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This blog is highly recommended for all the girls out there! Guys you too can roll over your eyes and chuckle!

It is not only the acts and thrills between the sheets which define intimacy. Sex definitely brings both of you closer, but there is more to the story! There is  a genuine need of communicating to the other person in a relationship no matter how many days, month or years you have spend together- the phrase that ‘I care for you’ –or stating the obvious is needed at times to make him feel that he is absorbed in your life’s folds.

Make him your superman

Unlock his instincts and desire to take care of you and definitely it is the intangible string that pulls him closer to you. It is not typically girlish to expose your vulnerable side to him at times. When he is given the charge to take control of any situation, he enjoys being the superman in your life and girl, you too love it, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to be loved or cared for? And.. if is the person you adore, then nothing like that!


Cling to his clothes and wear them often

You are aware of his smell and you often feel like cuddling up to him, nest on his broader chest, but it’s a day-dream to have him beside you whenever you want. If you are missing him too much, wear his tee, slam the door of your apartment, get into your car and just show up in front of his door wearing his tee and a pair of hot pants. When he answers the doorbell and sees you- just check out for his emotions- that red face trying to convey to a lot, but just fumbling. When you get in- well.. well.. ahh.. ahh..lets not get into that out here, girl! 😉

Make him realize his opinion matters

7 out of 10 girls will say a big ‘yes’ when it comes to asking for opinion from their respective partners. Going out for shopping with him and making him to stand outside the trial room with all your chosen clothes plied on him is surely a torture, girl! Don’t drag him or nag him too hard like asking him whether to have grilled chicken or sausage and mushroom pasta for dinner- give him some fresh air to breathe! When it is about making important decisions like job matters or something personal- in short, a situation that demands his inclusion, making him happy in the process- you should never let go such a chance!

Do away with the idea of tying him down

Men never like to be tied down and making them to give up their social life is not something that you should aspire for. Never tie him down by making occasional plans as if he has dedicated his weekend to you! When he spends quality time with you, he will be really longing for it and open up more in the process and make the meetings a gala affair. When you are not spying or bossing around, he will think what you are so busy or occupied with and pursue you instead!

Make him happier when he really needs it

If you have the power to cast away his stress, belittle his very grave thoughts and become indispensible by offering him a reason to smile, girl you are the one he has been looking for! Taking your level of intimacy some notches higher will be a cake walk. Laugh off when he gets misbalanced during sex or be really stupid during serious talks- it doesn’t matter as long as it makes him feel lighter and hold on to the moments of being with together, without letting those slip away so easily!

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