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If you want to add the needed verve in your sex life,  broadening the horizon of your imagination can help you to incorporate the needed spice in it. Well, even f you are a pro in bed, consider yourself to be the lexicon of sex positions, make your mind to be at work, conjure up images of spicy, heavenly erotic bliss and if you can think, imagine, you are sure to make things happen on bed. Whether you are in a 2 year old relationship, just having a  fling or satiating your libido with a hot chick, fun begins when you stir up your mind, add new things to make your partner feel awesome!

It is mainly the women who are glued to romantic fantasies, while on the other hand, the suave gentlemen think of being utterly wild on bed with their promiscuous self jutting out. Whether ‘being a swinger’ or just devouring a lady with full aggression, for men their fantasies are always tinged with promiscuity! Spell out your subdued desires to your partner because these do not need any bottling up- the more you open up , talk about your fantasies, the greater is the scope of discovering different and newer things about both of you during the steamy sessions.

Find out the surprises or one more reason to find one more excuse to be real close with your partner!

Young sexy woman shows a leg for business man at desk

The oh-so -handsome boss and me your oh-so-sexy secretary

Whether it is the influence of porn flicks or the role-play sessions that have been hovering on your mind, making out session of a boss and her sexy, sultry secretary is like a really saucy one! Hey girl, put on your sexy pencil skirt with a slit, a body hugging shirt with the front buttons open, the cleavage-view, in one word awesome,  and just bend down to pick the pen or the bunch of papers that just slipped from the folder that you are carrying- do all when he is eyeing you. When he comes closer to help you out- does the rest needs to be told? 😉

FoodPlay:  Bringing food into the bedroom!

Foods like whipped cream, ice cream, mango juice, hot chocolate sauce, fruits like strawberries and the like can definitely add on to the sexual experience. No matter what you use- much of tongue, your hands and the like with the foods just acting as the catalyst, upping sexual fun is  going to be easy for both of you.

A sexy-nurse and a sick patient

A hot nurse dolled up in an ultra-cool way is treating you when you complain of having cold or fever! Imagine yourself to be the sick patient while your partner dresses up as a doctor- a oomph-loaded setting for erotic fun to just begin with a bang! Hey girl, entice him by revealing some while hiding some. You can wear a see-through or net-wrapped doctor’s shirt or dress in layers while attending him. Girl- when you put the stethoscope on his bare chest, he breathes, then you succumb to his lingering glances keeping a close watch on your twins and both of you will be in a good mood to turn things on like never before!

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