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The word ‘sex’ is something that makes you go down deep into the realm of erotica. Whether it is the ‘go-slow’ initiation phase, foreplay or the steamy session of rupturing each other- it’s going to be just awesome if you know how to spice it up! The act of stimulation begins from what meets the pair of eyes, then it is about feeling things. Offering a visual treat is a must and before we move into how sexy is your wardrobe, have your moves ready up your sleeves so that he is drawn towards you gradually, but like a glue offering you what you are craving for inwardly and you get back good rewards, like your lollipop getting licked, some caressing on the inner thighs and more.

Visual Appeals

Erotica begins with eyes

Whether it is about those lingering glances, fixing gazes before two bodies meet; a pleasure to the eyes is what the male brigade seeks for! Even if you put your hands near your hips and settle your short skirt, or a big stretching can be enough to turn him on? – Did you know this girl? So, as it is often said that men check out your assets to decide the hot quotient of a girl before they think of you worth dating, it is true as men often cannot think beyond the female figure, curves and juicy assets whether gracing the glossy covers of a magazine or seeing a girl in the true sense of the term!

A girl in DIY mode is the sexiest sight ever for a guy!

Girl are most of the time known for their coyness when it comes to sex as being vocal about sexual hunger or showing brazenness is considered unrefined or marks one as a vixen! If you have qualms to masturbate in front of your guy which many females will say a big ‘yes’ to, but if a guy is ever treated with a such a hedonistic show, they will be stuck to it irresistibly, gaping!

Take those sexy lingerie or babydoll dresses out now!

When you prepare your guy before the actual raunchy session, then be sure that your wardrobe is stacked with cool lingerie turning on the hotness. Play with bright red, sexy pink, midnight blue or raven black when it comes to colors and reveal more, leaving less to the imagination. Going skimpy and frisky is the key, but see-through dresses and layering can do the trick for you with both of you landing on the bed!

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