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The way you spice things up in a steamy knock-out session does not only depend on your mood, sexual libido, but how well you have the ingredients arranged for you. Sex can get raunchier and spicier when you add dollops of syrupy romantic juice and make a cocktail of eroticism with romance. It is not only your epic cleavage, juicy twins, washboard stomach that can act as your weapons in a passionate encounter- dress up in tune with his taste and see how the steaminess just gets higher.

Sexy Dresses

Lacy dresses

Whether it is the much-favored, topping the priority list,LBDs or lace dresses of candy colors or midnight blue or in raven black- it can loosen up the senses of your guy, making him to drown in the erotic pool. Those toned thighs and leaner legs flaunting themselves and the frilly charm of a lace dress playing that ‘see-me’ and ‘see-me-not’ game gives a higher visual dose to your guy, heightening his imaginative power so that sex gives him the sensual satiety that he is looking for. Under those lacy dresses, that charming lingerie is hidden, does it leave anything to be explicitly vocal?

Dressing in layers

Whether you like it or not, men would love to see you dressed in layers as it leads to turning things saucy in the foreplay. The way you stretch the game of passion, the greater is going to be orgasmic pleasure. If you want to seduce him in the best possible way and build up the momentum, then go for dressing in layers. You are in no mood for a quickie and there is no one at your apartment? Why not just create a string of illusion for him! Make him work hard to get what he covets for; it can only double up sexual fun!

Wearing things baggy is hot!

When you step out of your place, you might not agree to dress up in casual and oversized clothes because that will throw a wrong signal about your vital stats and silhouette. But when it is about weaving stories behind closed doors, wear baggy tops as you will have reasons enough to pull him close. If you do not want him to prance around the room jutting his gun out all there for intercourse, pacify him with a good hand job, while you too enjoy when his hands just go around everywhere once it is inside your baggy top!

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When you begin the foreplay with naughty, frisky moves predominating; then chuckles, giggles, soft unintentional rubbing takes time to transform into panting, moaning and intentional rubbing for accelerating the steaminess of a sex session. Like you know how the art of dabbling, squeezing, nibbling can fetch you ample pleasurable returns, pinching that old school habit can act as the ultimate trigger! Want to know where you can pinch her so that she squirms, goes red with the passion feeling engulfing her. Pinch her hard and right as it can act as the right triggers letting her carnal feeling to uncork!


Pointed pink nipples

The nipples are soft to suck on, but hey boy do you want her to feel it, make her pointed projections go hard at the apt twitching that you do?  If you have mastered the art of tweaking her nipples and giving her oodles of sexual pleasure then turning her on and getting her into the mood can be successfully done by this naughty hand job.

Navigable navel

If your girl is gifted with a flatbed stomach and to add to your fancy if she has a piercing on her navel- boy be prepared to let yourself loose and get drowned in the pool of passion and lust. Small movement of the fingers along with mild pinching around her navel is the key to provoke her to get back to you, ravage and devour you. She will make you feel the experience of a wild cat just pouncing on you and gobbling you up- licking, sucking and tasting you to her heart’s content.


Who doesn’t love that dimples or her lower cheeks? Yes, if you are an ass-guy you know it better! Though spanking has been one of the celebrated cardinal tips to turn a woman on, initiate a hot session by pinching her buttocks and be dazzled as to what follows next. You are sure to have a saucy sex affair when you keep on pinching her lower cheeks mixed with some subtle tantalizing and pussy-fingering. Hey boy if you have always dreamt of you will caress her ass and make love in the finest manner, then indulge in some naughty booty-pinching!

Soft inner thighs

If your girl is gifted with cushiony thighs and when she is in the middle of love-making session, wanting you more- she might beg you to go down on her, don’t succumb to her request instantaneously as that way you are cutting short the lasting power of the whole make out session. Delay things more so that the orgasmic pleasure both of you experience during climax seems to be perfect. Just tug at her panty, pinch her inner thighs, give her two spoonful of sexual pleasure though her appetite will be high and she might want one bowl at a time- don’t give in so easily just to build up the momentum!

Coveted clit

One erogenous zone that can make her huff and puff and emit dreary moans is when you pinch the hood of her pussy or the clit! Every guy has the dream of getting down on her girl and playing with the clitoris. Clit pinching can elicit such sounds that will, in turn, make the guy feel difficult to hold on to his pants!

