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It is not only the voluptuous curves of a woman, it is her twins- the bigger the size the better it is as food for men’s fantasy! The assets are the means to have a piping hot session in bed! Guys have a fetish for that round, juicy assets that the gorgeous ladies are blessed with or do not mind going under the knife to enhance volume, make those more round and tight if there is any signs of early sagging. Hey chick do you want to cast that spell on your man? Your twins can do that magic. If your guy is reading it right, you are craving for some pampering- the tits are always eager to pop out from that frilly bra, offer a great show and make your man flabbergasted!

Girls do the job on your part to keep your twins more appealing and sexy! Dress them up scantily and in a sultry way by choosing the best of lingerie in flamboyant red, haunting black or choose the girlie pink colour when you hit the bedroom! Before sex you can go for a hot(read lukewarm) water bathing session which paves the way for higher blood circulation and makes your tits super sensitive to touch. Do not keep your twins dry after taking a shower; slather high-quality moisturizing cream so that like the shiny skin of the juicy mango, your boobs should also never lose its sheen.

Guys- are you thinking where is that saucy platter for you? Well, playing, fondling or caressing with your girl’s assets is something that does not need much introduction. But, hey don’t just pounce on like a desperate male, give her the touch she wants, the arousal that keeps her dying for you, the sensation that will make her go wild- boy the cards are on your hands! Why not play with patience and play it right?

If you are of the opinion that the tits need some fondling and pressing during the foreplay only and then you can go astray and concentrate on her other erogenous zones, then you are wrong! Just as you make her feel it, turn her on during foreplay with boob-caressing, pay attention to her assets all through the love-making session. It is not the pink nipples- tweaking, twirling and licking which should be your focus, pay attention to her entire breasts, mainly the underside as the pack of nerve there will titillate her to the core ensuring she has an awesome stimulation and later an over-whelming orgasm!

Guys you need to master the art of cupping her breasts. When you grip the tender, soft assets, let her be on top and using your fingertips make small, slow circles and slowly come towards her nipples. Then start the licking session, as if you are licking a scoop of vanilla ice-cream- relish, feel it, go slow, let her feel your tongue – then begin the frisky nibbling and sucking session in a gentle manner before you just go all wild! Cover the soft tits with your mouth as much as you can go in and let the rest to follow behind the curtains………..

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