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The vital statistics of a girl can make a guy go crazy and it is often the only the thing that hovers on his mind in the leisurely hours! A babe with hot assets, a flat stomach is something that every guy dreams of sleeping with or to f*** hard! Starting the nimble fingers, juicy boobs, nipples, nape and finally coming a bit down in her torso, it is undeniably the sexy spot- the navel of a hot girl. In order turn a girl on, if a guy is able to hit the right erogenous spot, then things can begin on a roll!


Just make small circular movements

It is the magic that needs to be conjured by your fingers –boy! Go slow! Make small, steady circular movements with your fingers in and around her navel and see her twist and turn; feeling the erotic bliss. If you could tantalize her the right way, then she will be into the love-making act like a tigress! Be prepared if she pounces on you after she goes wild with your titillation!

Smear it with honey/chocolate sauce and lick

If you want to give her a bed-rattling orgasm, then rip apart her top, undo her jeans buttons or her skimpy skirt and spread dollops of honey, chocolate sauce and start the savoring session with some good licking. Suck her navel and feel the heavenly pleasure when she curls and submits into your broad chest and hugs you, never to leave anytime soon!

Make a ring of strawberries and cute cherries around her navel

When she is lying naked and you gape at her, play with her twins, tantalize or scratch her- go for some experimentation. If she has a prior knowledge that you love her navels, she might jazz the erogenous spot up with a navel ring. It is a sure-shot way of driving you into the game of love and lust, closer. If you want to go to the next step of decking up her sexy spot, then you can make a wreath by circling the juicy strawberries and the red cherries. Use your tongue to pick those up or to place it again, so that the touch of yours tickles her sensuous desires and she enjoys the thorough pampering session leading to something incredibly steamy!

A sexy siren in a pretty pink lacy bra and a one string, polka dotted bikini….sitting on the couch or lying on the bed… When you enter the room, check her out, does anything needs to be said more about what’s going to happen next? 😉

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