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Sex is not only about how you choose the perfect positions or postures, whether you are armed with protection or not, play things right in the foreplay and the like. FEELING is one of the main straws that you got to light up. Moans are like triggers that can pace up the intensity of passion-play, but do you know one of the softest things that can make you count your satiating quotient with all your heart during? It is heavy breathing that can make her to squirm and with emotions riding high, sex will definitely be awesome!

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Feel his breath in and around your nape and neck. When he just gets into the full passionate swing, give him a nice tongue job. Firstly, just nibble and lick the front end of this ears, then go in and holding on to him, draw him closer, feel him and let your soft assets be all over him, just making him to dip in the pool of temptation.

How you can go about it:

• Planting of numerous kisses and deep lip locks leads to heavy breathing, panting which both the partners can enjoy!

• Just give long breathe when you are around her navel, it can be a huge turn on!

• Just unzip his pants, and blow hard make his junk to just twirl or stand up. He will be hankering for your hand job – just don’t give in if you want to build the momentum.

• If he loves going down on you and explore that soft pink pussy, he knows how it feels when he just gushes out a ball of breathing, make your sensitive nerves of the clit to respond to his slightest yet tempting move!

• When both of you loosen up and let your carnal instincts to come out of the closet, the heat that is generated with the colliding of the two bodies can be taken to the next level of erotica with heavy panting

So if you have been thinking what is that ingredient that was making your sex curry bland, then that spoon of cream or butter adding more flavor to the sex curry is surely, heavy breathing!

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