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No matter how much of a hush-hush affair it was in the past, sex has always been good for you! However, often after being involved in an active sexual life with your partner, you see the spice missing. But does that mean it’s time to call quits? Of course, no! Instead, try out some raunchy, naughty and “young” activities in your sexual life, and instill it with spice and flirty love—

beach love

Start with a romantic evening at the beachside seafood restaurant

Seafood is known to provide great impetus to your sex life, say great researchers. Seafood is known to release and stimulate certain hormones that makes people more sexually active, adventurer and aggressive.

Top it off with wine and chocolate

Nothing is sexier than the two of you having red wine and chocolate overlooking an idyllic beach at sundown!

Read Erotica Together

No,  It is not 50 Shades of Grey alone, but proper and great erotica like those by Christina Lauren is indeed great! Read a few pages together, and we bet you will have one of the best nights ever!

Try Out Newer Techniques

For example, you may simply try out BDSM, if you haven’t yet! Come on, don’t treat bondage sex as a taboo! In fact, it is one of the best sexual endeavors ever. But if you’re indulging in the same, make sure you actually tie up your partner properly or be tied up properly. Mere decorations aren’t going to be much fun and not sexy at all.

Sex in the Shower Sounds Sexy

…and, it is sexy too! Try it for yourself if you’re still to experience the pleasure of it!

One or two orgasm per session isn’t sexy at all

No matter how much fatigued you get after a day at office or anywhere else for that matter, but that should never become a barrier in your personal sphere. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms per sessions—nothing is sexier than making love over and over again!

Spend time in foreplay

Just having sex isn’t sexy at all. Admit it. Go back to those lovely make-out sessions of your high school days, and indulge in some raunchy foreplay before going ahead with lovemaking. It’s fun and very sexy!

Kisses Can Mend Any Relationship

Passionate and long kisses can mend any lag in relationships! They are great starters for sex, and great way to seal it all up after a great sex! Don’t you agree?

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