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Bras are not only for providing a firm look to your breasts. They serve other—perhaps more important—purposes as well. You have no idea how much you can entice and tease your partner by wearing the perfect quarter-cup bra!

Sexy Bra

Quarter-cup or cup-less or shelf bras are tailor-made for bedroom purposes, and are generally underwired with perfect elastic bands to provide a great shape to your twins, exposing perfectly the nipple region and the areola.

Ah, well! While you go on to play with the bras with your imaginative powers, take a look at some other “important” other usages as well—

1) They Enlarge the Breast Region

If pregnancy or breastfeeding have changed the shape of your breasts, worry not for these half-cup or cup-less bras enhance the breast region and provides a proper shape to it. As for the rest, we keep it to your imagination.

2) Ultimate Seduction

Seduction by implication is the naughtiest of it all. These bras allow you to show just the perfect amount of skin—neither too much and nor too less, and set the stage for some fiery activities!

3) Spice it Up

Break the monotony of your sex-life by wearing these naughty bras. They allow you to hit off the foreplay in an altogether new way, full of laughter and naughty fun!

4) Tease Him To No Extent

Initiate newer foreplay games like, “See but don’t touch”, and see how easily, with an impish smile, you can tease your man to the extent of making him go all haywire and wild with desire!

5) Distract Your Man’s Eyes, If You Wish

There may be certain areas of your body which you may not be comfortable about! These bras attract your man’s entire attraction and affection towards your breasts, making you feel comfortable as well as feel confident about wooing your partner too!

6) Be Confident

Come on, these lingerie don’t only make things spice up but also boasts your confidence like no other. After all, there isn’t many things which help you feel sexy and be glad about yourself sans much frills and worldly fancies!

7) Use Your Bra As An Accessory

Yea, you’ve heard it right. Forget all the sex props, and use your bra as the best prop ever! You may take some erotic dance courses and make “proper” use of your bras—and then, well…keep imagining!

8) Make Love Like Two Lost Souls

Your teasing him and playing about with the bra make him feel wanted, desired and much loved. So, much that, for a change, the guy is flattered while on bed, and both of you may just end up having the best sex ever!

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In these age of hi-fi gadgets and social networking, sexting has become quite an “it” thing! One may like it or hate it, but ignoring it is simply impossible. While the men shout out loud about their love for sexting, women have always kept low about their affair with sexting. But no more so; for here are some pointers that’ll give everyone a fair idea about how the women see and perceive sexting!


1. Some find it funnier than sexier!

Well, you’ve heard it right. Thanks to the galore of emoticons and memes, many women do not find it hot at all. Instead, due to the innuendos through emoticons, things get much funnier and lovable!

2. Immature—Well May Be!

Among various mixed reactions, some reactions that we got were quite serious. Here’s a teacher who completely denounced the idea of having any love or need for sexting. And, she pinpointed her profession for hating sexting and termed it as “immature”.

Well, immature, is it?

3. The Dilemma of Pictures

Now here’s an interesting thing. While most women vouch for sexting “dirty” images and pictures, many women have professed their deep hatred about going through images of “di*ks” in spite of being quite a pro in sexting.

Numerous other women believe that light hearted pictures with more innuendos and implications than the showcase of the actual organ were preferred more over out-and-out pictures of the sexual organs, and much more.

There’s yet another group of women who get turned on and have tremendous orgasm when a picture of the manly organ is sex-texted to them. Many women in long term relationships have professed their deep love for sexting with pictures and images of the male organs.

Apart from these, there is yet another group of women who get horny when they take part in the ritual of sending images while sexting. According to them, the fun just gets doubled when sext is combined with pictures of not just the male organs but “b**bs” and “c**ts” as well!

4. Sext Only If The Women Have Slept with The Men

Many women prefer the idea of starting sext only themselves. They do not like the men to start off the process. Many feel that they do it just for fun or the sake of doing it rather than pleasure. 70% of the women prefer to sext only those men they have known and have slept with. The comfort level in their relationship helps them to get more into it, and thus end up having utmost fun and pleasure.

