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If you have been thinking of how to zing up your sex life – it is not only change of sex positions, adeptness on bed or power-packed performance in a quickie, just tweak your thought process a little and you will be able to amp up that steamy quotient in your relationship like never before! Freshness lies when in how you add to the raunchy feel.


A pair of sexy lingerie for her….

A woman always needs a nudge when it is about bringing her out of the coy shell! if you have been thinking to see her in a sexy avatar, just embedded on your mind her curves and the mesmerizing sage of her erotic moves, her twins, epic cleavage, her pink cherry- a pair of sexy lingerie can do the trick. Bank on Satin or net and in terms of colour swear by baby pink, light peach if you are a mute-hue lover! Go for flamboyant red, oxblood red, midnight blue or jet black if bright sexy-coded lingerie appeal to your senses. She know you can gift her a lot of things, but a lingerie is sure to make her chuckle and take you into the inner recesses of the erotic pool.

Why  don’t you buy the cap for him?

His junk is going to wear it- but that doesn’t mean that he will have to buy it always? Why not try something different – a gesture that will not only leave him flabbergasted, but also put him on his toes, jumping at the joy of having a gala steamy affair! Guys always have this insatiable urge in them to let their partner make the first move? – so this can be a sweet and sexy gesture on your part!

Role play indulgence is a must- A shock that’s cherished!

During your hours of chit-chat if you have been successful to invade into his series of fancies, then doll up that way. If you do not know, why not guess? or for that matter turn into a Geisha, a nurse, a sexy secretary or anything you think will titillate your senses!  Turn him on by prancing around in the room in skimpy clothes or with your bare essentials- while your assets offer a sensory overload!

So if you want sex to be really awesome, it is time to take to the cool route of coming up with a sweet desire or gesture!

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If you want to add the needed verve in your sex life,  broadening the horizon of your imagination can help you to incorporate the needed spice in it. Well, even f you are a pro in bed, consider yourself to be the lexicon of sex positions, make your mind to be at work, conjure up images of spicy, heavenly erotic bliss and if you can think, imagine, you are sure to make things happen on bed. Whether you are in a 2 year old relationship, just having a  fling or satiating your libido with a hot chick, fun begins when you stir up your mind, add new things to make your partner feel awesome!

It is mainly the women who are glued to romantic fantasies, while on the other hand, the suave gentlemen think of being utterly wild on bed with their promiscuous self jutting out. Whether ‘being a swinger’ or just devouring a lady with full aggression, for men their fantasies are always tinged with promiscuity! Spell out your subdued desires to your partner because these do not need any bottling up- the more you open up , talk about your fantasies, the greater is the scope of discovering different and newer things about both of you during the steamy sessions.

Find out the surprises or one more reason to find one more excuse to be real close with your partner!

Young sexy woman shows a leg for business man at desk

The oh-so -handsome boss and me your oh-so-sexy secretary

Whether it is the influence of porn flicks or the role-play sessions that have been hovering on your mind, making out session of a boss and her sexy, sultry secretary is like a really saucy one! Hey girl, put on your sexy pencil skirt with a slit, a body hugging shirt with the front buttons open, the cleavage-view, in one word awesome,  and just bend down to pick the pen or the bunch of papers that just slipped from the folder that you are carrying- do all when he is eyeing you. When he comes closer to help you out- does the rest needs to be told? 😉

FoodPlay:  Bringing food into the bedroom!

Foods like whipped cream, ice cream, mango juice, hot chocolate sauce, fruits like strawberries and the like can definitely add on to the sexual experience. No matter what you use- much of tongue, your hands and the like with the foods just acting as the catalyst, upping sexual fun is  going to be easy for both of you.

A sexy-nurse and a sick patient

A hot nurse dolled up in an ultra-cool way is treating you when you complain of having cold or fever! Imagine yourself to be the sick patient while your partner dresses up as a doctor- a oomph-loaded setting for erotic fun to just begin with a bang! Hey girl, entice him by revealing some while hiding some. You can wear a see-through or net-wrapped doctor’s shirt or dress in layers while attending him. Girl- when you put the stethoscope on his bare chest, he breathes, then you succumb to his lingering glances keeping a close watch on your twins and both of you will be in a good mood to turn things on like never before!

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Whether you have a girlfriend in your life or lacking the female company for long, the heart has its own set of quirky desires that huff and puff for fulfilment! Even if you have a girlfriend and you are not ready to show off your true colors to her yet, talk dirty or have that sexual fulfilment, an escort surely can be your pleasure-partner transporting you to a wow-worthy land of erotic bliss with ease!

Untitled-1 copy

Watching her do the solo act!

It is often said that men are visual creatures and there are no two ways about it! Guys are too used to their DIY job since their teens, but watching a girl masturbate in front of them is something that will act as the sensory overload for them. Hey boy have you often thought of  putting an end to those gaping sessions at your laptop? It’s time to chuck off that era of porn-watching and derive pleasure in the real sense of the term!

Indulging in the spanking game

Did you always dream of being the spanker, but faltered to speak up to your girl to be the spankee? If you are in love with the spanking game that you have watched in many porn flicks, a diva of a first-rate escort agency can be the best pleasure-giver in this respect! So decide whether you are going to use the whip or make the best use of a sex toy to make her bum go red, offering pleasure in pain. If you want to tickle her clit from behind or want to lick her bum after spanking or thrust her from behind, vouching for anal sex- the choice is all yours!

Getting a breathtaking blow job to your heart’s content

Every guy has high hopes of their junk being caressed and fondled with care and oodles of charm. A breathtaking blow job is something that the male brigade hankers for and perhaps tops their wishlist of fantasies. A seasoned, frisky playmate knows how to go about licking the shaft of your gun, reach the tip of your penis where a bundle of nerves make that coveted spot ultra-sensitive! From dabbing the tip of the gun to deep-throating- a sexy female damsel armed with all the erotic tips can paint your fantasies in dark passionate hues.

