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This season of love set your bed scorching with love, lust and passion! The whole Valentine week if you have been sensing love brimming with bubbles and sharing some memorable moments with each other, make the V-Day sex session whisky, horny and all-satisfying! It’s time to grab his rocket, not the teddy bear, make that sweet kiss change into a lingering lip-lock and take the syrupy quotient of the Chocolate Day to redefine hotness by spilling chocolate on each other and having yummier licking sessions. Go berserk, absolutely naughty and wild this V-Day!

Ladies why will men start the love innings always?  Take charge of it – ladies step in and make the bold moves!

A baggy satin shirt unbuttoned with a long-stick rose between your lips


Yes…. Just set the tone for a rosy romantic walk before you make the steamy ball to roll! Flaunt your eye-grabbing and jaw-dropping silhouette in a frisky pure white satin shirt. Make your lips bright red or paint it with oxblood red lipstick, have deep kohled eyes and begin the game of seducing him with a bright red rose just gliding over his body. Just dab your fingers or make some slow-motioned circles with the deft use of your fingertips when you feel his body and wrap him up with yours. You can do a raunchy jig or give him a lap dance, soothing his sense and building the momentum for awesome sex!

Be the diva in a babydoll


When will your intimate wears be of any use, if it is not that Valentine night? Allure his senses and make him feel that he has not make a wrong choice when you prance in a lacy, frilly babydoll! Choose flamboyant colors if you are going the satin way, but laces rock no matter what is the hue you choose. While satin reveals the nice outline of your curves offering a visual treat, the lacy-look with the see-through element injected, leaves a lot to the imagination. He will weave a game plan of sex in advance- how he will take you to stars or a different planet- it’s his ability that decides the erotic world you are going to dwell in!

 High heels can do the trick


Just be in a short dress or a mini-skirt, but do not miss sporting big heels this V-Day! It adds on to the appeal of your derrière, as your bum is projected only for him to ogle at and soak in the erotic flair. Either go for bright red high heels or choose from candy colors, do not opt for the usual black color. No matter what lingerie set you wear and whether you are flaunting your G-string or not, let the heels add a dash of hotness and take your oomph quotient notches higher!

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