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Being kinky is fun, but the word of caution is you should not overdo it! Things are always mutual when a relationship is red hot- there is no forcing, always signals are there to stop the game and your partner does not feel emotionally threatened and more. So if you are in the habit of prancing around the room with your gun out on holidays, craving for intercourse, you are killing the game of love and passion. At the same time, if you are making him always to toil hard to give you an orgasm, no matter whether he is in a mood or not- let not only lust dominate, bring in that unflinching camaraderie to just rock in the sexual act!


Passion should be prioritized

When you play the game of life, juggle with priorities, surely you will find too many things on your plate! But let not work, professional commitments or other personal engagements to gobble up your time, leaving you high and dry when it comes to saucing up your sex life. Like food, water, earning money top your priority chart- include ‘sex’ too!

Build on the game of love and anticipation

When you want to make sex a scorching hot affair, then ensure that giving in to temptations is not the game you are swearing by. Love and anticipation can be built by sending flirty texts, dirty texts, phone-chat loaded with the sultry tone and more. Drop hints by sending pictures of aphrodisiac food to your partner – or the picture of a girl licking an ice-cream, peeling a banana or looking hot with whipped cream smeared on her velvety body! It works- try it out to believe it!

Speak your mind

Do not think that he/ she will be your mind reader. If you want to let him know about your choicest, pleasurable spots where you would love him to caress, fondle or quibble or penetrate into his erotic world learning about his turn-ons without being overtly inquisitive- you are sure to make the sex session that is soon going to follow up- a rocking one!

Mix things up

You love sex, be open and bold about it! And if you really want to make things sexy and hot, well! try out new sex positions, buy some sex toys, experiment, innovate, dress up in the most sultry and stylish manner – do whatever you want the sane way so that upping the kinky quotient becomes a plausible option!

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Many women fail to utter her deepest desires or how she wants to be loved.  Apart from boob-caressing, navel licking, nipple- play and more, in the foreplay buffet, the gorgeous ladies definitely add the act of spanking- but feel too shy to voice it. Whether it’s a guy or a lady, the idea of spanking is like the germinating seed that take up the thought process when wild fantasies just start to fly! “Whip” me has its dose of pleasure in pain, which make many souls in the love-making session to vouch for spanking!

cupid image_FEB 24

Go slow, explore: Don’t be too aggressive

 It is about waking up all the nerves in and around the hotspots! Yeah… you will have to work for it boy! The bum is full of ultra-sensitive spots with the pack of nerves ready to wake up to your spanking call. Do not go wrong in your spanking act in order to double up the kinky quotient, leaving your common sense behind! For a man, it is his tantalizing scrotum and for a woman, it is her vulva- which when set on spanking action can really be the ‘it’ arousers! Send earth-shattering ripples through her skin and stimulate like never before with a wooden paddle or your hands. It is about establishing a mutual relation of deriving pain in pleasure between the spanker and spankee, which matters!

Love tapping the genital area: Only the pros should try it!

While spanking, a tap at the clit, a bit of fingering or just some titillating moves can just make her go crazy and want you like a wild python. She will be all in mood and geared up to gobble you.  Your partner can bend over a chair or face the wall, so that the way she shows off her posterior will be enticing for you (the spanker) to go on a spree of satisfying her! So do not plan it too hard as it can lead to some moments of humor in the act! Make the best of all sessions, cash on the spontaneity factor, without pressing the ‘harsh’ button, too much! If you are lacking in ideas as to what would be the ideal thing to whip her, you can check out the popular sex toy stores with their stunning variety, which will make you go for spanking in the most desirous way!

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When we hear the word ‘coffee’ what comes to the mind is either sipping on it while sharing tit-bits of life with friends or when under stress to tackle office workload or finishing up piles of assignments loaded on your desk. Well, now let’s get into redefining the meaning of coffee and find out how you can make coffee erotica– yeah, you heard it right, to draw yourself and your partner into the mood of playing the naughtiest game ever! Are you aware of the raw foods that give a pat on your back when it’s your sex drive?


