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Many go by this notion that foreplays are not the cup of tea for men. But, the men brigade and some ladies too will surely beg to differ here.  While women love to go slow, gets tickled easily, men are not so, is a myth! Guys are not always prepared for action from the word go! It is the way that the brain of guys work which makes their wish list in terms of foreplay a bit different. Girls take a look at the man-pleasing moves that will let his passion pangs to come to a fulfillment during foreplay!


Drop your clothes- he loves to gaze at you

It happens that when you strip it off all in the throes of having sex, then he hardly gets to check you out. Again when you are enjoying the blissful moments of togetherness, the two bodies are quite close to let him fix his gaze on you.  When he sees you naked, his testosterone levels spike up, pushing his sex drive! The longer the gaze, the better he is getting prepped up for the act.

Set his desires on fire with explicit dirty talking

When you want sex to be saucy, then do away with word “shy.” Speak to him how you feel when he tickles your navel, when he goes down on you, rubs your pussy’s hood, presses the lower part of your juicy boobs and so on…. Touch is erogenous parts slowly just to turn the heat on!

Offer tongue service to his cut lines

Do you love to tease your man? Then start teasing his cut lines, in other words, the creases that run through between his thighs and torso, which can be regarded as the super sensitive erogenous zones! If you can use your tongue to warm him up, wake up his nerves, then you are surely a true vixen!

Go for a twist with the standard 69

This hot favorite sex position has been there for long, but in the foreplay, go for a sideways 69, which maximizes his reach towards your V-zone. This way he can play with you for a longer period of time, offering you satisfaction. He can check out your facial expression, and feel proud of the fact that he is truly your man when it is about steaming things up!

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