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In order to whip up something really hot during sex so that you can bask at the feeling of gratification and sensual satiety when checking the beads of sweat lining her curves- things got to fall in place! Whether you consider yourself to be a pro in the world of hedonistic pleasure or is known as the lexicon of cool sex positions, the simple yet very significant things matter- and yes, you got to choose the right hue from the color wheel when spicing things up.


Oxblood red lips

There is no doubt about the fact that if foreplay is not steamy enough, sex will be bland. Bright red lips has been an instant hit with the gorgeous ladies and it is still so! However, the new color that is sure to woo a guy, making him to drool as to when the foreplay will kick off, is oxblood red- so girls paint your lips with oxblood red hue. The color has its own sexy appeal and charm which is surely enticing the guys. So girls do not forget to pick a lipstick of this hue and store it in your makeup kit!

Flamboyant red lingerie

When choosing lingerie, the heart of a girl often yens for picking something in baby pink, black, midnight blue and more.  So when picking lingerie, just do not go beyond the color red, matching your mood and urge to let your carnal instincts, dance. Delve deep into the realm of passion, fun, lust and more by choosing frilly and romance driven lingerie sets.

Vermillion red tee for him

Though many guys will not be in a mood to pick up anything in red, but boys it’s time to play your part, too. Pick a vermillion red V-neck tee and notch up your handsome quotient at length. You can wear a pair of blue denim jeans, white pants with it. In order to make your lady go gaga over you, making her feel to rip it open and see you bare-bodied, the hue does the magic!

Red satin G-String

When you just rev up the section of your intimate wear in your wardrobe, add some newness with the luscious red-colored G-String. If sexy G-string teddy is what makes your guy go crazy, just pick it and don it as your most treasured weapon. So when you paint your bedroom scenes in the most passionate and lustful color – RED, you have ample reasons to be jubilant about.

If you are thinking what is so orgasmic about the color red, then just strewn in your bedroom and find out the difference!

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When we are exploring the softer nuances that can make sex get real steamy, it’s time to pay attention to the softer moves that can mean a lot in letting your erotic desire to shake a leg. Begin the game by narrowing down the distance, the closer your partner is, the better it can be for you – don’t pounce, don’t be too aggressive unless the clock is ticking too fast for you or if only you want a quickie. Go slow and there is no harm it. Like it is always said cherish your first peg, the rule during sex is also same- cherish the first leg of the act and at the end you see for yourself how the iota of gratification reaches sky-high.

cupid_jan 20

Pull your partner closer

When you are just into those sweet or dirty talks just thinking who will make the first move, boy you can be the first one to do so or ladies be the graceful vixen initiating things. But if the first move that you make is a master stroke like pulling your partner close with a sultry tug, you have hit the right button. For instance, if boy you pulled her close and she is acting a bit naughty to loosen the grip, just glare at her like a lecherous you – it’s your girl, so why can’t you give her that dirty look?

Pulling off hair strands oozes sultriness

When you are up cooking that erotic game, pulling some hair strands of hers sexily can tantalize your partner to the core. With soft tugging at her hair roots, you do the magic of letting all her erotic feeling to flow! It can have one of the biggest tantalizing effects on her, making her to go crazy. Just do it once and see it for yourself.

Shout out loud your desire by pulling his shirt or her skirt

When you pull his shirt, it is surely going be the ‘it’ erotic sign for him. It is the sign to let him know how you want him and wouldn’t mind his hands acting on your body and mind. It is a known fact the way you would love to undress her, she would have reasons enough to bask in that pleasure heaven, but how about making a beginning with a mild pull of her skirt or just putting your hands in and feeling her buttery soft assets inside her top!

That soft tug at the clit redefines horniness

It is often said that the pink pussy or the bundle of sensitive nerves out there is the jackpot that guys crave to hit, but offering the ultimate titillation will be her clit or the hood inside her pussy. A small tug there can make her giggle with all her carnal desires just getting the required kick to dance. She will be all in mood and ready to offer you an experience of a lifetime, leaving no room to forget her when you get between the sheets with her or someone else! 😉

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Sex is not only about how you choose the perfect positions or postures, whether you are armed with protection or not, play things right in the foreplay and the like. FEELING is one of the main straws that you got to light up. Moans are like triggers that can pace up the intensity of passion-play, but do you know one of the softest things that can make you count your satiating quotient with all your heart during? It is heavy breathing that can make her to squirm and with emotions riding high, sex will definitely be awesome!

cupid image_ jan 14

Feel his breath in and around your nape and neck. When he just gets into the full passionate swing, give him a nice tongue job. Firstly, just nibble and lick the front end of this ears, then go in and holding on to him, draw him closer, feel him and let your soft assets be all over him, just making him to dip in the pool of temptation.

