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The craving souls of those in a long-distance relationship wait for months to let their boyfriends be in town. They have to deal with matters of the heart and body  in a cool way! If you are among one in the brigade who usually bottle up her desires and uncork them when he is in town, turn things spicy with the following tips. All your carnal desires is waiting to get unleashed, make the move girl, it’s time for some passion-play!

sizzling sex

Get real naughty at night over the phone the day before!

Ensure that the last night chat is just crazily erotic for him. Direct how will you like to have him when he is home and make him just yen for that moments when he will be at the door and you will be answering the bell! The story follows, even if the erotic details is not spelt out here, you can feel it, isn’t it?


Be the animal, the wild tigress! Drop all shyness, inhibitions and just pounce like a hungry animal! He wants to be loved and if you can show him how real bad he was missed via the way you make the sensually-packed moves will make him to remember you even when you will be not around. Cast a lasting impression on him, so that he doesn’t need to think about another chick!

Wall action!

The thrusting act gets better when he just pushes you against the wall and whether it is the doggie-style or how he wants to penetrate you- things get real cosy, mushy and ‘wow’ for both of you! So some wall action is a must, ensure that it is in your wish list when you are conjuring up the sexual scenes and locking it on your mind before he is back in town!

Some pillow-padding

No matter whether he is a book of sex positions and both of you love experimenting; it is the level of intimacy that gets heightened when you are hitting the bed with your partner after a long span of time. So place some soft pillows under your buttocks, so that his junk can get in smoothly and reach your sensitive pack of nerves or your C-spot and G-spot with ease, while you just bask in the pleasure of taking him in!

The peep show

Things ought to get steamier! Clad up skimpily and just prance around doing your regular chores, after he gets into the apartment. Feel oblivious of the fact that you are not in your regular wear. Don’t feel conscious because he is checking you out. This peep show will reveal as well as leave things for him to imagine. Give him a visual treat, before he joins you and transport you to a land of erotica.

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