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‘Cleavage’- is the word that can make any man to drool! Men folk have a fascination for the dent above the juicy twins of a lady for ages! Guys- does it remind you of the cleft of the buttocks of a hot lady? Stealing a glance or a constant staring when such a heavenly sight meets the eyes is hardly missed by you, even if you see that frown on the face of a lady or get tagged as ‘lecherous’ straight on your face! Your junk can’t help standing and asking for more- the visual connection that you establish while checking out a girl and her cleavage, helps you to have some food for that masturbation session at night. So why only put your head deep down the glossy covers of a magazine or watch a porn flick when you can just recollect and let your mind to show up some really sexy cleavage pictures? Guys- chuckle, chuckle at your will!

Hot Cleavage

If boobs are the ultimate milky bar that make you go weak on your knees, a side view or a full-fledged view of that small dent near her boobs- can make you go nuts, isn’t it? The more deep-seated it is, the better it is for your senses, right? If you are in love with epic cleavages then you got to settle for a lady who is heavily endowed!

Girls are aware of their boob power and how they can seek male attention, it acting as the weapon! While taking a look at the wardrobe of a girl who loves to engage in the dare-bare act, you will find body-hugging tops, tight- frilly dresses that easily make their twins to pop out and those are easily put on by the female brigade! So a nicely shaped bum or a well-endowed asset, a deeper cleavage is for whom to check out? Let the girls have their own share of fun out here!

Men are so obsessed with this ‘C’ spot that while talking about cleavage with other guys, they end up cupping it or guessing the bra size of the lady. They go to the extent of engaging in a tiff among the male buddies whether it is about deciding on the size, type of the cleavage and the like. Men start acting like kids!

Bazoombas, epic cleavage, a shapely bum …… guys do you require anything more for turning on erotic fun?

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