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Curious to know how your teeth can be active to offer her oodles of pleasure- obviously you will have to go slow, make subtle movements so that she squirms and gets ready to uncork her erotic desires. Instant arousal spots for a diva are ample, you need to hit the spots right to see her moaning and writhing and spelling out your name. Know the erogenous zones that can her make her go crazy.

Hit the words starting with ‘N’: Nipples, nape, neck

If it is about going gaga during foreplay, then make her feel ticklish by soft nibbling on her pink projections and observe how  she groans and wants you more, drawing closely to her bosom. Bask in the feeling of getting lost in her soft cushiony twins – play, fondle, bite her subtly and just turn her on. Finger play in and around her nape and neck- leading her to giggle, chuckle, slowing waking up her erotic sense- before she unleashes her wild self!

Sensual biting of her inner thighs will make her to take you in


When you nibble her inner thighs, give a small bite and play the game of giving her goose bumps and pain she will thoroughly enjoy. She will be hankering for pussy fondling or deft play of the clit but when you offer a mix of feather touch with your fingers and a whip of little biting on her soft inner thighs, you will not have to ask permission whether you can go down on her- she will spell it out on her own! Isn’t that info enough to wake up your gun?

Boom boom buttocks

Squeezing of the dimples on her booty, mild nibbling and spanking is all that you need to make her feel crazy. Are you in love with the cushioning effect that her bum offers and you enjoy when thrusting her from behind?  Clinging to the ultra-sensitive area can make her feel awesome about you boy!

Don’t miss out on the ear lobes:

Though it is said that the best means to make a man get turned on is his earlobes, it is the same thing with the female brigades too!  A small sting on her earlobes with some fond tickling on her epic cleavage, nape and the likes are just the picture-perfect moves that can really make her cook a saucy sex curry with you injecting the essence of sheer gratification in the air. You are sure to relish the taste after such a scintillating foreplay!

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