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The word ‘sex’ is a three letter word, but the more you fathom deep, the more you can feel its depth- it’s the key to keep you happy, healthy, your relationships in good health and much more. In order to make your personal stories rocking, home a productive  place of dwelling where you only bond with less tiffs and fights- rustle up the sex curry with care!

Couple Dissatisfaction

The challenge of matching up to your partner

When partners crib or feel disgusted, it is always wise to check the roots, what is wrong,  so that the fissures are fixed before it’s too late! It is often said that unmatched sexual desire is what brings in that dissatisfaction between a couple! It might be that your guy is the bundle of raw sexual energy, he is very strict on bed and the way he gives it to you and want favors to be returned make you huff and puff may be because you do not get that libido kick too often! This saying holds true that the sexual urge, its intensity, can act as the barometer for determining the health of a relationship.

No time for sex

This is one of the common problems that has hit this generation. Whether it is spending too much time virtually, pressed by professional commitments, a tired soul at the end of the day hardly feels hitting the bed for weaving  a story of hotness under the bed sheet. So that natural excuse, which is in turn, becoming the real reason, is that there is dearth of time for having sex! If there is a will, there is a way and nothing can stop you from acting the way you want. So you are sure that it is not an excuse?

Infidelity often creeps in

If your partner is seeing someone else even after being paired up, then it is going to reflect in the way he/she acts on bed. If there is less of emotional intimacy and sex only becomes an act of deriving sexual gratification, then boredom is ought to set in. Even if your partner is going down on you or thrusting you from behind, if you are thinking of somebody else, then obviously the thing gets mechanical, and you fake moans and groans adding to the miserable quotient of a relationship.

Being a porn addict can mar the whole show!

Guys get it straight and clear that sex in reality and that unfurls when you watch a sleazy video or a porn flick are two different cups of tea. Never feel bogged down or tame your thoughts that your partner is not being able give you  a prolonged blow job that you saw last night in your laptop. Never try, compare or match reel stuffs with real life- still if you do so resolving problems in bed will be a nightmare. So better opt for a healthy and happy life where sex is also saucy and raunchy!  

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