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In these age of hi-fi gadgets and social networking, sexting has become quite an “it” thing! One may like it or hate it, but ignoring it is simply impossible. While the men shout out loud about their love for sexting, women have always kept low about their affair with sexting. But no more so; for here are some pointers that’ll give everyone a fair idea about how the women see and perceive sexting!


1. Some find it funnier than sexier!

Well, you’ve heard it right. Thanks to the galore of emoticons and memes, many women do not find it hot at all. Instead, due to the innuendos through emoticons, things get much funnier and lovable!

2. Immature—Well May Be!

Among various mixed reactions, some reactions that we got were quite serious. Here’s a teacher who completely denounced the idea of having any love or need for sexting. And, she pinpointed her profession for hating sexting and termed it as “immature”.

Well, immature, is it?

3. The Dilemma of Pictures

Now here’s an interesting thing. While most women vouch for sexting “dirty” images and pictures, many women have professed their deep hatred about going through images of “di*ks” in spite of being quite a pro in sexting.

Numerous other women believe that light hearted pictures with more innuendos and implications than the showcase of the actual organ were preferred more over out-and-out pictures of the sexual organs, and much more.

There’s yet another group of women who get turned on and have tremendous orgasm when a picture of the manly organ is sex-texted to them. Many women in long term relationships have professed their deep love for sexting with pictures and images of the male organs.

Apart from these, there is yet another group of women who get horny when they take part in the ritual of sending images while sexting. According to them, the fun just gets doubled when sext is combined with pictures of not just the male organs but “b**bs” and “c**ts” as well!

4. Sext Only If The Women Have Slept with The Men

Many women prefer the idea of starting sext only themselves. They do not like the men to start off the process. Many feel that they do it just for fun or the sake of doing it rather than pleasure. 70% of the women prefer to sext only those men they have known and have slept with. The comfort level in their relationship helps them to get more into it, and thus end up having utmost fun and pleasure.

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