Say hello to the cup of java, maca, cacao and cinnamon – some of the top superfoods when added in your coffee can really be the game-changer. Know a little about the bad boys in your diet!

Maca:  A powerhouse helping your body to produce enzymes that catapults your fertility level by balancing hormones! It is tagged as an aphrodisiac, which elevates your libido.

Cacao: A mood-booster that make your blood flow to gush, thus enhancing blood circulation levels.

Cinnamon: Do you often feel lazy and slouchy with your erotic desires gone for a toss after a hard day? If coffee is your staple post dinner, then you cannot afford to miss this ingredient in your coffee erotica!

Honey: Do not even dare to miss adding the chunky dollops of honey to your coffee, if it is a steamy sex soup you want to cook at night on your bed! Honey can really make you a good performer on bed as it acts as stamina-booster.

Coconut milk- The white juicy, syrupy, coconut milk is one of the important ingredients in your coffee erotica will be the source of unbridled energy for just turning the heat on while making love!

Just relish this gorgeous latte at least once or twice a week and you will be able to just make your partner beg for prolonging the love-making session when enjoying sex together!  It is not only that caffeine dosage, this will be like your Aztec-spiced drink. Are you a lover of Mexican Hot Chocolate? – you will surely enjoy the essence of dark chocolate, pinch of cinnamon and a dash of sweetness!

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A single kiss can mean a lot………… yeah.. it truly can! When unleashing your desires to show affection or long-time bottled up feelings can make you score high on sensuality as lip-locks get real long, saucy and intimate. Whether you get a soft peck, or there is a lot of saliva exchange involved when you make love- there are different types of kisses that can enable you to seal a deal! (obviously read passionate love-making)!

Peck: This reminds you of your high-school? Yes, a staple of high-school innocence where we loved to share our affection minus the lust by planting a soft kiss on our respective partners! It is cute, sweet and innocent! This quick-contact thing sends a message like “I want you” or “Honey, be ready to get on bed!” If it is on the cheek, then it’s not the food for thought, but if it’s on the lips, then you should pick the hints, dropped!


 A lingering-long peck: This is planting kisses for long on your partner’s lips, turning on the heat for long! She will squirm a bit, he will smirk a bit and both of you will be naughtily thinking, “ I so want to go deep, smooch you.” You can hear a little bit of “mmmmm” too in the process!

Woodpecker: If you are in a relationship and it is in the premature stage or just brimming with love, but either you or your partner is not sure of whether it is the right time to let go innate desires, then a lot of wood-pecking takes place! Cheeks can get a number of kisses when your partner acts as a woodpecker, but there is less intimacy involved in the whole affair.

Against the wall kiss: When your heart dances for indulging in some passionate moments, but you spell out, “there is no empty room around or where is that f*** ing bed” as your emotions pour out from the heart! Your guy will push you hard against the wall and when he kisses you real deep and hard against the wall, you feel the real heavenly bliss- a loveable affair, indeed!

The king of kisses: Go the French way!   Open mouths and a lot of tongue interaction is what makes French kiss a piping hot thing. It sets horniness going and your pulse racing, letting your tongue tangos do all the talking. Sometimes you might feel like he is eating your mouth and yeaahhh.. it happens when guys go real sexually aroused. From stretching his mouth to going up to the throats of his partner, he licks your whole face- it is an encounter where buckets of saliva gets exchanged and it is like establishing the fact “ you are mine.”

So got for it.. the way you want to offer kisses… it’s your choice baby!

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This season of love set your bed scorching with love, lust and passion! The whole Valentine week if you have been sensing love brimming with bubbles and sharing some memorable moments with each other, make the V-Day sex session whisky, horny and all-satisfying! It’s time to grab his rocket, not the teddy bear, make that sweet kiss change into a lingering lip-lock and take the syrupy quotient of the Chocolate Day to redefine hotness by spilling chocolate on each other and having yummier licking sessions. Go berserk, absolutely naughty and wild this V-Day!

