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Getting turned on and staying in that frisky, erotic mood does not come like sausages with pepper and onions! In order to make your sex starter real yummy, rustle up the sex platter like a true erotic chef! Often a couple is in a ripping and bed-rattling mode too early when they hit the bed! In order to turn on the heat, it is finger-play in the foreplay session which just lends a magical touch in the love-making session. Love is even more fiery and feisty when it is combined with that carnal urge, erotic feel and the passion to make it happen! Rubbing beginning with the tantalizing touching session can throw in that spark that you have been longing for long!


The act of rubbing will give you yummy returns, check out guys where and how to go about it!

The soft, juicy assets: She will be in utter joy and derive utmost pleasure out of it! Do it and watch your lady moan!

The pinky-pointed nipples: When she feels while you turn her on, the nipple-show gets bigger and better as those start standing erect. She will let you bury your face between her assets while you are delivering the best hand-job. Can erotic delight get better than this? If you have visualized it, you are already chuckling, isn’t it?

The navel: She is soft, she is sensitive and when your fingers go twirling around her navel…she can only emit ahhhh… ahhhh.. ahhh… ‘go harder’, ‘feel me’.. ‘touch me’ and whatever next you want to make her come up with…

The inner thighs: A delicate and sensitive part, often missed by the guys when making love, but rubbing her inner thighs can make her feel high (read on the erotic side) !

The clitoris: It is the about hitting the pack of nerves, it is an ultra-sensitive spot and she will love every bit of your finger-movement as it circles round that soft-cutie hoodie inside your pink pussy!

The knee pit: Guys if you have neglected this spot, it’s time to invest in some knee-time! Whether you make small circles with your fingertips or give a feathery touch or use some lubricant in the process… the choice is yours, but the act of rubbing can fetch in good results for you for sure!

The sole: The feet with its hygiene quotient are often kept at bay when it comes to making love. Do not give the soles a miss or you will be depriving yourself from a thrilling love-making experience!

See how rubbing can add that oomph and fire when you are making love! It will be worth it!

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