So go for booking a sexy vixen now!

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Did your girlfriend bamboozle you? If your marriage hit the rocks or your flimsy love-loaded affair did not last for long, that doesn’t been you will be an outcast when it is about taking those pleasure-filled dips in the company of skinny and curvaceous beauties? The no-strings attached sexy bonds are what can really make you go “wow” about your own life, scrubbing the loneliness, dark shadows and emotional insatiable quotient away from your life. When you have the pleasure hubs with the bevy of girls geared up to make you take an erotic bath, why hold on to your pants for long? Call up and go for booking. Apart from cooking up the sex curry, your chosen beauty can be a friend and companion, rolled into one! Find out how?


Your ticket to a couple’s party

Like you often abstain from caffeine, liquor, there comes some phase in life, where you might go on a dry spell and shun the company of female companions! During such times, the invitations to couple parties, the passes demanding a duo to a dance-class-  look very frustrating, driving you crazy! If you hire an escort, you can not only make a grand entry to a couple’s party with her in tow, making all other green with envy, scorching the dance floor or adding fiery moments of intimacy becomes easy in any fun-filled session!

Your trump card in a business meeting

An important business meet is scheduled for tomorrow and you are worried that roping in the project will be a difficult task? Get rid of your apprehensions and if a workable idea hasn’t hit you yet, it is time that you realize that how a sultry siren with her gracious presence, lovely smile and big assets can help you in making your client go crazy checking out the hot lady by your side- augmenting the process of saying a big ‘yes’ to your business proposal.

Your sweet mate can be:

  • Your travel companion when you go for sightseeing
  • The sexy diva can be your partner when you to a flower show, a carnival and more
  • If being snooty makes you feel classy in the polo field, she can be the elegant diva by your side with the perfect hat on, donning a flowy gown, with the vintage clutch sealed on her hand!
  • If you are a patron of art and in need of spotting the cultural hubs like art galleries, museums, entertainment zones and more in different pockets of UK, then she can step in with her nose for art!
  • In need of pseudo- girlfriend and companion, you can choose your diva from a  stunning gallery of piping hot girls!
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The DIY pleasure sessions have been common among the male brigade, as guys are believed to talk to their junk, listen to its wants and desires. They speak aloud the shagging-off episodes with no qualms whatsoever! Are the ladies not into solo sessions? Of course, the ladies indulge in self-pleasure sessions or female masturbation. Though it is still a hush hush affair- hey ladies, did you know masturbation has its set of health benefits? If you are not aware, read more!


Put  an end to disruptive slumber sessions 

Don’t you get sleep at night and the tossing-turning sessions have a become a part of your routine? It is not enough to drink a glass of milk, but hopping in bed acts as the catalyst. The DIY solo sessions produce endorphins, which in turn, de-stress and relax you, reducing pain, preparing you for a tight sleep.

Feel less of menstrual pain

The cramps and painful sessions pre-menstruation often seems killing! Self-pleasure can be the best means to lessen those irritations and do away with the cramps and painful backaches. When you masturbate ladies, there is nothing to feel coy about as there is greater increase of blood flow for any lady towards the pelvic region! So don’t you have reasons galore now to indulge in this self-gratifying act?

Say goodbye to urinary tract infections

 If you have been suffering from urinary tract infections (UTI) too often, you do not know what benefit you can derive from masturbating? In a way, it throws away old bacteria from your cervix. Can there be any better way to discard the unwanted?

So if you have been shying away from masturbation, postponing  plans of buying vibrators or sex toys, it is time to celebrate the self-satisfying masturbation sessions, girls! If you have been thinking why should guys have all the fun? Here’s the answer to all your questions. You can have a number of health benefits when you masturbate. it is time to trash all your worries, shyness and make your fingers more active! 😉

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Orgasm is a word that makes anyone come up with a ‘wow’ as that ethereal feeling grips the mind. The heart feels liberated  and soaks in the sweet nectar-loaded moments, never willing to peter out. The nerve  pack that is at the clitoris of a lady is double than what it is at the  tip of a penis of a guy- so yes, the gorgeous ladies can innocuously feel this exhilarating experience way beyond anything! Just read through how that liberated, exhilarating feeling can be for the hot divas!


You feel you want to sneeze, but it got stuck!

You feel the sensation if you are having a running nose or allergic to something, that this very moment you will sneeze, but somehow it doesn’t happen! That might bother you for hours or all through the day- but finally when it happens- it’s like  a heartfelt wish turning into reality.

 Water boiling!

When water is being boiled in  a pot over the stove, you can hear some noise at times, or feel that the bubbles can be seen soon, but when the real boiling happens, it’s too hot to handle- you know nothing, cannot figure out any meaning, but feel the pleasure manifolds!

 Bagging a reward

When you are about to get a prize, you feel  the excitement building up, but until and unless you are bagging it, you do not feel that pleasure. When you finally lay your hands on the prize, there is release of all tension, transporting you to a new world of bliss! Every ounce of the anatomy swings in tune with the frenzied mode you are caught in.

 Ready to take the plunge:  A SKYDIVE!

When you are in the throes of having an orgasm, all you get to realize is that something big is going to happen! There’s no guarantee as to what is going to happen next , as it is often said that before an orgasm hits you, it has higher chances of slipping too! When finally the explosion takes place, with the heart pounding with the bundle of emotions- the heart feels like making the most of the whole experience!

Hey girls can you connect to your feeling now after you have an orgasm? See what the inner recesses of your mind says! Engage in some self-chuckling talk and enjoy the blissful moments!

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