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A small note for the guys: If that nice ass of your girl has only been a visual stimulator till now, it’s time to caress the lovely pair of bums to take your steamy session to the next level. Things can be really saucy when you know how these cutie fleshy pies can give your junk a real kick! So if you haven’t showered your love on that hot spot of your partner, it is time to let loose and go the bum-y way!

Ghetto booties or small round bums? – Guys, this question is for you! Men nonchalantly says that a ‘nice ass’ of a girl can do a lot. Like they appreciate like almost every part of a woman’s body, a hot bum can really make a guy glued to his lady!

Sexy Bum

Getting turned on with a shapely one

It is the figure of a woman, which decides how her bum is going to be! Some have slightly lifted ones, some have firm and juicy- and size does matter here too, like the lovely breasts of a woman! A lusty look at a nice ass can really kick things off for a guy, making him to go into a world of fantasy where he conjures some lovely erotic images on his mind!

Pressing it hard

Guys love pressing and there are no two ways about it! So whether it is adorning the bum cheeks, pressing it hard or doing a jig it with you as the twin bounces to the affection and love showered, guys can really go crazy! Go pressing!

Kiss and lick

Kissing can be sensuous and it does not need to be told! Like planting kisses can make your lady-love crazy going when going from top to bottom or the other way round, a kiss on her ass can be a big turn on for her. If her bum is not featuring among the top erogenous zones in your list, add it now as she loves it! If you really want to pamper your girl and feel pampered, then indulge in the act of licking and kissing her padded up assets to make things smoking hot.

Enjoy the cushion-like feel during intercourse

In order to have immense sexual satisfaction during intercourse, it is important to experiment with various sexual positions. If he likes to see your butt jiggle while he is doing it from the back or the soft cushiony, fleshy pillow adds to the excitement of the whole sex session for him, then guys spell out how you cutely admire her downward twins and just go for a ravishing love-making session!

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