Ladies why will men start the love innings always?  Take charge of it – ladies step in and make the bold moves!

A baggy satin shirt unbuttoned with a long-stick rose between your lips


Yes…. Just set the tone for a rosy romantic walk before you make the steamy ball to roll! Flaunt your eye-grabbing and jaw-dropping silhouette in a frisky pure white satin shirt. Make your lips bright red or paint it with oxblood red lipstick, have deep kohled eyes and begin the game of seducing him with a bright red rose just gliding over his body. Just dab your fingers or make some slow-motioned circles with the deft use of your fingertips when you feel his body and wrap him up with yours. You can do a raunchy jig or give him a lap dance, soothing his sense and building the momentum for awesome sex!

Be the diva in a babydoll


When will your intimate wears be of any use, if it is not that Valentine night? Allure his senses and make him feel that he has not make a wrong choice when you prance in a lacy, frilly babydoll! Choose flamboyant colors if you are going the satin way, but laces rock no matter what is the hue you choose. While satin reveals the nice outline of your curves offering a visual treat, the lacy-look with the see-through element injected, leaves a lot to the imagination. He will weave a game plan of sex in advance- how he will take you to stars or a different planet- it’s his ability that decides the erotic world you are going to dwell in!

 High heels can do the trick


Just be in a short dress or a mini-skirt, but do not miss sporting big heels this V-Day! It adds on to the appeal of your derrière, as your bum is projected only for him to ogle at and soak in the erotic flair. Either go for bright red high heels or choose from candy colors, do not opt for the usual black color. No matter what lingerie set you wear and whether you are flaunting your G-string or not, let the heels add a dash of hotness and take your oomph quotient notches higher!

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Sex curry can have a lovely smell if you know the right mashing up process of sexual urges, moves you make and the tricks you follow for turning on the heat! Most guys can readily connect to the word ‘sex’ while the female brigade needs time to understand their own libido, its kicks and how she wants to have her sex platter, filled! Well, guys, just get it right on your head that when you make a deft use of your tongue and hands , you can never go wrong, but take her to the verge of orgasmic pleasure. The same applies for guys to- girls listen up! The pleasure –filled passion ride seems to be absolutely mind-boggling for him/her, if you know how to go about it!


Move your tongue- right, baby! : Tips for guys

  • The swirling and twirling begins inside the mouth, when intensifying the moments of lip-lock and nothing can be sexier than this if you are a good kisser, boy!
  • Let your tongue be active all around her juicy breasts, while your teeth can pop up and do some nibbling of nipples or the lower end of her boobs!
  • Make sex lip-smacking by circling your tongue in and around her navel. These circular patterns that your tongues make also  work in turning things steamy when moving in her erogenous spots like inner thighs, toes, buttocks and the likes
  • Titillation can be redefined when you tug at her clit… yeahh.. it can be  a heavenly feeling, making her to draw you in, when you her giving her oral!
  • Licking can be very ultra-sensitive and when it is your tongue, let it roll, twirl and tweak to offer her oodles of satisfaction in the lap of eroticism

Girls gear up- Tips for girls

  • When it is about fueling your passion pangs, then go about it in the passionate smooching session by reciprocating to his tongue moves or taking in charge of situations
  • He will love it if you go for smearing his collar bones, arms, chest with your saliva- a must-connecting session for both of you
  • Go slow with your circular tongue movements in and around his torso and his inner thighs- he might grab your hair and want you to the core- be playful, don’t give in easily if you want sex to be absolutely raunchy! Build up-build up – girl!
  • When you take charge, unzip him and his gun is in your charge, just touch the tip of his penis mildly with your tongue, you can tug it once or twice! The most sensitive pack of nerves is bundled there, he will be moaning, huffing and puffing to the core..
  • Take care of his gun by moving your tongue up and down the shaft of his penis, making him to want you crazily!

So if you have some naughty tricks up your arms with the successful use of your tongue, go about making sex awesome in one word! Have fun!

