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The story within the closed bedroom doors might not turn out to be like that romantic movie where making love for prolonged hours seemed so much fun, if you do not play your cards right! When you want him to graze down there, it needs a bit of head holding and prodding for men folk, but girl pay attention to your “to-do” hygiene list so that you can prep up for the right action at the right time.

go down like Crazy

If you are with your partner you have been dating for quite something or have picked up a hunk for a night of unbridled fun, spell it out that you want him right there in and around your lacy panty! Introducing him to your secret garden will not be an easy task unless you spell out you want him right there. So keep your pussy clean and dry so that it smells right and he doesn’t crib when he is invading that region. Ladies do not be selfish and let him to drown by burying his face in the pinky spot for too long! Don’t nudge him always to go down as the pleasure quotient might be missing and he might think of it as a regular chore more than an act of pleasure.

Did you forget to trim the bushes or raze the forest? Invite him in a smooth way, not like this! Once he has easy access to your cherry, he will love the fondling, licking and sucking act and burying his face there for long for sheer hours of bliss will not be a daunting task! While you lap up all the pleasure and feel that erotic sensation, men love to graze near and at the pussy region, so let the time of self-indulgence be euphoric for both of you!

Do you want him to feel that it is like a fresh lily? To cast a spell on him, you can use a flavoured lube and check out the way he uses his hand and tongue while you will be left coveting for more! When he is just around your secret garden and dabbing his fingers or touching your pussy mildly, emit the soft moans which are like golden words of encouragement that he is doing it right!

You do not want to be tagged as a horny tramp, right? So a bit of coyness is required when you do not go all out and just make him be at the nectar-hunting zone even if he is fretting to come out of it! Play the game of restricting him when he is trying to plunge in, which will build on the anticipation and make him more eager to plow in!

The biggest thing is to offer your sweet pink zone in style and when an offer is so damn tempting, no guy will refrain from it, but enjoy the delicacy to the core!

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