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Men proclaim to be the among the proud lot when they are successful in pinning down a chick on bed and have their way- it is something that they proudly brag in front of their friends! Hey girl, do you have access to the bedroom wish list of men? The handsome hunks can go really wild with their imagination, but when it comes to spelling things out, they can fall short of their expertise. Men can perform well than what they can speak up!

Sex Cravings

Girl- turn yourself on- He’ll love it

It is a known fact that arousal for women is a slow process. Men do walk that extra mile in the foreplay to make a woman hot and horny, but lovely ladies why not just drop all your inhibitions, let go that wild cat in you and engage in a solo effort of turning yourself on? It will definitely be of great support for your partner who is trying to feel your passion pulse. The self-pleasuring missions that you carry out solely can give a boost to your sexual libido for sure!

Sex got to be a fun ride

While trying to grapple with your carnal desires and experimenting different sex positions and moves, slip-ups do happen, things do not work out the way you want or you fantasize after watching the sex movies. Odd noises, small mishaps like getting hurt when you miss a sex position- should melt in the thin air in the form of a good laugh without frustration or awkwardness setting in. Guys love sex in a frisky and fun-loving way, give it to them like that girls!

Drop hints, spell out ladies

It’s often said that in order to make a sexual session amazing, you need to communicate and often indulge in dirty talking as it is the stepping stone of such an adventurous journey! Tell him how good it feels when he cups your breasts, squeezes your nipples, goes deep down and the like- so that his confidence level gets the needed boost! He will love the praises, adulation and would make love just the way you want! Isn’t it a mutually beneficial relationship woman? Erotic instructions, positive reinforcement work as the best medicine to enhance the performance level of men in bed! Ask for a good hand job, lip or mouth service and things ought to get steamier!

Men love to watch what unfolds in front of him

Whether you touch yourself in front of him, do a live vibrator show, gulp a banana in a sultry way or do some act with strawberry or whipped cream, he will love to watch your every move! While having sex, when you are on top and he has access to your juicy assets and can also make way for good thrusting, he will not ask for anything for as pleasure will get doubled up!

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