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Like it is said that for guys it is a dream come true if they ever catch a glimpse of their girl masturbating alone- nothing can be a more delectable feast for the senses! Guys when they verge on adolescence, get glued to the DIY method always when it comes to jerking off-So why not change the game, girl? Give guys the dream-caressing-of-their-junk, they have yenned for years. Hey guys, girls too have been shying away behind the doors, on their bed, between the pillows- only enjoying the rubbing sensation of their pussy between their legs or fingering themselves!


Girls, be liberal with your hands and give him a good hand hob, transporting him to a different world, it is not necessary to start from his gun!

Tips for girls:

  • You can engage in the rubbing act of his nipples, it is not only women who squirm when her pointed projections are fondled, guys go mad, too.
  • Tickle him by focusing on the spots that turn him crazy! When he has goosebumps, it will not only be his gun shooting up, his urge to devour you increases manifold
  • The area in and around his torso craving for some attention and caressing can make him feel it, with his pleasures dancing!
  • Mix and match with mild circling, soft dabbing with your fingertips when it is his prostrate area
  • When you grip his junk, just wrap him up with erotic moments that will be etched on his mind forever. Go slow when you are just rubbing is junk. When he is in the grip of his carnal desires, he can instruct you how to caress it offering him oodles of pleasure with his fantasies taking a real shape

Hey guys if you are thinking that you will be left out from feeding with useful tips of how your hand can do the talking, just do not fret, but read on below to find out how!

  • The very touch of yours is like the turning point for her inner desires to spill! Start by grabbing her twins, cupping of her breasts is like taking her to the right erotic pool
  • Then when you too feel that warmth and heat while making love, you can make use of your hands to scratch her back – an off track thing, but a good turn on act you must indulge in!
  • Make your hand go up and down, being cuddly in and around her waistline, then slowly move into her navel area
  • Play with her clit like a naughty boy who has clutched a much-treasured toy after days. Press the hood with soft, slow movements, squeeze a bit and then see how she just goes gaga over the whole affair
  • When you hit her pink cherry, then go for fingering in a deft way! Do not go for very vigorous moves at one go. Go for inserting two fingers and then put in three fingers depending on how she enjoys the whole show!

Fun is on the cards; let your hands be the mind-boggling fun-churning machine! Enjoy!

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There is a string of guys who would never think twice when it comes to sharing the tag of being the ‘ass guy’ or in other words in love with the cushiony bum of hot divas. It can be said that next to the couple of juicy mangoes or breasts of women, bums are what tickles a man’s fancy letting his erotic imagination to dance and fan his desire to get into the groovy sensual mood. If you can have a hot chick in your arms and get access to the paddy derriere of hers, why not just make the most of it?

Sexy Bum

Pinch, squeeze or knead

When you are just letting your hands move at a lightning speed, caressing her, feeding her thoughts of how she can be loved in an awesome way, you should start the steamy game by pinching her, which is in a way one stroke to turn her on! A little dabbing and squeezing on her bum cheeks can make her arousal level go high, leaving her to moan and groan. If she says something like ‘gimme me more’ then just go about the kneading movements with your fingers in and around her buttocks, you can move to the inner thighs too-  a little bit of clit titillation would be the ultimate, the superb icing on the sensual cake that both of you are baking!

Spank spank spank!

When it is sex, fetishes and likings are varied and if your partner loves pleasure the harder or painful way, then she will be all up to get some real spanking on her bum. It will be her way of deriving pleasure out of pain. When you spank her bum till red hot, she gets an arousal where she will be as wild as a python ready to devour you! Bring her on into the game your way!

Licking is good!

If you are really the tongue guy and you are confident that you can rev up the hot quotient of your sex session by licking, then go about it, bang on! Observe her squirm, twist and moan, scratch you and leave the marks of her nails on you. Let her rip you once just fuel her bottled up desires with the tricks up your sleeves. If sex got to be saucy, then it needs ignition of fire on both sides. So turn it on!

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