How you can go about it:

• Planting of numerous kisses and deep lip locks leads to heavy breathing, panting which both the partners can enjoy!

• Just give long breathe when you are around her navel, it can be a huge turn on!

• Just unzip his pants, and blow hard make his junk to just twirl or stand up. He will be hankering for your hand job – just don’t give in if you want to build the momentum.

• If he loves going down on you and explore that soft pink pussy, he knows how it feels when he just gushes out a ball of breathing, make your sensitive nerves of the clit to respond to his slightest yet tempting move!

• When both of you loosen up and let your carnal instincts to come out of the closet, the heat that is generated with the colliding of the two bodies can be taken to the next level of erotica with heavy panting

So if you have been thinking what is that ingredient that was making your sex curry bland, then that spoon of cream or butter adding more flavor to the sex curry is surely, heavy breathing!

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Curious to know how your teeth can be active to offer her oodles of pleasure- obviously you will have to go slow, make subtle movements so that she squirms and gets ready to uncork her erotic desires. Instant arousal spots for a diva are ample, you need to hit the spots right to see her moaning and writhing and spelling out your name. Know the erogenous zones that can her make her go crazy.

Hit the words starting with ‘N’: Nipples, nape, neck

If it is about going gaga during foreplay, then make her feel ticklish by soft nibbling on her pink projections and observe how  she groans and wants you more, drawing closely to her bosom. Bask in the feeling of getting lost in her soft cushiony twins – play, fondle, bite her subtly and just turn her on. Finger play in and around her nape and neck- leading her to giggle, chuckle, slowing waking up her erotic sense- before she unleashes her wild self!

Sensual biting of her inner thighs will make her to take you in


When you nibble her inner thighs, give a small bite and play the game of giving her goose bumps and pain she will thoroughly enjoy. She will be hankering for pussy fondling or deft play of the clit but when you offer a mix of feather touch with your fingers and a whip of little biting on her soft inner thighs, you will not have to ask permission whether you can go down on her- she will spell it out on her own! Isn’t that info enough to wake up your gun?

Boom boom buttocks

Squeezing of the dimples on her booty, mild nibbling and spanking is all that you need to make her feel crazy. Are you in love with the cushioning effect that her bum offers and you enjoy when thrusting her from behind?  Clinging to the ultra-sensitive area can make her feel awesome about you boy!

Don’t miss out on the ear lobes:

Though it is said that the best means to make a man get turned on is his earlobes, it is the same thing with the female brigades too!  A small sting on her earlobes with some fond tickling on her epic cleavage, nape and the likes are just the picture-perfect moves that can really make her cook a saucy sex curry with you injecting the essence of sheer gratification in the air. You are sure to relish the taste after such a scintillating foreplay!

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Life is beautiful when it is about gracing the bed in equal poise, feeling each other and spicing up love cum lusty sessions. Then it is not only your hands, tongues or lips that need to give a power-packed performance- everything needs to fall in place! It is your hands, palms and the nimble or sturdy fingers too have their job allotted to make love-making sessions really awesome.

Cupid copy

Let the fingers to glide around her neck and nape area

Sex can be smoking hot if you have nice tips up your sleeves. Make the most of your hands by pulling her closer in a snazzy way, a tug at her pony-tail making her erotic feel to gush out from her hair roots, will make her to be in your arms. Then hold her close and start gliding your fingers offering a feathery touch all over her neck and nape. This can be an awesome foreplay move!

Make soft circles around her nipples

The boobs of a diva are the sensual and sexy spots that get all the male-attention and the women brigade loves all the pampering and fondling with her twins. In order to just wake up the pack of sensitive tissues, squeezing the nipples is not enough, making small circles in and around her pink projections, can be the best means to turn her on.

Doodle with your fingers around her navel

Her navel dabbing with your finger tips and the way she squirms and moans can be the ‘it’ sight offering loads of visual pleasure to you, boy! So fix your glance, get charged up and wake up your gun by turning her on, giving her oodles of pleasure that she has been hankering for.

Tickle the clit with your finger tip

The clitoris is another erogenous spot in a gal’s pussy and if you know how to play it right with that soft pack of nerves, yes boy you can just make her go crazy, intensifying the passionate moments of erotic bliss. It is just playing the ‘touch’ and ‘touch-me-not game’ with élan when tickling the clitoris which can reap in huge benefits for you!

