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Are you facing a sexual rut? If your sex life is lacking that spice, make it hotter by adding to its platter some chili and pepper! It is not enough to try out new sex positions, but you need to implement your wild thoughts in a way, that there is enough steam in the passionate acts! So if you are thinking of a definite place to jazz things up, try out a table. Yeah, you heard it right! See how you can go about the whole thing in a convincing way.

The sizzling leg wrap

You can make the hot diva to sit on the edge of the table, wrap her legs around with all her might. Ensure that both you and your partner align your pelvis in the right way! When she wraps her legs, you can pull her indulgently towards you, just paving the way to enter her and heat things up.

The lying down scissors can be breathtaking

Do you want to maximize pleasure for yourself and the hottie? You can make her lie down on her back like a tigress on the table. Let her rest her legs in a cross-legged way on your shoulders. This also makes way for a deeper thrusting session. Does your chick want ultimate level of clitoral stimulation? When you her pussy is in the right alignment for your gun to fire properly, then there is no stopping you.

The raunchy sneak peek

Let your girl to lie down like a princess on the table while her sensuous butt slightly hanging off the edge. When she places her legs on your shoulder, help her in the cause by holding her legs up. When you go hard on her with your gun, ensure that you hold her tight so that she doesn’t fall. The visual treat that you are entitled to when you just play it harder and better hankering for optimum level of sexual satisfaction- you will get it all, undoubtedly!

The standing wheelbarrow

This position on the table will involve some amount of effort to be applied, but the entire saucy mix will be worth it! Let your partner to hoist herself and she actively uses the table as the support for keeping her arms. She must be facing away from you and then you make the effort to grab her legs and wrap it around your waist in the form of a wheelbarrow. Devour her the way you want and redefine the definition of love-making!

Is the long and broad wooden table in your living space gaping at you for some erotic fun? Just plunge in!

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One thought on “Sex on a Table- Check out the 4 Best Positions for Amazing Sex!

sex positions
June 2, 2014 at 1:25 pm

A bigger penis to have a satiating thrusting that is not in your hands, but definitely the sex positions that would make the moments of intimacy more enriching can definitely be tried and applied during.


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