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Have you ever tried making love out in the open? Or, if you’re more adventurous (literally!), then out in the woods? Well, don’t worry if you haven’t yet—there’s always a first time! In the meantime, while you decide on the venue and time, here’re some sex positions that you may try out in the open and have the most passionate and exciting sex ever!

Sex in forest

1. Pop-A-Squat—Exciting and Endearing

Let your partner (male) lie down on a bed of grass, and let yourself rest atop him in a reverse cow-girl style. Your face must be away from him! If you feel the need for something to hold onto or cling on, then you may use a tree stump for support!

2. Doggy Style Modified—It’s Hot

Do an inverted arch-like pose—your hands must touch the ground with your butts sticking out. Let your partner stand behind you and penetrate alike the doggy style. It’s absolutely fun and sizzling!

3. The Tree Huggers

This is by far the most sexy and passionate sex positions that you definitely HAVE to try out while making love outdoors. Get onto your partner’s lap and wrap him around with your long legs. Let him push you against a tree, and you may start your elaborate, passionate love making! You can wear a cape to prevent hurting against the tree stump!

4. The Shadowy Foreplay

Foreplay can be very exciting, playful and albeit sexy! Here’s a game that can turn on the mood like no other, and all you need as prop is a torch. Creep into a tent, get naked (of course), and point torch at different parts of your body. Your partner has to follow by licking and kissing those parts passionately. Tada! The rest is better left to your imagination!

5. The Woody Story

Find a tree stump, and let your partner sit atop it. Get cozy in his lap and clinch his torso with your legs wrapped around. Cling onto to tighter as he penetrates you, and find out a newer meaning of companionship in this way!

6. The Swingy Tree-some!

If you like oral sex, then there cannot be a more adventurous pose like this! Hang down from a tree by your knees and position yourself such that your mouth faces your partner’s penis while he stands, and his mouth faces your cunt! Enjoy a night of passionate oral sex under a blanket of stars!

7. The Garden Of Eden

Enter a thicket or any bushy area, and naughtily blindfold each other using thick foliages. Now feel free to explore each other in the naughtiest or in the most passionate ways possible!

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Little things can let you ruin the pleasure of sex, and if you can mend them properly, you may just have the best sex ever with every passing day! Here’s a list of few common mistakes that men make (along with their respective solutions), and end up having an unsatisfactory sex life—


1. Arousal Can Happen Anytime

Unlike men, arousal in women needs time and doesn’t happen with the blink of an eye. Hence, foreplay is quite necessary in these cases. So, play with your lady—fondle her body, kiss her, hold her hand and have fun together before you actually start lovemaking!

2. No Need of Asking If She’s Okay

Fake orgasms in women are quite common, and you surely don’t want to be a part of that if you really want to enjoy sex! So, constantly ask your woman if she’s okay or if she wants to try out something else. The result may be much more exciting and passionate! So, break the barrier and ask her questions alike throughout!

3. Try Out Different Poses and Tricks One after the Other

Many women complain that men shifts from one move to the other moments after they’ve resumed the former. This leaves much lesser scope for the women to actually enjoy the process. So, if you feel that a move is actually working out great between both of you, then stick to your plan, and continue with it at least for some time.

4. Restrict to Physicality

Women tend to fantasize a lot during the process of making love while men love to get stirred up with what they see! If you extend the idea of foreplay quite a bit, then you shall be able to pacify your lady lover like no other, and prolong her orgasm too for a better sex! It’s a win-win situation in both sides!

5. Intercourse Provides the Desired Orgasm

Since most sex positions and poses don’t directly stimulate the clitoris, intercourse often fails to provide her the desired orgasm. Oral sex, on the other hand, provides much more orgasm to her. You may also try out different poses, like having woman on top, and different agents (like sex toys, couple vibrators and alike) that are known to provide more orgasm to a woman that general intercourse.

6. Seduction—What’s the Need

Women love to be seduced no matter how many years you’ve been in a relationship. It allows a woman to know how desirable and wanted she is, and works as an instant turn on to most! Try it out for a great sex!

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