Soft pressing with the finger tips on her inner thighs

 If you are looking for playing the game of drawing her into the love-making game real hard, then make the best of efforts and press her inner thighs with the soft dabbing of your finger tips. So when you put in your amorous step, be confident, be a mutual lover on bed and see how things just blow away your mind behind the doors.

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Sex can go on smooth, but whether you like it spicy-tangy or bland is your choice! Getting intimate is not only about just letting the bodies to collide, appreciate and embrace each other with erotic feeling brewing on your mind. Dirty talking during foreplay and in course of intercourse can really make the game of passion, pleasure and lust endearing.

Untitled-1 copy

See below a volley of questions that you can interchange with your partner to heighten the hotness during sex!

Q. Wanna play?

When you say this with a cheeky smile, it won’t be that she will feel you are asking to play any indoor game, but definitely a hot game between the sheets doubling up erotic fun. Blur boundaries when you are on the erotic land and explore each others’ desires and innate wishes.

Q. Blindfolded game or sans blindfolding, honey?

This question can help you not only to gauge how inhibition-free is your partner but how he/she has mastered the art of letting go during sex, so that small hiccups during bed-performance can be laughed off heartily, together.

Q. Do you want to see porn, feel it and then jump on to bed?

This shows that you need to warm up a lot to make your partner put the best foot forward while playing the sexual game. So it is also a way of prolonging the foreplay and bringing in zestfulness.

Q. What is your favorite flavor vanilla or spicy?

This is the best chance to know whether your partner is expecting something very romantic, syrupy, mushy and frilly or kinkier sex. So go for it boy and know how much the temperature will soar high on bed!

Q. Can I go down on you baby? Now!

Some girls are okay with the pampering and fondling of the pussy, tickling of the clit, but they freak out when they even visualize their partner going down. If you have been counting days and waiting to enjoy a great pussy- nibbling and sucking session, then find out whether she holds an “easy access” board or puts up a “no-entry” board!

Check the hit list and ask questions randomly like:

Are you in favor of quickie or jolly good long-term sex?

Where did you want to have sex always, apart from bed, but never tried?

Do you like aggressive lip-locks or softer ones?

 Is tearing apart of clothes in our game?

Do you want me to take off your clothes or you will undress me?


Just let your erotic self to take over your senses and see what happens next!

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Pre-sex moves ought to be hot and good enough to make the temperature soar high. Foreplay is not defined by only the grab-and-go formula. It is definitely about  taking things slow and guys just pay attention to the following tips as the gorgeous divas spell it out themselves how they would love to be pampered and caressed during foreplay.


Pamper the soft twins more

Guys engage in a complete rubbing act, pressing slowly her boobs before the hands go inside or the tee of your partner comes off. A look at the pair of assets or the epic cleavage makes you to drool, and a fixed look at the juicy boobs usually make you go down, shifting the concentration from the twins to other erogenous zones, may be the navel, armpit and more. Hey guys, nibble her nipples, make slow circles with your fingertips, wake up her ultra-sensitive nerves, making her to squirm and feel the onset of wetness between her legs.  Go for sucking, biting, play with her twins as she loves all the pampering!

Let gentle touches do the talking

Whether it is cupping her breasts, tingling her clitoris or rubbing the hood of her pussy, be gentle and that is the key for successful arousal. Even if you want her bra straps to slid down her shoulders, or unhook it making her to flaunt her sexy back, be the perfect man and turn her on by going SLOW. It will help her bask in the feeling of being loved and adored by you in the true sense of the term!

Take charge of undressing her

Do not make your libido be so high that it makes her be in haste and take off her clothes herself, which will put her off in a big way! Just make her feel like a princess, wrapped up with your rug of warmth and passion that she feels emotionally safe and connects to you. When you get to discover her adorable parts, explore her body after undressing her, it is a big turn-on point for her. And hey hunk she knows it too and will be happily dressing in layers for you.

Be a good tongue-master

When it is about the warming-up session before the grand finale, make a good and deft use of the tongue! Until and unless you are opting for a quickie, do not make foreplay a slight affair as it will lower down the fun quotient. Tongue engagement is different parts of the anatomy got to be sexy. On the other hand, too much of tongue use can prove to be worse. Whether it is neck, nape, ears- a tongue can be a great player. A word of caution- please do not slobber like an animal!

 Use both hands

 Keep both hands at work during foreplay so that you can satisfy her the way she wants you to make every move. Whether fondling, sucking, nibbling or playing hot-n-cool with her- be busy and make both your hands real busy! 

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