ever treated with a such a hedonistic show, they will be stuck to it irresistibly, gaping!

Take those sexy lingerie or babydoll dresses out now!

When you prepare your guy before the actual raunchy session, then be sure that your wardrobe is stacked with cool lingerie turning on the hotness. Play with bright red, sexy pink, midnight blue or raven black when it comes to colors and reveal more, leaving less to the imagination. Going skimpy and frisky is the key, but see-through dresses and layering can do the trick for you with both of you landing on the bed!

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Do you have a higher sexual libido? Do you feel the kick to lay more than one hot chick on bed at one go? If you can find such vixens eager to go deep in the realm of sexual pleasure, then it is time that you make the best of steamy sessions! Enjoy raw sexual fun with fun-loving, high profile escorts as when it is about fulfilling your sexual desires; it is not wise to go the emotional way. A couple can definitely try out a threesome, but do ensure that you talk it out coolly with your girlfriend before going for such an adventurous sex session!


Are you single? This goes out to all the guys who are single and in need of some tempting fun with three sexy vixens for company! Do you prefer to be the yummy meat in a ‘girl sandwich.’?-Well, boy you have more than one reason to be jubilant about!

Check out 3 positions that can be really overwhelming for you

You can lie down on your back and just count inwardly for awesome moments to come your way. While woman X can make you happy directly aiming your gun and giving you a cool blow job making you huff and puff, woman Y can make an entry anytime straddling your face. Feel two soft bodies and the heavenly experience and you are real lucky, boy!

In this second position, you can enjoy the woman-on-top position, and yeah boy, right on your face!! Let woman A to sit in the reverse position, enabling you to go for a deep swallowing session, while woman B is free to make an entry and take any position to titillate you. Is your junk in need of some pampering and caressing? Woman B is here for you, no worries!

The doggie-style position is something that men are in love with. If you want to go on thrusting her, then the best thing to do is deal with Woman A by grabbing her from the back, where woman B can go underneath woman B and offer some real sensual moments to her as well as you!

Have a gala experience when the sun goes down or whenever you want to be showered with dollops of erotic fun! There is nothing wrong in having a higher sexual appetite, but you must know how to have a good sex diet!

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The intensity, with which a love curry gets cooked, depends on the spices that you add. If it is about getting the right sensual aroma, then know how to debunk the myths! Rightly pegging at his preferences is crucial when taming him with all your vixen-like moves, so that the only name that he spells out along with his provocative moans and groans is yours!

Erotic Fun

Guys love kissing with jamming of tongues

The concept that guys are plagued by the syndrome of “do-it-right- now” sex is not always true! Guys are passionate about deep French kisses and researches and several studies have proved it, but the point is, it is not always so! Jamming of tongue is not the only craving that they feel. Nibble his lower lip, while he gets back and suck your upper lip, pause for a while and then again press the ‘redo’ button. Go slow and steady, up and down, bristle your face with his and derive oodles of erotic pleasure, while tongues can go for a little bit of resting!

He doesn’t like a teeth-affair near his junk

Handling his Member is not very easy! Better get some cues from your guy itself who knows what it means to offer self-satisfaction. Whether it is about offering a mind-boggling blow job or all that it takes to adore his thing, do involve your teeth and he is absolutely fine with it! Graze your teeth smoothly all through the shaft, give a small bite at the tip of his penis and make him to bask in the feeling of getting a bite, which is like deriving pleasure out of pain! He will love every moment of it.

 He is in desperate need of jerking off, soon!

Holding it too long to reach the climax is not the cup of tea for every guy, but even they want to prolong things.  The longer the wait, the better is the orgasm and there are no doubts about it and a guy knows it too! So next time think twice before you play the blame-game with him about reaching the climax, hastily!

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When you want to voraciously read more, know more or hear more about how to make sex a scintillating affair, did you ever think what’s next after the orgasmic grandeur? Well, there are myths as well as truths which circulate like- guys feel really put off if you cuddle him after sex (a myth) or guys need time to come back for a repeat performance ( a truth) even if his partner is  all aroused!

Couple sleeping in bed

The catchphrase just after sex: Shower compliments!

No one can deny that there are some moments of speechless and hesitation just after you experience those heavenly moments of erotic bliss. The momentum after reaching the climax gets a bit lowered down, but, that doesn’t mean you cannot make a comeback in the sex game. The trick is to get the momentum going, though at a snail’s pace, and a few words can do magic! Every guy would love to hear from you girl that his moves were great; you really enjoyed his performance in bed! So free him from the pricks of performance anxiety and spell out what you really felt without withdrawing into a cocoon of coyness.

It’s time to get wet

That one factor that can really make things take a very sweet turn after sex is moments bringing both of you closer! You get to know and feel each other’s smell, establish that connection where both of you feel like a unified whole. Just take small steps and get nude, wet and super-close in a gigantic bath tub. Let the froth and the bubbles remain the silent witnesses of those hands moving up and down – a little nibbling, fondling and other perks will cement that mutual feeling of clinging to each other. Snuggle up as both guys and the girls really want to experience those blissful moments which can redefine closeness!

Engage in a “TOUCH” yourself show!

Did he always say that he is all spent and wants to sleep after sex? On the other hand, you feel like going for a repeat sex session after the first romp? The trick is to engage in a really hot DIY show offering a great visual impact to him, arresting his senses and he will be pulled back for the next erotic show for sure!

Hitting the cozy zone is of dire need after sex, so spend some moments of togetherness after the rapturous sex session!

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