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Why do you think women invest hundreds and thousands on the perfect pair of lingerie—satin and lacy? You would be surprised to know that lingerie work as the best “turn on” agency for men while having sex, and can be used as the best possible sex prop to lighten, brighten and spice up your bedroom activities.

While we women are maestros in picking up the best lingerie to make us look sensuous and sexy, there are certain lingerie which the men love to see on us. Ever cared to know about them? Read on this list to know more—


1. Simple and Elegant Black Piece

There’s nothing more beautiful and sensuous than simple lingerie set in the darkest shade of black. And, this has been voted by most guys as being the sexiest of it all with the red color becoming the distant second choice. So girls, how about a great satin lingerie or baby doll in rich black after dinner tonight?

2. K.I.S.S—Keep It Simple, Stupid

Now, that’s the mantra you should follow when trying the have the time of your life in bed. After a lovely dinner and an equally playful and naughty foreplay, how would it be if you would take hours to open that complex baby-doll dress or lingerie of yours? So, what most guys prefer is a pair of simple but beautiful lingerie—with either frills or belts—and, not everything clubbed together!

3. Seductive—Meow!

It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a sex Goddess or not, if you really want your partner to have the best time ever with you, dump in the simple lass look, and choose seductive lingerie. After all, it’s not for nothing that 78% guys choose brilliant seductive lingerie for their lady love over simple ones!

4. Less is More—Get that Clear

Dare to bare it all while you get naughty with your man! Buy yourself lingerie that would show some amount of skin as well as leave a lot on your man’s imagination. In other words, provoke by implication. It’s teasing and naughty, and would make your man go wild!

5. Push Up Bras Do The Trick

No matter what kind of bra you choose to stick to, make sure it’s a Level 3 push up bra that provides a definite curve to your breasts and provides ample of cleavage. Men have selected this kind of bra as their first priority, you know why!

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