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Do you still believe that women have to play the coy damsel when it comes to having sex? Well that takes away half the pleasure of having a great sex. Okay, he may be one handsome hunk that every woman wishes for, but you aren’t any simple and odd creature either. So, here are some tips which would make you completely fall in love with yourself and help you to have some great, flirtatious time in bed—


Ask for it

Yes, it may seem quite awkward to many women out there, but you must know that it takes ages for men to understand what’s in their partner’s mind. So, if you feel the time’s ripe, just let the play begin! You will never regret this step!

Curvy or Slim, love the way you’re!

Come on, let’s admit the fact that none of us (well, mostly) have the perfect hourglass 36-24-26 figure. And, you should never let this come between yourself and your partner. Try to love yourself unconditionally at least once, and see how you instantly double the pleasure of sex!

Love Your Voice

You may be a screamer or a moaner or a squealer in bedroom, and be proud of it. Don’t try to feel hesitated about the way you feel or the way you “sound”! Remember that you won’t be able to give in your cent percent or achieve the utmost pleasure through the pain unless you express how you feel!

You do have the right to say a NO

You may be a sex-addict but there are times when you may not feel like having sex. Say it if you feel alike. And, if the guy’s worth your time, he will gladly help you relax. But remember not to say “NO” every single time! It may simply be the end of your relationship as well!

Okay! Admit that it’s got to be messy!

Having sex may be an out-of-the-world experience but you must admit it’s one of the messiest affairs ever. So, learn to adjust yourself to it, especially if you’re a cleanliness freak! And, own extra pairs of lingerie for sure!

Women can also masturbate

Come on, accept the fact that masturbation is sexy, and women can also masturbate! In fact, according to researches, it has been proved that women who masturbate regularly have been blessed with fuller, longer and better orgasms.

Why don’t you try and do it right in your bedroom, in front of your man? Well, it’s impishly sexy!

Enjoy it

For once, shed all the inhibitions about your age, time, figure, etc. and enjoy the pleasure of being one with your man. And, please do not keep any ground rules for having sex—try newer postures and plays, and you can have the best sex ever with every passing day!

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