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Little things can let you ruin the pleasure of sex, and if you can mend them properly, you may just have the best sex ever with every passing day! Here’s a list of few common mistakes that men make (along with their respective solutions), and end up having an unsatisfactory sex life—


1. Arousal Can Happen Anytime

Unlike men, arousal in women needs time and doesn’t happen with the blink of an eye. Hence, foreplay is quite necessary in these cases. So, play with your lady—fondle her body, kiss her, hold her hand and have fun together before you actually start lovemaking!

2. No Need of Asking If She’s Okay

Fake orgasms in women are quite common, and you surely don’t want to be a part of that if you really want to enjoy sex! So, constantly ask your woman if she’s okay or if she wants to try out something else. The result may be much more exciting and passionate! So, break the barrier and ask her questions alike throughout!

3. Try Out Different Poses and Tricks One after the Other

Many women complain that men shifts from one move to the other moments after they’ve resumed the former. This leaves much lesser scope for the women to actually enjoy the process. So, if you feel that a move is actually working out great between both of you, then stick to your plan, and continue with it at least for some time.

4. Restrict to Physicality

Women tend to fantasize a lot during the process of making love while men love to get stirred up with what they see! If you extend the idea of foreplay quite a bit, then you shall be able to pacify your lady lover like no other, and prolong her orgasm too for a better sex! It’s a win-win situation in both sides!

5. Intercourse Provides the Desired Orgasm

Since most sex positions and poses don’t directly stimulate the clitoris, intercourse often fails to provide her the desired orgasm. Oral sex, on the other hand, provides much more orgasm to her. You may also try out different poses, like having woman on top, and different agents (like sex toys, couple vibrators and alike) that are known to provide more orgasm to a woman that general intercourse.

6. Seduction—What’s the Need

Women love to be seduced no matter how many years you’ve been in a relationship. It allows a woman to know how desirable and wanted she is, and works as an instant turn on to most! Try it out for a great sex!

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