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The fleshy stone fruit with its sweeter inner pulp, an adorable shiny skin tempts you? The irresistible fragrance of the sweet mangoes makes you salivate? Shift your focus from the edible aspect of the fruit to something more hot and spicy! If you are a guy and reading this, then can you deny you never strip your mind and let it imagine the juicy boobs of that girl next door, your favorite celeb, your partner or that sexy waitress in the nearby coffee parlour in the shape of a mango? Boy, just don’t chuckle; make a good use of these juicy mangoes in your sexual escapade!

If you are smitten by the round, curvy assets of that babe, just rip open her top, unhook the bra and her boobs like mangoes with a pointed and tapering end, will make you to not only adore the nipples, tweak them, press them so that the hot chick is all gasping and panting, while plunging deeper and deeper in the pleasure pool!

Why leave all to imagination when the mangoes come not only with ample health benefits, but scoring points also when you are in bed! Extract the pulp or just rip apart some of the skin of a ripe mongo from the middle portion, squeeze the pulp and in a frisky way, smear the pulp on the erogenous spots of the hottie. The juices trickling down from her navel, boobs, bum and several areas- just lick those, suck her as much as you want- till you are satisfied and she utters that you are the best man in bed she had so far!

Though the play with the pulp can be a bit messy affair, but to jazz up that fun balloon, add the needed air of experimentation when you hit the bed! If you have the a bottle of mango juice in your fridge, you can also take that out and along with the use of the fruit and its pulp, just pour mango juice all over her body and let her do the return favours and tantalize you!

The succulent mangoes can also act as suggestive pieces during foreplay when you can suck it in front of the diva, which will drop the hints as to how you would like to devour her! Just play the game of love and lust with full might and right while the sweet fragrance of the yummy fruit wafts in your cozy bedroom!

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