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Are you game for some notorious fun? If you are feeling all honking and do not mind some whacky moments, then be experimental when it comes to cooking the sex curry! The word ‘boredom’ should not come in when it’s sex as that will mean a threat to your well-being and a happy life! Strange are the ways when the heart feels like spending some cozy moments or go for deeper penetration in bed-rattling sex! When you get that libido kick and you feel like ripping off your clothes, do not think the bed is the only place to hit. When you choose some not-so-safe zones and that carnal desire of yours just want to go all the way haywire, then you need to choose places that will make the quickies more interesting. Whether it is kitchen sink, rooftop, or staircase, if you know how to add that sauce and pepper in the way you rustle up the sex curry, then sex can be really fun and amazing.

stair sex

Go on top of him

W hen he is on the stairs, sit on his lap with his junk directly thrusting you. For extra support to balance yourself, you can hold on to the handrails. For lifting your bum when he wants to position his junk differently, this staircase posture can really be rocking.

The conventional favorite doggie style

For those who are ace in making love and for those who are immature, the missionary style and the doggie style never go out of the favorite list. The big wall adjacent to the staircase offers support when he stands at your back, penetrating you from behind. It is always the quickies where you always feel the panic of an intervention of someone else which adds to its thrill quotient. Staircase sex will obviously not be without clothes completely until and unless both of you are not home alone. So make the most of the horny hick-ups and color your passionate streak red by just making love in the stairs.

It’s pillow time

If you think that the series of steps with its hard exterior will not be cozy on your skin, why not carry some pillows so that you have a cushy foundation for yourself? When he is pinning you down in the stairs, entering you from behind or from the front, just let pillows do the comfort talk. Make a good use of the landings when you are all in mood for some sizzling sex as if both of you are under the bed sheets! Adventurous sexual fun should be coveted by only those who are bold enough to experiment adding some years to their sex life, without letting monotony to come in!

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