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Many ideas generate, accumulate, spread and get implemented when the topic is as saucy as ‘sex’! Even people say that they do not want to plan things when it comes to an idea-churning session that would scorch the bedroom, because a lot can happen when you think, but not in bed! Phew! Is this so, guys? If you let your thoughts to take you to the erotic land, then only it can fire you with the dark red hue of passion.

If you have a vision, even if it’s a bit blurry, you get glued to your thought process, indulge in fond-liking for him/ her so that fulfillment comes naturally irrespective of performance behind the closed doors under the bed sheet. Food has a connection whether you agree or deny in lifting your libido, who doesn’t know about those aphrodisiac food? Here you do not need to eat to stir your carnal desires, but give your thoughts the wings to soar and let magic to happen while making love!

Food and sex

Lick him like an ice-cream

The different flavors like chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry, etc. and those melting slurp-slurp moments when you just imagine him like that frothy milk product with chopped dry fruits, fresh fruits, nuts- the one word that just comes naturally is ‘yummy.’ Give a lift to your power of imagination and just think how you relish an ice-cream, lick him up and down, twist your tongue, reach out for the erogenous cornered zones in his body that he craves for to be admired. Do it like the way your tongues reach the outer edges of your lips when trying to make most of the ice-cream eating session. Go for it girl!

Suck his junk like a banana

Banana associated with the phallic symbol is the focal point on which a guy bases his erotic thoughts. Even sucking the thumb of a guy during foreplay updates him as to the kind of erotic treatment that he is going to get sooner. When you go down on him, beat the bushes and get hold of his penis, suck and blow it hard so that he can connect to what is called ethereal sexual pleasure. Bury his thoughts of getting a mind-boggling blow job, he truly gets it! Yeah, rock it babes!

Bite her like a soft chocolate cake

A drool-worthy chocolate cake that just melts on your mouth and make you savor every bit by bit- she with her velvety body, butter-smooth skin will woo you just in that manner! Starting from her soft pink lips, lustrous lips, soft, juicy boobs, navel, then coming down slowly- relish her while making love and it will leave her panting for more as she goes closer to orgasm and you give it to her the way she likes it!

Kiss him like there is no tomorrow! Nothing can stop both of you from having an overwhelming love-making session

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