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You have got into the love-making session quite a number of times, I bet! Even if you haven’t, what’s the harm? Whether you are a first-timer or a pro in bed, it is the heat that your sex ideas generate which can make a sex session more scintillating! If you want to know what it takes to be smoking hot when the two bodies collide or you are aiming for that bed-rattling orgasm, then check out some of the scorching ideas: (Some ideas you might have never thought of, or even if you are close by, got muddled in your thoughts that fuel your dark desires.

sex ideas

Check out:

How about a naughty movie marathon? You can go about renting a series of some raunchy movies or if you have a huge collection, it is time to put it to effective use. If you have been seeking for some inspiration, aren’t you feeling that surge of hormones yet?

Guys love to watch it- whether it is an eye-popping view of their girl, the way she swings her hips, assets or goes down on you in bed, why not employ a mirror, keep it parallel to your bodies and let eyes also have a grand treat? Try it, your honey will love it!

Racy and spicy message can do a lot in waking up and lighting up that passionate feeling! So raid his inbox or his chat window with some sauciness like the way you want him to act that night. You will not be disappointed when the sex session unfolds.

Hankering for an immediate response from him? Gently dab the base of his penis for a few seconds and face the consequence.. 😉 how he blows you away with his manhood!

Want your boy to take a look at the wild tigress that is hidden inside you? Just wear a lingerie preferably in black, blood red or a lacy baby pink one. Close your eyes and emit those moans while you masturbate alone, just turning him on in a jiffy!

Vibrators are too good! Buy a small, bullet-shaped vibrator that comes with a remote control. While you give him the remote, let the vibrator make you to dance to its tunes when it is placed on your clitoris!

Oral sex is smoking hot, no two ways about it! How about letting him insert his finger on your pussy and ask him to mildly stroke your G-spot? Are you feeling it girl, already?

When your man goes down on you, you want to feel that sensation right? To take it a notch higher, why not ask him to draw a figure 8 with his soft tongue and relish!

Are you ready to experiment? Just feel the nuances and hotness of the moments of intimacy!

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