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A super-short dress or a pair of hot pants with a low-cut top, your hairdo sporting a pixie cut like Rihanna or if you prefer to wear it long like Jennifer Aniston.. you are ready to make the temperature soar high- are guys carrying the ice-pack?

Your strands are one of the important assets girls, which you cannot deny! So how you wear your locks whether smooth and silky, in wispy curls – you can revamp your look every time! The length of hair has never gone out of fad and long hair always gives you a classy look. Take a look at the fashion divas, models, rock stars and most of them have never shifted loyalties from wearing it long! Girls do whatever it takes; reading up hairdo tips, hitting the parlour, experimenting with claw clips, bold bangs or angled ends – but your hair can do the magic! When you just get intimate with him, imagine that soft bed sheet of linen acting as the only cover between two naked bodies- while your strands slowly rubs his shoulders, glides through his face…… tantalizing him and (waking up his gun which was half-asleep ;-))

Straight Hair

If you are relating sex appeal with your hair, then definitely guys do have a preference for women with long strands. However, it is not only the way you sport your hair which can make him to swoop in the realm of beauty, carry confidence high up on your sleeves and he will be panting for you forever! Sometimes it is said that blondes have oodles of fun while red-heads are sexy and brunettes belong to the intelligent lot, while black hair colour signifies brooding! When you see the top models, celebs gracing the glossy magazine covers, it is the coloured streaks that grab your eyeballs while checking them out. Can you forget the 70’s feathered blonde hair style that met your eyes most of the time? So it is about combining style, your fetish and not staggering on the confidence level when trying to hook him!

So women do not forget to make a deft use of your weapon, your hair! Guys do get a lot of pampering whether they sport their hair short or long – women love to run their fingers all over the gelled or spiked hair of their partner, which is like one of the mushy moments that you share during a cuddling act or foreplay. When you go into the greater depths of love-making and give him a wacky blow job session or an oral sex session, he does the middle-parting of your hair for you and pulls you inwards to that coveted zone of lust underneath his torso. Feel that ethereal experience and cherish.

So guys and gals, have hairy fun or pleasure with hair or both and let stress melt in thin air! 😉

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