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Love needs expression, fulfillment and a sense of belonging so that you can bask in the feeling of being absorbed into the fold of someone’s life. Needless to say that kisses are an integral part of love-making, exhibiting how intrinsically you want your partner. Want to leave your mark on any of her erogenous zones? Hickeys top the chart! Hickeys, love bites or kiss marks- you can flaunt to the world or keep it private. The choice is yours! While some would like to show to the world so that the onlookers can fix their gaze, the other lot might be of that coy type, feeling happy, chuckling on their own while checking the hickey out in front of the mirror! So, what’s your take on this boy?

When you cross the different phases in a making out session, it is aggression that gets added with passion and these marks often happen unknowingly! If you are meeting your girl after six long months, when you get intimate- it’s natural that it will be a heavy downpour of all your dark desires and erotic feelings. Don’t have a partner and you’re cribbing while going through these lines? Why not pick a bombshell offered by the reputed pleasure zones and have your platter of erotic fun?

‘Go slow’ is the catchphrase that you must swear by if you are looking for some wacky bed sheet thrill. A good build up session punctuated with frisky moves in the foreplay can really set things on fire! Let the tongues roll and twirl, it paves the way for a hickey. Kiss slowly and gradually and seal things at first with a deep French kiss. Then come down a bit and let your tongue service to be active near her throat and her collarbone. When your hands move frantically up and down feeling her juicy, soft assets, let your affection get wild. Begin your love-making journey by planting soft kisses, then go for a skin deep one via a hickey and leave your mark.

The neck, nape, the cleavage, upper part of the boobs, the territory beside the nipples, area around the navel are some of the hot spots where you would generally love to leave your impression. Watch out for the signals, her uttering blanketed with moans when you make love to her. This will enable you to act the way she wants- wrapping her with oodles of satisfaction and erotic pleasure.

Hey there! Are you already in your baggy top and shorts, using the mouth-fresher? If you luckily have your partner in tow right now, go for it… kitchen sink, staircase, your gigantic wooden wardrobe and so on… hope you are not lacking in ideas anymore for an amazing hickey session? Begin the show of love and lust now and do not forget to lock the door!

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